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eufy RoboVac 35c Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum $199 (Was $449) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$100 cheaper than previous deal

Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine!

  • 1500Pa Strong Suction
  • 100 minutes** of continuous cleaning
  • Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant

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    Is this any good?

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      I have the same one and we have a small dog and I rate it. Only downside is that it is a bit dumb and does get stuck sometimes (keep cables away). Just turn it on when you leave the house so you don't have to see it doing stupid movements

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        This is what kills robot vacuums for me, I can't justify $1700 on a vacuum with zoning, and every other one I've tried is forever getting caught on cables.

        • You can pick up lidar vacuums for 500 bucks or so these days if you're willing to wait for deals. They're still pretty dumb with cables, but you can do no-go zones

      • Is it too loud to have running when you are home? My SO is WFH.

        • Nah it seems fairly mild with sound, its been a while since I had a robo-vac and this one is good!

    • I have this model and we are pretty happy with it for the price we paid - certainly would not pay full price but I got this on a Black Friday sale direct from Anker. Stays connected to the wifi. Schedules can be programmed in the app and this works flawlessly. We run it in the morning after everyone has left the house because it can be noisy - not as loud as a Dyson or handheld vacuum but you would not want it going in the background when WFH on a zoom meeting. It is pretty dumb as someone said and will just randomly move around the house but it always finds its way home to recharge. Picks up a surprising amount of fluff, hair and dust.

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    Interested on peoples reviews on this, for $200 I'd be willing to give it a go.

    We have a single storey house, 220 m2 mostly hardwood, some carpet.

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      I have one, single story house, 222m2, almost no carpet.

      I had the previous model as well that wasn't as smart, but seemed smarter as it wouldn't get stuck as often as this one. I upgraded to this one just because I got it at the same advertised price about 6 months ago and wanted the app functionality (which i now never use anyways) and donated the other one to my bro-in-law.

      Overall 100% recommend anyways, especially at this price, it only gets stuck if you let it get stuck by leaving things around to get stuck on.

      We have a cleaner that comes every 2 weeks, and since I have had the Eufy robots (2.5 years), I literally have not had to vacuum once unless it was a mess I had freshly created. Even then, i point the robot to the spot and make it do it's circle cleanup and it is great.

      Just make sure you don't have stuff on the floors like cables and socks, and you will love it. Took me 1 year to convince the missus to get one and she loves that thing more than I do now. Only downside is i have to empty the thing every couple days, I yearn for the day we get self-emptying ones lol

      • Do you have any pets?

        • We have a cat - who pretty much ignores the vacuum as it goes about doing its thing. It does pick up a lot of cat (and human) hair, dust and fluff.

        • +1

          Two dogs and some messy budgy's, doing a great job so far!

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        Pretty much what sm3004 said (right down to the type of house and getting cleaners in every 2 weeks!). Great review and this has been our experience as well. Very useful for spot cleaning between the cleaners. At this price well worth getting.

    • I had this one before I upgraded to Roborock S5 Max for its smart and mopping capabalities.

      This one was better at cleaning. Leaved the floor clean and spotless in the morning, it is a dumb robot so one minute its doing a living room and second minute it may end up in farthest bedroom. We usually kept the doors closed before letting this loose. I was happy with its cleaning, it cleaned better than my current Roborock (Only because random way it may pass over same area few times vs Roborock's defined 1 or 2 or 3 pass on same area). Dust bin is also big.

      At this price this is worth it.

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    Cheers OP. Just purchased one. Hopefully it can keep up with the amount of fur my dog sheds.

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      The main benefit of mine is that it gets a lot of cat hair up. It wasn't working for a while and I noticed how much hair accumulated in corners and stuff, so it was doing a good job of getting the hair before it settles into the harder to clean places. You might find you need to empty it a lot though.

      • Do you have hard floors or carpets?

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          Hard floors, so no idea how well a vacuum would go on carpet.

    • No problem so long as you can keep up emptying its bin :)

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    Get the dreame f9 for $230 people
    , it is much better and at least a decent robot vacuum

    • Why is that?

    • +2

      Quick search has only found it for $299. Where is it for $230. I'm keen to take the dreame f9 option at that price-point.

      • +17

        in your dreame

    • Where can you buy this for $230?

    • where?

  • I assume this is one that just bounces around?

    • A bit better than that. It has some sensors, mainly for running into walls. But you can set up magnetic strips and if it senses them then it won't go passed them. It also has different modes like spot cleaning mode where it just circles around a single spot.

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    Dont see the point of a robot vacuum without basic sensors to be able to map and navigate.

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      They have sensors to sort of work it out. They might not precisely get everything every time, but if they're on a daily run they do a pretty good job.

    • It works surprisingly well. Might go over some areas several times and frustrating as hell watching it bumble its way around but the floors are always spotless when it is done.

    • er…because this one doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

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    I purchased this a few months back for a similar deal and have loved it - single story house with carpets and tiles, it does a great job of clearing up dust weekly.

    It has bumpers and some sort of front- collision detection but doesn't have software based zoning.

    We close the door to half the house and pick up objects lying around and tuck away cables, then let it go

    It comes with a short magnetic strip that can be used to zone off areas, which would be suitable for blocking a doorway as an example

    Does a great job for it's size and helps us multitask chores

  • This is so outdated, pay $100 more and get one that has a laser sensor to map the floor.

    • Any model recommendations?

    • +1

      Can you recommend a good one for $299…I'd be interested…

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    This might be a bit of a noob question, but how does it know which rooms to go into and which room it is going to next (that it hasn't already previously vacuumed)?

    • No, this model is pretty dumb. It will make its way into different rooms over time but it has no memory of where its been or where it still needs to go. It always finds its way back to the homebase though, and it does have sensors to stop it from running into stuff. You need a few more $$$ for one with navigation features.

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      Short answer - it doesn't. It will go into any room that it can access. If you don't want it in a room you need to either close the door or put a magnetic strip in the doorway. It doesn't know where it has been.

      I got mine with the $99 JB HiFi deal on a Ecovac Deebot 600 in March. The Deebot died after a single use (wouldn't charge) and all they had to swap it for was a 35c. I am pretty happy with it. The trick is just don't watch it work because it will drive you insane. Mine runs every morning in a 290m² single storey house (mostly hard floors) and over the weeks it does a great job of picking up any loose stuff. It goes under beds and couches which never saw a vacuum previously. I empty it every day - the bin is never full but it always picks up dust, fluff, wife's long hair, grass, dead bugs etc. It never goes home empty-handed. You do have to modify behavior a bit - don't leave stuff lying around, tidy cables away or use magnetic strips (I bought a second one off Amazon). It sometimes (not often now) gets stuck or fails to find it's way back to the charger, but this is pretty rare. On the whole though it does a great job of keeping the floors tidy.

      I would say it is definitely worth $199.

      • That is a great summary and pretty much sums up our experience with it as well.

  • +1

    This thing has totally changed my life. Yes, it’s dumb. Not as dumb as my lab that sheds more than a Sasquatch though. It is a weird, great feeling seeing how much hair and other stuff it picks up daily. I used to have to vacuum manually every day. Now I probably do it once a month. I do empty it daily though. The latch on the bin broke, and they replaced it very quickly. I was surprised and impressed. It can get stuck, but, you learn how to minimise it. For the money it feels like a no brainer.

  • Available for same price at TGG also and 8% cashrewards till 10pm

  • Impulse bought and tempted to return as it is dumb asf , gets stuck in the bathroom and can't find its way to the door ,
    goofy as , and loud
    but now I've named it I'm probably stuck with it.

    Makes me wonder how much power it's wasting bouncing around the house like a pinball.

    Probably should have waited for the dreame f9 to come on sale as mentioned above.

    I do like the fact that it has twin brushes though vs the f9's single brush and the remote is cool , so that's something.

    Will probably keep so wondering whether the $30 extended replacement warranty is worth it for an extra two years?
    Do the batteries die at the one year mark like the deebot , the design of these looks very similar?

    • I've always got extended warranty with robotic vacs and never regretted it. There's so many moving parts not to mention the battery to not be happy with 3 years of service for $199!

  • Picked this one up today… having problems connecting it to my wifi (2.4ghz) I just can't get it to work on wifi, but other than that works well.
    Anyone had success in connecting this to their wifi, and any tips that I may have overlooked?

    • Picked up today and had similar issues, however finally it's connected.
      My steps:
      Modified wifi router to broadcast 5ghz and 2.4ghz separately, name 2.4ghz network like TT 2.4 so you can easily identify
      Turn off bluetooth and mobile data
      Put phone in aeroplane mode
      Connect wifi to 2.4ghz network
      Install eufyhome app if not already installed otherwise close and reopen
      Run through the setup in the app i.e. insert 2.4ghz network name and password, connect to 35c network etc.

      Hopefully this will resolve your issue. I had to run above steps twice but it worked.

      Once robovac connected, you can connect your phone to 5ghz and eufyhome will remember your device.

  • FYI - same price at Good Guys - which makes sense as they're the same company, but I have a $100 GG gift card :)

  • +1

    It seems to work much better if you turn the power up to the highest setting , even on hardwood floors.
    Just press A for auto clean then the fan button three times quickly on the remote , and you will hear it go into its highest power mode .

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