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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor: AW2521HF $449 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor: AW2521HF, Dark Side of The Moon, 240Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time, 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

Found this while browsing. Less than previous Dell deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    1920x1080 240Hz

  • Truely for competitive gamer. casual gamers may like 1440p at least.

  • Does this monitor have a VESA mount???

  • If this is just a different skin of the AW2521HFL (which is regularly sub $400 in eBay sales), I would avoid this monitor.

    I've seen that one in person and its response time performance is extremely mediocre and not befitting 240Hz.

    Looking forward to someone linking the RTings review - using outdated testing methods that fail to expose the flaws of IPS LCD panels - as proof positive I'm wrong, as is time-honoured tradition.

    • your 100% right this monitor is one of the worst 1080p 240hz IPS monitors on the market

    • just curious. what exactly are the outdated method and flaw?

        • ok so the test doesn't consider the gamma curve. But as long as all monitors are using the same methodology, those numbers still give you some ideas how they compare to each other.

          I don't see the ranking changes when hardware unboxed use the new method to test response time.

          What is IPS flaw?

          • @spad: You've skipped over a few steps there: it's not just gamma corrected, it's switching from testing for luminosity, to testing colours as perceived by the human eye.

            The tolerance values have also been tightened, so it now shows the IPS has trouble returning to zero, which means in the charts that show all the measurement points, the entire left column goes up dramatically. This shows numerically what you've been able to see with the naked eye for years: fast motion on IPS gives a powdered trailing look in most content.

            Fast VA and TN should be preferred for gaming until we've got OLED or QNED/microLED panel options. OLED should be out next year, and should quickly be at competitive prices for 240Hz, plus with 240Hz strobing (BFI), it will be completely unmatched until we're well deep into 480Hz non-IPS LCD (2024?).

            • @jasswolf: Yes there is a significant increase in 100-to-0 response time but I think it's still very small comparing with the 0-to-100 of a VA.

              I have 5 IPS and 3 VA at home. To be honest, I still prefer IPS over VA for gaming. The black smearing is very noticeable to my eyes.

              OLED (120Hz+) is the only solution

              • @spad: Samsung G7 Fast VA is next level. The rest, I mostly agree with, but that is trickling down to QHD 165Hz VA panels now.

                Not good enough yet IMO, but a way more reasonable trade-off.

                • @jasswolf: the G7 is worth looking if it has a more competitive price. $1000 for a 32" and it is not even 4K doesn't sound right to me

                  The biggest issue is, I fxxken hate curved monitor and it's extra curved LOL

                  learn a lot from you today.

                  • @spad: I'm referring to the 27" QHD 240Hz VA model, that's around $700-$750 regularly.

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    So I did some google and found that the L stands for Premium. So the "HFL" is the Freesync Premium version. The "HF" is the standard Freesync. I didn't even know there was multiple tiers of freesync, so I had to google again.

    Here it is in an image because I still don't get it :C


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      Typically in these line-ups, the L stands for Lunar, with the back panel of the monitor differing from the front (HFL being white, HF being black). Both support FreeSync Premium, both are NVIDIA GSync Compatible, it's just the information is missing on the spec sheet for the HFL listing.

      You're paying $50-$100 more here for a black back panel.

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