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[PC, Epic] Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order Deluxe Edition $11.97, Hades $20.95, Outer Worlds $14.95 w/ $15 Coupon @ Epic Games


With the exclusion of the EB Games clearance of physical stock, this is the cheapest I've ever seen for Fallen Order without using a VPN.

Credit to dealbot for sharing the $15 Epic Games coupon.

There are plenty of other good deals out there if you take the time to look. This IsThereAnyDeal filter should help you find bargains under $20 after applying the discount.

Couple of other games that caught my eye:
Hades ($20.95 after coupon)
The Outer Worlds ($14.68 after coupon)
Death Stranding ($21.39 after coupon)

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    Recommend spending on other games that aren't on game pass (as these all are)

    Still great deals none the less :)

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      Good point. :)

      I personally prefer to own my own games, but I guess that's kind of meaningless with online game stores like Steam and Epic since you don't actually own the games anyway aha.

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        Buy from GOG where possible, all their games are DRM-free

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    Yeah was about to say, I just finished Fallen Order and the other two are also on Xbox Game Pass.

    Sign up to the Crunchyroll deal for 3 months free (make sure your ad block is off), then cancel your sub right after you've snagged the code.

    • they ran out ages ago of codes i believe

      • +1

        It says that if you've got an adblock on, at least it did for me. As soon as I turned off the adblock and refreshed the page, the code appeared.

        I did this last week. Worked fine.

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          got the 3 months free just then - works!

          • @soulzsium: ahh can't be redeemed if you're already on gamepass… only if you're inactive on the service

  • If I purchase Fallen Order on Epic, does it redeem on Origin so I can play it through Origin alone? I purchasedd a Ubisoft game on sale once from Epic and I also ended up with a copy on UPlay.

    I personally dislike have to run two bloated clients at once just to play a game.

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