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Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as good as the Prime Day deal 4 months ago which was $199 delivered, but this is a pretty good price nonetheless!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Worth 2.5 x the price of the Rode NT-USB mini that was just on sale for $99?

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      They're pretty different sounding mics.

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      This one also has an XLR input so it can be used for recording to sound desks and with multi-channel audio interfaces. Great to start with if you think you'll upgrade your setup down the line.

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        Since this has a USB output, doesn't it mean it's got a DAC inside? Would the DAC interfere with the XLR output?

      • You do not want to plug this mic in via XLR… it is legitimately terrible via that output (presumably it wasn't wired properly to shield the signal within the mic).

        It's genuinely so bad for that purpose, that they've recently released an XLR version of the MV7, the MV7x.

        This is a great USB mic, especially in the sub-$500 segment, but there are competitors bobbing up all the time.

    • I would prefer the NT-USB mini at a sale price under $90, but these are two different classes of mic.

      The MV7 when it goes back on sale for $170 is a steal (cashbacks and $199 Amazon price), but if you're just getting this for comms, look into the NT-USB mini or something like the Razer Sieren X.

      • what about audio book recording?

        I know its more post-processing magic in that regard, but still.

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          This mic is pretty much only good for spoken word, but it does so with a bit of a dry crispy-ness to it. Shure have an app to modify that a bit, but the smoothest audio coming out of it still comes out a bit too crispy than say the SM7B. If you want that radio sound, I would advise maybe looking elsewhere.

          For you, a sleeper might be the Takstar TAK55, which you can get for sub-$120 during AliE sales and cashbacks. Really punches way above the price bracket, and has all the studio options you could want.

          Another condenser alternative that has smooth vocal recordings, though less detailed is the Mackie EM-91c, which is perpetually around $90 via the US on Amazon AU if you have Prime, which would put it around $70 with stacked cashbacks next month.

          The rest of these options need an XLR interface with phantom power, but you can grab the Behringer UMC202HD for $80 next month, and that will net you a good pre-amp with a DAC that goes up to 24-bit 192kHz. The premium option for a one mic setup would be the Audient EVO 4 ($150-$160 next month).

          Here's some vids for you to get some decent comparisons:

          Mackie EM-91C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVqdENzOrsM
          Shure MV7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlT0yBOqhVY

          Takstar TAK55 vids:

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    This vlog by Curtis Judd made a perfect comparison between the Shure MV7 and the Rode NT-USB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sdft3WiLvE
    Totoally different level of mics. I'd personally go for the Shure if budget permits but the Rode is never the less miles better than an average freebie mic / earphone that came with the mobile.

  • +3

    I bought this at the Prime day deal. The USB input works fine, but you really have to be close to the mic.

    I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett unit to improve the sound quality and at maximum, I can sit back and talk during my Zoom and Team calls.

    Just saying your investment may not stop with just the Shure MV7.

  • Awesome mic, I thought it wouldn't pick up that much noise, but it does.
    It picks up everything.

    • is that good or bad?

      • Good and bad depending on your use case.

        For me, it's a good thing once I brought the ambient noise levels down.

        It may be bad for you if your ambient noise is high.

        • so good if you can soundproof your area as the sound is more natural?

          • @dbmitch: I wouldn't say soundproof.

            For me it picks up the PC fan noise, once I lowered the fan noise, it's perfect.

            • @Ctn: Hmm, can't move the pc or reduce the fan, so maybe I should build a foam box around the mic on the desk

              • @dbmitch: Or just lower the rpm so it's inaudible.

        • for me at 44.1KHz it does not pickup typing or fan noise.. any higher it does.

    • Does it still pick up heaps of sound from the environment with the gain decreased, if that can be adjusted?

      • If you decrease the gain, environmental sound will decrease, but so will your voice.

        Better to EQ the noise away.

        • What software do you use for EQ?

  • I use this as a table/desk mic, but it comes across to soft compared to regular table desk mics.
    So a mounting arm would be recommended.

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