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[QLD] Japanese Film Festival Brisbane: Shūji Terayama Films 6pm 12-14 Nov ($0 Ticket + $1.70 Booking Fee) @ Palace James Street


JFF 2021 in Brisbane features a FREE ($1.70 booking fee per ticket applies) Special Series of films by one of Japan’s most influential avant-garde film directors Shūji Terayama, screened in cinema as a part of the overall Festival program. The Brisbane event includes the films:
Grass Labyrinth (Contains strong themes, sexual references, violence and nudity)
Pastoral Hide-and-Seek (Contains strong themes, sexual references, violence and nudity)
The Fruits of Passion (Explicit sexual content)

Where: Palace James Street, BRISBANE
When: 12th - 14th November

FREE TICKETS can be booked HERE ($1.70 booking fee per ticket applies)

This Special Series program is part of the annual Japanese Film Festival presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney and made possible by The Japan Foundation Film Library.

The JFF 2021 full program can be found at: www.japanesefilmfestival.net.

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    Had a quick look, just fyi seems all of the free ones are 18+ and not suitable for kids

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      I'm sold

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      The Fruits of Passion 1974 R18+ b&w
      "Erotic art-house fare with a political backdrop"

      The lecherous and wealthy Sir Stephen (Klaus Kinski) sends his young lover O (Isabelle Illiers) to a brothel in Southern China, so she can prove her unconditional love and obedience to him. While O is subjected to a variety of erotically humiliating and misogynistic experiences in this surreally pittoresque environment, a local rebellion stemming from resentment towards foreign imperialism arises, and an impoverished young man joins the revolution just to afford a night with O.

      Booked only for for the surreally pittoresque environment. Its a classic.

      Was soaking naked in an Onsen in a mountain village of 200, when my rice farmer friend casually asked "What type of pornography are you into?".
      I'd never been asked that before. And certainly not by a naked Japanese male!

      I miss Japan! It's different & often unexpected.

      • The strangest/best holiday I've ever had.

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          Sometimes we need to be taken out of our comfort zone & usual ways, to really experience life! That's how Japan is for me.

          An elderly woman in an interesting poor area of Osaka, suddenly grabbed my hand & dragged me up the old pedestrian shopping street. I had been trying on old Yukata (cotton Kimono like robes), on my way to breakfast. (Buying used clothes indicates a person must be very poor - something I realised later.)
          She took me to a traditional "drag" show where the men danced & mined to old Japanese music, while wearing Kimono. She paid for my entry & wouldn't let me leave! That was just the start of a very unusual & unforgettable day (for both of us).

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            @the INFIDEL: Thanks Bruce.

            Came here to see one of your 'this is me in Japan' stories, I knew you wouldn't disappoint.

            • @OzBragain: Thanks.
              All I can do for the moment is replay wonderful, unusual memories of a land & people I love.

              Watched Aso-San (Mt Aso in Kyushu) on TV this morning - erupting. Its a volcano I climbed over, fell in love with, & where I had my first Onsen experience. It will always be special to me.

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    $1.70 booking fee applies per FREE TICKET

    Classic 1974 films.
    No need to print - present to usher at cinema door
    Booked all 3 (12, 13, 14/11) All @6th
    Other films seem to be $16

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