This was posted 6 years 1 month 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 25% off Dick Smith TV's - 17/03/12 Saturday Only! Plus Other Deals


Just a heads up for those on the lookout for a new TV for the living room, spare room, caravan, shed, bathroom, bedroom, and pretty much anywhere.

On the 17th of March Dick Smith will have 25% off the marked price of all Dick Smith branded TV's, I've made a list of the current model TV's with their discounted prices.

Dick Smith 18.5" HD LCD with DVD [GE6607] - Was $149, now $111.75
Dick Smith 21.5" FHD LCD with DVD [GE6608] - Was $199, now $149.25
Dick Smith 26" HD LCD with DVD [GE6807] - Was $278, now $208.50
Dick Smith 26" HD LCD TV [GE6806] - Was $269, now $201.75
Dick Smith 32" HD LCD TV [GE6606] - Was $298, now $223.50
Dick Smith 40" FHD LCD TV [GE6805] - Was 498, now $373.50
Dick Smith 43" FHD LCD TV [GE6810] - Was $499, now $374.25

Dick Smith 15.5 HD LED TV [GE6801] - Was $98, now $73.50
Dick Smith 31.5" FHD LED TV [GE6800] - Was $348, now $261
Dick Smith 42" FHD LCD TV [GE6817] - Was $599, now $449.25

Remember that the Dick Smith TV's are only on special tomorrow, and will go back up to their Pre-sale price come Sunday.

All Dick Smith TV's carry a one year replacement warranty, however extended warranties can be purchased

20% off Sanyo and Vivo TV's (excludes Plasma's) - Expires 26/03/2012
25% off Ink Cartridges and Toner's - Expires 18/03/2012
50% off Dick Smith branded Wall Mounts - Expires 26/03/2012
25% off Windows 7 Software - Expires 26/03/2012

Further reductions on Logitech Computing products, i.e. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 $62.30 (advertised at $89 in catalogue, and cheapest is $84 according to Staticice.

That's pretty much it.

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    Probably good to note that most of them up to 40" have free delivery. Very good for regional people.

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    Those with access to Woolworths staff discount card, the 31.5" LED (GE6800) is $248 during the staff sale on March 22-25.

    This deal here equated to $247.95 once you deduct the further 5%.


    Source for this bargain?

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    +1 for the effort to put all the discounted list

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    It's the 17th in NSW and no discounts showing online yet?


    Are Dick Smith brand TV's any good? I'm tossing up between DSE brand and Sanyo, which I've always had a positive experience with.

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      DSE TVs offer better value for money than almost any other tv make on the market, however they only utilise a grade 3 lcd/led panel where your Samsung and Sony TVs will use a grade 2 or 1 panel, equaling better quality/clarity etc.

      For the money, I'd choose DSE TVs since its 1 year warranty is replacement where the Sanyo is only a send to service repair warranty.

      Keep in mind if you choose to extend your warranty, it is replacement in that extended warranty period for any product in the store that is <$400 and repair>replacement for anything >$400 in the store.

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        I love DS deal! They are dirt cheap and great value for money.
        What is the difference in real life between grade 1 or 2 and 3 panels? is grade 3 less sharp with human eyes recognision or something?

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          Grade 1 is the type of panel you would expect in Sony/Samsung TVs >$1500, albeit an entry level grade 1 panel. Grade 2 & 3 are found in TVs below that $1500 price mark.

          The grade 1 panels have higher Hz ratings (100-200+), ability to display 3D content (only TVs with 100Hz and above can display 3D content), higher contrast ratios (pushing 2,000,000:1), better energy efficiency (minimum 6 stars out of 10), better colour reproduction (brighter, more vivid colours using more of the colour spectrum), better picture clarity (ability to see higher levels of detail such as individual hair follicles and skin blemishes), and last but not least, typically made with higher quality parts than the grade 2 & 3 panels which equals better reliability.

          Not to say grade 2 and 3 are rubbish as they each mix and match the grade 1 panels with some of those features i listed above, but the grade 1 panels have all those features.


    It's nearly 4am on the 17th (Eastern DS Time) and still NONE of the Dick Smith models are showing up at 25% off yet !?!?!

    Is there a code/trick or maybe the date/information is incorrect regarding these?

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    Try this link, should provide you with the TV's you're after …


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    Great Deal - 1 new TV for my bedroom today

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    I can't find anything too good, I think this is better for the price:

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    I looked at 43" LCD and 42" LED and was not impressed with the image quality, and decided price was not that fantastic either.

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    thank you, bought the 32" LCD for $223.50, ordered online and opted for pick up in store. Was offered $20 for 1 yr extended warranty (normally $45) but declined.


    Good deal. I own the Dick Smith 21.5" FHD LCD with DVD and find it fantastic value and pretty good quality all round, with one exception…changing channels takes an age! Not sure if it;s teh same for all models?
    Other than that haven't had a problem in over a year.

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