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30% off All Coffee Blends & Free Express Shipping @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


This popular deal is back, but this time for 3 days!

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster


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    I bought SUMATRA BLEND in the last deal and highly recommended. It is even fresher than my local coffee shop.

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    Ordered in Melbourne late yesterday, received today, bloody quick!

    Enterprise Blend, only got 20% off though :(

    • Ordered yesterday morning and mine hasn't even shipped yet. They've been a bit hit and miss lately. Last order took 5 days.

      • More hit than miss for me. I think Aus Post can also be partly to blame as late, they've been inundated with parcels.

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    Hope you can do a delay deliver. Haven’t finished 1kg bought a few days ago.

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      They don't usually but you can freeze an unopened 1kg bag no worries. Just let it get to temp when you want to use it before opening the bag to avoid condensation on the beans.

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    Would be handy to have price per kg on every coffee deal from the get go

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      I missed the last 30% off deal then remembered there is a QR code on the bag to scan and I got 25% off so was very happy with that. It's the first time I've done it so have no idea if it's always 25% off or if it varies. Also have no idea if it's the same code each time, I didn't bother saving the bag to try as I've got a code on my new bag.

      • It's the same code every time. Same QR code actually.

        • Ah good to know. That's a pretty good everyday deal then.

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    Oh man. This is too close from the last time. I was rationing my 500g to last until the end of the month which I thought the next 30% off would drop. Will wait until the next sale I guess.

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    Highly rate this, I got the Sumatra Blend last deal and it's fantastic, my only issue is the grind (I got espresso grind) is a bit tough to get out of the portafilter, but I just use a spoon to loosen it and it usually goes.

    • +4

      I'd recommend getting your own grinder. Very expensive for a high quality one but if you can be bothered hand grinding, can get some really good ones for around $250 (1zpresso JX Pro).

      • +1

        Noted, yeah I wanted a decent grinder but lack the kitchen space, a hand grinder seems like a pretty decent compromise.

        • +1

          I use a Timemore C2, was about $75 from a deal here, works well, good reviews, though I don't have experience with anything else to compare.

  • Bought!

  • +2

    This, lime blue or undercover roasters?

    • +3

      I've been following OzB coffee bean deals for a while now and purchase on here every 2 months.

      For me, the Bean King of OzB has been a fight between Airjo vs. Lime Blue.

      I declare the winner… LB!

      They just beat Airjo for value with better prices. Both have amazing quality, quick delivery (for most), and excellent customer service.

      Just look at this, LB coming through the winner again with a good SO at around the same price as these Airjo blends.

      🏆 LB 🏆…. 👏 👏

      • +4

        I beg to differ, Airjo have free delivery where as LB is around $10 extra. Airjo get back to you in near minutes with questions, LB im still waiting 18hrs later.

        Flavour of Airjo is amazing, i just ordered their new decaf for $22.00 with free delivery, winning!

        Last two times i have ordered Airjo, received it within 3 days, excellent service

    • +2

      Delayed dispatch option with lime blue gives them the edge. I have coffee orders scheduled in to next year now.

  • Bought! Got the Enterprise.

  • +1

    Would be keen to try but 500g for me is too much. If I could get multiple varieties in 250g I’d try them all. Also 30% is good but I feel there has been 50% so much over the last few months that my freezer capacity can’t stretch any further!

  • Which blend is best for V60 and aeropress/delter?

    • I use twilight for my V60

    • I’ve used Sumatra in my delter and it’s good

  • Twilight is my favorite light roast. its sweet and nutty very nice taste.

    if you don't get this then your brewing it wrong.

  • +1

    Anyone tried the Lazzio beans @ ALDI comparing to these ?

    • +1

      Lazzio beans are great, I get them fairly regularly. I get the 500gm dark medium roast. Worth checking the roast date though on the packet. Its a number underneath the best before date. If you reverse the number its the date roasted.

      In saying that I just bought some of these to get some nice fresh ones and help out a small business.

  • Hi OP how did you get the code? I'm on their newsletter and didn't get anything on this promotion

    • I received an email last night at 10pm AEDT

  • Beware of delivery times, been waiting 13 days for my beans. Not their fault, Auspost is a mess

  • I am in the mood for a super dark blend. Enterprise or Thunderchild? (Thunderchild seems to be crazy dark)

  • I got the Sumatra last time around and it was a bit too smooth for me. I used the Aldi ones before (Columbian medium roast - I think). 1st time around was perfect taste, 2nd time was a bit too smooth. Got the lime blue this time around and not liking the taste.
    What’s the best one from these guys for something that is not too smooth? As I said Sumatra is too smooth.
    I like latte with full cream milk so please something that is a bit strong

  • Ordered on Sunday 24th, shipped on Monday 25th and still haven't received. Auspost are a shambles.

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