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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E27 Bulb Starter Kit $97 in-Store Only @ Officeworks (Clearance)


Officeworks has the E27 White and Colour Ambiance starter kits on clearance for 97 dollars. I can only speak for WA, but limited stock remaining in Cannington and Belmont at time of post.

Otherwise, check out https://ow.c0r3.xyz/result.php?product=phuekitmk2&state=ALL&... to get a rough estimate on stock left around your area.

I'm no Philips Hue expert, but it seems to be the bulbs without the bluetooth inbuilt. Which you probably wouldn't use since the bridge is bundled

Good luck!

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    PRICE in title

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      my bad, there you go

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        Yay !!!

  • Thanks. Grabbed one for a Christmas gift!.

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    Stock link in post is cached from 12 October, updated stock below:

    New South Wales

    Store Phone Stock
    Coffs Harbour (02) 6691 9700 1
    Dee Why (02) 9466 6100 1
    Kotara (02) 4956 0700 2
    Mittagong (02) 4860 1700 2
    Mulgrave (02) 4574 9400 5
    Newcastle West (02) 4925 9700 3
    Orange (02) 6361 5100 1
    Port Macquarie (02) 6582 9500 4
    Rutherford (02) 4015 5100 1
    Taree (02) 6539 0300 2
    Tuggerah (02) 4350 8000 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Ballarat (03) 5320 1400 2
    Highett (03) 9556 6700 1
    Narre Warren (03) 9704 4500 6
    Richmond (03) 9413 9500 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Strathpine (07) 3480 0700 1
    Toowoomba (07) 4699 5300 1

    Western Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Albany (08) 9845 6300 1
    Belmont (08) 6374 0400 1
    Bunbury (08) 9792 1600 3
    Cannington (08) 9253 6700 1
    Fremantle (08) 9431 8200 1
    Joondalup (08) 9301 8600 1
    Malaga (08) 6240 5100 1

    South Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Croydon (08) 8245 5600 1
    Noarlunga (08) 8186 9500 2
    Trinity Gardens (08) 8131 2200 1
  • Just a quick question, are all the light bulbs the coloured version or is it a mix?

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    Great price.

    If anyone is looking for alternate bulbs, Ikeas smart bulbs are great as well and work with the hue bridge.

    • Agreed. They work as a great cheaper alternative that works with the hue ecosystem.

      Although, I couldn't get them working with the Hue Sync app on the HTPC as the trafaldi's won't appear as an entertainment zone which is a shame :(

      • That's the trap, non-Hue products can't be put in to an entertainment zone for the sync app or sync box. I doubt the dynamic scenes from the Hue app would work either, as they are run on the bulbs rather than being driven by the hub. Colour-changing scenes from third party apps like HueDynamic should work though since those scenes are set up on the hub.

      • Good to know. I have also found non-Hue lights don’t show up on HomeKit either, although I haven’t tried IKEA ones specifically

    • Ikea warm-white and CCT bulbs are great, but colour ones much less bright in colour mode.

  • Nice one. Snagged 2 from Mona Vale

  • Damn could use some spare bulbs but none around me.

  • No bluetooth on these, these are older gen bulbs

    • The bulbs connect to the bridge then you can control them wirelessly anywhere (even remotely) as long as your phone as internet/data.

      The connecting via bluetooth to the newer models is slower and has less range than the bridge anyway and there's less automation features.

  • Thank you, hopefully snagged one with a click and collect 🤞

    • Update: Got two with C&C 🙌

  • Your order isn't far away, but not as close as we first thought. We unfortunately couldn't find these items in store and need to get more stock from our warehouse. This means your collection date will be later than expected.


    • definitely not cricket. hope it comes along for ya. unless if you go to those places vu mentioned above.

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      Honestly, I did this a 2 weeks ago. If you get this message and even if you don't there is most likely no stock at store or warehouse. Officeworks stock monitoring is horrible. I had 5 stores in NSW say everything was in stock for Hue, only to be told they don't have anything when I called. Call the store to determine if they actually have stock, then you may need to call their 1300 support line to get a refund if they don't have stock, because the store can't do it over the phone.

      • Yeah I’m not holding out much Hope with it being a clearance item!

        If they cared about customers they’d have found one in another store for me, but I bet they don’t

      • You can't even call their support line it just says number of calls then hangs up

  • +1 to recommending you call stores individually to determine stock levels.

    Just picked up 3 kits @ $72.40 each after being told there was 0 stock in South Australia by a different store.

    • Yeah they’re saying there’s none in SA at all. Did you actually get them to check stock on shelves?

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        I did, their stock computer even internally is clearly not accurate.

    • How did you get that price?
      And, does officeworks price match itself - Would they refund the $24.60 price difference between $97 paid and someone else's receipt for $72.40?

      • Officeworks clearances aren't the same store to store. I think maybe they get given a national clearance price when the product gets removed from the range? (the $97 shown in the title and online for this deal) and then if the product doesn't sell out they can mark it down even further week by week, so it might depend on how often the store manager etc checks that sort of stuff.

    • (profanity) yeah, just reserved 2, for the $72 price at that. Thanks heaps!!

      • What store did you manage to find more at, and do you know if they had any more than the 2 you've reserved?

        • Actually they called me back and said they didn’t have them in the end, haha. RIP.

          • @Velocita: Yeah I've now called every store in SA I think? And as far as I can tell the only store with stock is Trinity Gardens, but the item is on hold for someone.
            I must have been lucky with the ones I managed to find.

            • @MoleManMike: Yeah Trinity Gardens is me, I thought I found a couple of extra down south at Noarlunga. I'll put the 3 lights in the kit to good use though. I have a bunch of Hue in my home office room + kitchen, they're going to a good home :)

              • @Velocita: Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to having all my lights in full colour now. Any idea if there's a market for the hubs that I'll have spare from these kits? Don't really have a use for them myself as I have well under 50 lights

                • @MoleManMike: Nah, best bet would be to try and offload a couple for cheap on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, people getting into the Hue ecosystem might be looking for a hub.

  • Is the bridge included with the kit? If so is it version 1 or 2?

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