What MacBook Configuration Would You Go for?

What's ozbargain favourite specs for the newly released MacBook pro?

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  • 23
    14" M1 pro with 16GB Memory
  • 3
    14" M1 pro with 32GB Memory
  • 3
    14" M1 Max with 32GB Memory
  • 4
    16" M1 pro with 16GB Memory
  • 4
    16" M1 pro with 32GB Memory
  • 16
    16" M1 Max with 32GB Memory
  • 5
    I will wait for M2 🤡


  • +6

    Not sure many people are buying $5,000+ MacBook M1 Maxs.

    • +5

      If it's a work device that is not completely ridiculous. I mean if it's the tool of your trade it's cheap.

      A coffee cart spends that much on their coffee machine.

  • +3

    I got 64gb ram on the 14" cos value…. it costs the same going from 32->64 as 16->32… god damn apple economists

    • +1

      i think thats a sound move if you keep it for a few years

      • -1

        tossing up between the 16" and 14", glad they made both with the same option spec's

      • few years? You should be able to keep it for at least 10yrs given the specs.

    • god damn apple economists

      for that reason upgrading to 1tb HD

    • how long are you planning to keep it for?

      • as long as possible! my track record has been pretty horrible though

    • +1

      I'm not a fan of the Apple pricing but it'll probably last for almost 10 years so not bad in the grand scheme of things.

  • +1

    MBA M1 base model.. great machine for ~$1300 on sale/edu price and all the majority of people will ever need

  • +1

    M1 MBA, perhaps with 16GB RAM upgrade for sure.

    What makes the M1 series a killer SoC for most people is (i) its single threaded performance, (ii) its very fast and responsive storage. This is what makes the M1 Macs feel like using an iPad and makes it just a joy to use.

    Out of the new MBPs, I would say that the 16" base model is the best value. For the $750 over the base model 14" MBP, you get the fully fledged M1 Pro (full 10C CPU, 16C GPU), obviously the bigger display, and better battery and a faster charger. The ~$300 or so difference between the 14" and 16" MBPs at the "same" specifications just make the 16" better value IMO.

    • felling just the same as you but I'm thinking to opt for 32 to future proof then again I saw @nubix comment about 32-64 gig pricing same as 16-32 which makes me wanna go for 64.

      idk somebody please help me!!!! *insert jackie chan twitch emote

  • I would say every model is overpowered for my requirements. I would go M1 with a ram upgrade

  • using m1 pro 16/1tb can't complain ticks all the boxes

    • Have you ever got out of memory error on chrome? how many tabs do you usually have?

      • +1

        Nah, all is smooth; My primary day to day tools are as follows:

        Webstorm, XCode, Google Chrome, Safari, 4xmessengers, Outlook, Word, Excel.

  • It really is a budget-related question, without a budget as asked here why wouldn't you pick the top spec?

    If you do have a limited budget, why would you pick the top spec?

  • 16" Max 64GB.

    • +1

      would you like fries or caviar with that?

      • Whatever I can salary package.

        • +2

          Big Mac meal deal it is.

  • 16” M1 Pro base. I need the bigger screen and additional ports. Way too much power but no other option for the display I want.

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