Sony IER-M7 IEM $499 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


If you're in the market for mid-fi IEMs, you apparently won't beat the IER-M7 at this price unless you opt for the Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk. Slightly warmer than Harman neutral, with a pleasant taming of the upper mids and lower treble.

Plenty of comments in the previous deal posts. Enjoy!

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    Gee….how would this be considered as mid-fi?

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      Halfway btween lowfi and hifi

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      These days hi-fi is $1500+. Then there's summit-fi…

      Cost and amount of labour, and the manufacturing processes don't scale like they used to, plus inflation.

      There's rarely a good reason to reach beyond mid-fi though, and this is the upper bounds for me personally.

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        Meant to plus one, accidentally negged ugh!

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          Click the 'Votes' link at the bottom of my comment and you can remove the neg! :)

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    I have been waiting for a local stock of Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk version. Any chance?

    • Seems to be a Shenzhen exclusive. Maybe chat to them about making a listing for it on their Amazon AU storefront?


      There you go? No discount though, so I'd still look into what Shenzhen might do.

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        Local store has the 2, not the dusk version.

        • My bad, sleep deprivation got the better of me!

    • My bad with the AU link, clearly was too tired!

      Shenzhen's Amazon store got back to me: no dice.

      Wait for November sales, where there should be a small discount and then a 10% site code.

      • doubt it'd happen, the Dusk has been excluded from ALL sales on SZA since it was launched.

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          I swear I've seen it for a minimal discount, but no more than $5-$10 USD.

          The gap between it and the OG definitely widens by as much as $100 AUD for AliE sales though.

          • @jasswolf: do you mean the original gets discounted ~~$100 off, while the Dusk remains more or less MSRP?

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              @xrailgun: On AliE, via cashbacks and coupons, yes. But Dusk is only on Shenzhen's main site, where I assume it's eligible for 10% off codes for BF and 11.11.

    • I bought dusks from Shenzen direct and they got to me in Sydney in under 48 hours.

  • I have the Shure se535's which I bought for $500. Anyone know how these compare?

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      For audio quality? They'd run rings around them… IEMs have made huge leaps in the last 5 years.

      Fitment may be a different issue.

      • OK that would be impressive if true. I love the 535s.

  • 4x BAs! I miss my TripleFi…even that was amazing, i assume this would be 25% more amazing.

    Hands up if you had a TripleFi!

    • The tf10s were my first “high end” iem back in the day. Many years and several thousand dollars later, I’ve found my “grail” in my custom JHA 13prov2s.

    • Count me. Loved them

  • How do the Blessing 2 Dusk compare to this?

    • A little different in tonality with less treble extension, but otherwise apparently superior from the perspective of detail and timbre.

      You could probably demo the Sony and the original Blessing 2 locally, then read comparisons between the Dusk and the original safe in the knowledge you'll be able to discern the value of the Dusk before buying online.

      Fitment would be the other issue, but you usually tip roll to find a balance between comfort and presentation of sound.

  • Thank you for posting but it has been at this price even before this lockdown in Victoria….

    • My last deal was expired due to the sale price ending, and while this is a semi-regular price, it does go back and forth.

  • I'm hoping that they restock IER-M9.

  • Might be a dumb question, but may I ask in which ways IEMs like these are better than regular wired earphones?
    I imagine they're great for musician or audiophiles, as their sound quality is better, or more accurate or balanced?
    Is that correct?

    • It's not the 'IEM' that makes them better. It's the technology that produce much better sound quality - that then puts them into a category where the sound reproduced is similar to the original and worthy of being called an IEM.

      Eg. 99% of your regular wired earphones generate sound via a magnet and diaphragm. Not these. These are balanced armatures, smaller, digital, more precise sounds. And the fact you have 4 of them covering different frequencies - is IMO the biggest difference that makes these much better than 'regular wired earphones-with a single diaphragm trying to cover all the sound range', eg ones that came with your phone.

      Because they are digital and smaller, makes it a smaller and lighter package, suitable for wearing longer too, which is important to musicians, producers or just people that need (enjoy) wearing them for a long time.

      Typically they are sound isolating + ergonomic in shape, blocks out other sounds better than regular earphones. Not to mention keeps the sound produced and channel it directly into your ear.

      Cords are usually replaceable - As these are digital, the earpiece lasts much longer and the fact they are worn in long sessions and long hours, the cords, plugs gets tugged at more, wear out - so they are usually replaceable.

    • Not a dumb question, sound quality isn't always "better" per se than "regular wired earphones" (though most of the time, it is), and you do get some non accurate or balanced sounding IEM's.

      It's also not just the sound that some people prefer, but also the fitment and design. Because most IEMs are designed to loop around the top of the ear, it stops the IEMs from being yanked out or dislodged because, obviously, when you're playing, you won't have any spare hands to re-insert it.

      • IMO IEMs doesn't need to have the BEST sound at all. When you are actually using an IEM during a session - you don't have the time to be picky about the sound quality. You just want to hear the notes that you (and others) are playing, there's no room to be thinking 'oh this sound is really warm…' or 'oh the bass is too boomy in this IEM'. It's the beats, the chords, the lyrics that's heard, not the frequency response at 28,000khz. So specs are not as important compared to weight, comfort and reliability/robustness.

    • IEMs are sealed in the ear canal and tend to offer fantastic sound quality for a given price due to easy bass conductance, straight forward tuning consistency, good dampening, and clarity thanks to the relatively standardised acoustics and reduced driver size requirements of the canal fitment.

      Earbuds rest atop the canal and act similar to an open back headphone, with rolled off bass, but unlike open back headphones when compared with closed, they lose detail due to reintroducing more resonance to contend with due to the looser fit.

      In return though, you get fanatic soundstage and imaging thanks to the openness of the sound, just with a much harder time to tune the consistency of the tonality due to the device not just relying on pinna interaction for its tonality, but resting in your pinna as well.

      That makes fitment more variable, person to person and even minute to minute, hence why they have fallen out of favour with most consumers.

      Closed back headphones tend to resonate more than open backs in order to deliver that low and sub-bass, and just due to the sealing of the enclosure on the outer section.

      Hope that helps!

      • +1

        You out do yourself every time.

        But this post is exceptionally accessible for every level of enthusiast. Bravo.

  • I wouldn't say this is Hi-fi or anything, these are monitoring equipment and they sound like it. Good for what they are.

  • Thoughts on these vs Sony MDR-EX1000?

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      By the looks of it you'd be losing a smidge of timbre and imaging for a much more pleasant tonality, but again I'd suggest the Dusk, or maybe reaching further if you're playing in that higher price range.

      If you want both a tonal and technical upgrade, look into the Sony IER-M9 when on sale, or import stuff like the Softears RSV (tonal balance), ThieAudio Monarch (bass extension without bloat), or the Unique Melody MEST MK II (wide soundstage for an IEM).

      You'll have to sift through their reviews to get more of an idea, though you may even be able to demo some locally.

  • Argh!

    Why did you post this?

    I've been so close to purchasing.

    Now I have to make a snap decision.

    • +1


      Going to pass. Regrettably.
      I have been reading that it isn't vented which I have found a little annoying previously. I know it's better for isolation when on stage but I'm looking for a nice mid-premium laid-back pair of IEMs.

      I love the look of the FR graph on these - and Sony's BA tech sounds really cool. I actually called my local A2A store a few days back about trying one on but apparently they only have a bit of stock left in the warehouse.

      Side note - I wonder if we can expect new premium IEMs from Sony soon…

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