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[Prime] Blue Yeticaster Professional Broadcast Bundle with Radius III Shockmount and Compass Boom Arm $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


As so many microphones are on bargains right now, why not consider this one too! At this price point, this is a steal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    A great deal - some places sell just the microphone by itself for $199. Thanks OP.

  • thats a VERY good deal I remember i paid 299 for this back in 2019 so yeah very good deal

    the kit is very good!!

    I Use it for video voice overs and also twitch streaming 100% recommend.

  • +1

    Great mic. I got one at the beginning of 2020 as my old crappy one failed. Has been well used and it is nice it can just float above my monitor.

    There is also a trick where you can make it slightly higher by turning the end of the arm UP and and then out instead of the pictures where it goes DOWN and then out. This way it is out of your webcam view but still picks up great sound. Also has a Headphone output on the mic so you can hear how you sound.

  • Any recommendations for a boom arm for this mic? It seems like it's almost cheaper to buy the package again than buy the blue arm on its own, which is a big waste.

      • +4

        I assume they already own the microphone and just want the arm.

    • I use the Rode PSA-1 with the Blue Yeti and Blue Radius shock mount and it works a treat.

  • Great price - I just bought this more expensive.


  • Link isn't showing $199 for me

  • Is this the Yeti Blue with the arm?

    • Blue Yeti + Radius III + Compass pack

  • Its over. Back to normal price

  • Seems price has changed to 350 now … if I purchased at the 199 price (but not sent out yet) will Amazon still honour it?

    • +2

      Absolutely, if you've already completed the purchase it will be honoured.

      It seems Amazon's algorithms adjust the price after a certain amount of purchases

      • My thoughts was that the initial seller ran out of stock at that price, so it moves to the next seller and posts the 2nd vendor's price.

        • Its still saying shipped and sold by Amazon at the higher price ($350 now).

          I do agree at times they change sellers and sell at a higher price due to stock as well, but this looks like its driven a price change by Amazon based on demand or maybe they only had a limited quantity for sale at the lower price.

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    Just missed it I think

  • yeah appears i just missed it. drats

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    The campus boom arm broke after about a week for me, the tightening mechanisms on it are made of plastic, which just broke so buyer beware.

    I'm now using a rode psa1 which is great

    • rode psa1 user here too, would recommend

    • the tightening mechanisms on it are made of plastic,

      The tighteners and hinge casing is plastic, but the internal mechanism would be metal, as are the boom arms. This is a good quality boom arm.

      It can be damaged if you try to forcibly move the arms without first loosening the friction hinges. So I guess don't do that (should be obvious).

      • No that didn't cause it at all

        Infact a really detailed post with the same issue and a fix is shown here


        It's cheap trash, i came home after leaving it in the same position for around a week and the plastic had snapped and my microphone nearly damaged my TV as it moved about 0.5 meters vertically. The product shouldn't just fail randomly after a week of use whether its plastic or metal, for the pricepoint they should have a full metal tightening mechanism like the psa1

        • The Rode psa1 looks good. Note however its max weight is about the same as the Blue Compass, around 1 kg. Exceed that weight at your own risk.

          In the article you linked, the guy looks to have a hefty pop filter clamped to his Compass. It's possible he was overloading the max weight of boom. His use of the boom might have contributed to the breakage. Over-tightened screws while moving the arm will do it.

          He describes the boom as "fantastic" in his opening sentence, so I'm guessing he grabbed the boom arm a few times without first loosening the screw. Who knows! Also the Rode's cable management isn't as good, and there is no tightening on the hinges at all, so you have to not only be happy with the tension out of box, but trust it won't change over time. Good luck!

  • Bargain price.

  • Damn missed it.

    Keep up the good work OP

  • :( SADD I missed it too

  • Ozbargain true makes me question my purchases.

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