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Fitbit Versa 2 Black Carbon $178 + Delivery @ Betta Home Living (Price Beat $169.10 + Delivery ($0 to Metro) @ Officeworks)


Been keeping my eye on this, lowest it has been in a little while.

I had a bit of trouble getting the beat at OW because OW have a unique product code for some reason, but to the customer service rep's credit she identified it was clearly the same model and has promised to spread the word around to her pricing team to approve similar claims. I was also able to get free shipping given the spend.

OW link: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/fitbit-ver...

If you're unsuccessful with price beat, Betta still has 3% cashback with Cashrewards.

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    WARNING! Do not buy Fitbit product from third-party resellers. Fitbit will not provide manufacturer warranty if it is not purchased from their "authorised resellers".

    The quality of the Fitbit products is not that good and you will most likely need the manufacturer warranty.

    Purchased a Fitbit Charge 4 from Flashfowardtech eBay last year and the band connection part is broken. Fitbit refused to provide the warranty as Flashforwardtech or OZB Enterprise is not on their list. Flashforwardtech does not have a phone number and did not response my request. I am taking this case to Fair Trading.

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      wow, thanks for the comments. Yeah, you should sort this BS out with Fair Trading.

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      That is blatantly illegal. It doesn't matter if a reseller is 'authorised', Fitbit still have ACL obligations.

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        this is incorrect, the contract of sale is between retailer and customer. retailer can NOT insist a customer talk to manufacturer though many do. you have no idea if fitbit AU even sold this unit to flashforwardtech. could be grey.

        manufacturer getting involved directly is basically voluntary. the person avoiding their ACL obligations in this scenario is flashforwardtech, who must provide a refund or replacement if the product doesn't last a reasonable amount of time.

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          No, THIS is incorrect. The manufacturer and importer continues to have obligations.


          Who must comply with the consumer guarantees?

          Businesses that provide goods – by selling, leasing or hiring – or services to consumers in Australia must comply with the consumer guarantees.

          Manufacturers and importers must also comply with certain consumer guarantees.

          Companies like Fitbit try to set up fake monopolies on distribution within a given territory and then try to wash their hands of 'grey imports' that are their products, made in their factories, and sold by them to wholesalers.

    • Good to know. I'm tossing up between fitbit or garmin.

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