Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan 30cm (12.5") w/ Silicone Handle Holder & Silicone Egg Ring - $33.99 Delivered @ AU Select Amazon AU


AUSELECT Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan 30cm (12.5 Inch) with Silicone Handle Holder & Silicone Egg Ring, Black

Click Voucher checkbox to apply 15% coupon which shows price at check out of $27.99 including delivery, no Prime required.

Lightning Deal 7% claimed, ends in 8 hours 50 minutes.

Listing indicates to season before use, but that's very easy and I do that with any cast iron pan before use.


EDIT: Lightning deal over, now it's $33.99

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Shows $33.99 delivered to me, via Prime.

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      You need to apply the 15% voucher and price updates on checkout.

      • It says I applied that coupon (I ticked the checkbox) and it's still $33.99. Strange as.

        edit: Applied at the checkout! Also: FREE One-Day Delivery : get it Tomorrow, Oct 23!

        Thanks, OP.

    • Seem the handle from auselect is in one piece from the pan.

      • as is the big w one

    • That's covered in enamel, which limits its use: 200-230°C tops (and I'd go for the lower number here), you may not want it on a campfire too.

      Also the one in this deal is 4 cm more in diameter, which makes it 33% bigger. Three times the price, but it's still not that much.

      edit: Also, looks sold out.

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        No. Available at Sunbury and Waverley Gardens VIC at least from what I can see

        • Oh, was showing me unavailable for delivery and sold out at many stores in Vic.

      • the cooking surface isn't enamel so maybe not that big a deal if you get some crazing?

        • I'd expect it starts disintegrating/cracking or at least smoking at high temperature, which isn't ideal. I might be wrong.

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            @pizzaguy: it'll crack if it gets hot enough because the iron and enamel expand/cool at different rates. enamel is glass though so i doubt it will smoke.

  • That's a winner, thnx.

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    After seeing a video on Lodge pans being made in the US I've been convinced that's the one I want. Is there much variation between the brands…. anyone tried AUSELECT before? I'm getting a very average feeling about this name

    • Grab a Lodge on sale and you won’t regret it. Haven’t used these so can’t comment.

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    AUSELECT Cast Iron Skillet is made in China if that matters to anyone. Given a quality cast iron pan will last lifetimes I'd be waiting for a deal on Lodge

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      Yeah I had similar thinking, but this price was too good for me to pass up and it's a long wait for Lodge deals. Either way, it's a big chunk of cast iron, it'll do the job. I previously had a cheap $12 aldi cast iron pan and even that was great.

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        Even at $100 a Lodge is only $5/year over 20 years (and it'd still be only starting to wear in).

        Since I'm cooking on (almost) bare metal, I'm more concerned about how much other crap is in Chinese cast iron.

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    As much as I loved my cast iron pan (and still use it), my new love is my blue carbon steel pan. Definitely get one of these if you don't have one, just remember it takes time for them to be fully functional, even after seasoning.

    As far as where it's made, it's cast iron, it doesn't really matter where it's made. So long as you look after it (clean properly, oil it after use, and don't ever put cold water in a hot pan), it will last a lifetime.

  • Was about to jump on it, but the couple of 1 star reviews don't look great.

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      By looking at the whole three 1-star reviews for this one: "Food sticks. Imposible to clean.", "For some reason the grill is full of rust and it’s not usable.", "Received unseasoned", it seems like they're by people who expected it to be maintanace-free and don't know how to handle it.

  • 100% claimed, waiting list!!
    Edit: back in stock but price increased to $34

    • yeah lightning deal is over, now its $34 inc delivery. I've updated the deal, thanks.

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    I bought one from K-Mart for $15.

    After 1 year I am very happy with it. Make sure you season it =)

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    Damn this was lodge

  • Unexpired as it's still available

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