Euro Dryer 7kg E7SDWH for $329.98 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Probably the cheapest 7kg dryer on the market.

Don't know about the quality of the dryer though. Reviews seem to be mixed on different websites.

Would love to know that as well before pulling the trigger if anyone has used this brand or product?

Description copied from the website:

This Euro dryer features four drying programs including extra dry and one hour load to cater to your drying requirements and suit your busy lifestyle. It has a childlock that prevents the use of the unit without the release of the function, and it has three heat settings: full heat, half heat and airing. To save you time and energy, the sensor measures the temperature output and shortens the program once the desired output is achieved. You also have the option to install this dryer upside down, and all material is provided, including inverted panel sticker.

Energy Rating 2 stars
Brand Euro
Country of Origin China
Colour White
Product Dimensions H 840 x W 595 x D 555 mm
With stand: H 890 x W 670 x D 570 mm
Product Weight 35kg
Packaged: 38kg
Capacity 7kg
Model Number E7SDWH

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  • -1

    Don't know about the quality of the dryer.

    Then how do you know it is a bargain?

    • +3

      Because it is selling for much higher price on other websites. Eg:

      • How many people have purchased it at the higher price? Difficult to say it's a bargain unless it's a true saving. Not to mention, nobody has actually heard of this brand. I doubt "Euro" has even been near Europe.

  • I wouldn't pay much more for a vented basic dryer to be honest. If I wanted a dryer (haven't got one because I don't have the need), then I'd go for heat pump like the Esatto. Bit more expensive to buy, but will pay itself off fairly quickly with much less energy use.

    • You gonna need to be doing loads pretty much every wash to pay off the cost of a heat pump.

      • +1

        Not really. A heat pump can dryer can use 1/3 of the power of say this one. With the price of electricity these days that could add up significantly.

        The Esatto one recently posted is $619 (has been on special for lower before). That's a difference of around $300.

        The at 25-30c kW/h, this could add up significantly.

        Really a tumble dryer works very similar to a fan heater, and we know how they chew the power too. Just like the difference between heat pump and vented dryer, there is a stark energy use difference between a fan heater and a split system reverse cycle (also a heat pump).

        • Lets assume $1 for 1 electric tumble dryer -

          then at 428 dryer uses you will break even,

          If you did use the dryer every week,

          It would take 8.2 years before you break even.

  • +1

    Stay away from this brand. Utter junk.
    Also invest in heat pump ones. Aldi (special buys) and Essato have cheapies.

  • Is it made in Euro?

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