Power Users

Power Users are members on OzBargain with extra capabilities to update deal posts. They are different from Moderators as they have no moderation ability, i.e. cannot remove deals, comments or ban users and domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power Users are currently hand-picked by the Moderators so there is no need to apply or request to be a power user. We are looking for users who consistently demonstrate

  • A good ability to spot issues and report them
  • Are good contributors in the community, in both deals and comments

Currently, a power user can:

  • Edit deals (Change the title, expiry date, category/tags, coupon code & description).
  • Mark deals as expired.
  • Please edit the description or title (see title guidelines) in order to make the deal clearer for the community.
  • Feel free to add other deals from the store to the deal.
  • Do not vandalise the deal.
  • Please follow the Commenting Guidelines.
  • Please do not add moderation or policy notes. If the deal should be removed or the link changed, please use the report button.
  • Make sure you put the correct information in the deal when editing, especially the price.
  • Please follow the tagging guidelines when editing tags.
  • Changes made by power users are shown revision history, so putting *Power User:* or similar is unnecessary.

Moderators are also able to remove Power Users if there are numerous complaints. Please use your new editing power responsibly and thank you for making OzBargain a better community.

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