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Free $20 Voucher for Existing Club BCF Members @ BCF


Just received a $20 BCF voucher in my emails, expires 31st Oct.
Probably targeted, but check your emails anyway.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


  • i only ever get the $5 or $10 vouchers :(

  • I got $15, but still great!

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    I didnt get anything again. both rounds :/

    • Neither. Used to get them each time 😔

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      Same, and i've spent stupid amounts of money there.

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        Time to be reborn

      • That's why. No need for them to tempt someone to buy who already buys. So do one or more of these:

        • Stop buying
        • Or don't use your card when you do buy
        • Make a new account
        • Make accounts for other people in the same household (and don't use most of them until the offers come in)
        • … and one person in a recent BCF or SCA thread (same parent company) changed their email address in their account and began receiving offers again

        Then, wait for the vouchers and only spend a few to several $ more. e.g. When I get a $10 voucher I spend between $3 and $9 more on top of the voucher (so $13 to $19 total), and I get nearly every voucher posted here.

        Oh and login to the site and make sure you've selected to receive promotional emails.

        • Thanks

          • @shegeloaf: You're welcome, and I forgot one… When you get a voucher, be sure to use it. People who don't redeem them stop receiving them. So if you had say 4 people in the same household, and all 4 received a $10 voucher but only one redeemed… then 3 of them might stop receiving vouchers. I'm not sure how many skipped vouchers causes that, it might be as few as once.

            No-one is certain exactly how it targets people, but all this is what I've gleaned from my own experience and by watching other people's comments.

        • That's what i have done, spent over $10k a year there for many years. And since selling the offshore boat i've made 1 purchase for some Columbia pants in all of 2021 and no vouchers.

          So i'm not sure if they even use purchase activity at all.

          • @LowRange: I think they do use purchases to (somehow) determine who gets vouchers. I just can't pin down the exact criteria. Because I definitely know I'll miss out on vouchers when I either:

            1. Spend "too much" ($10 or more) on top of the $10 credit using the previous voucher, or…
            2. Bought something when there was no voucher (and scanned my card obviously, otherwise they wouldn't know it's me)…
            3. Or I activated the previous voucher then forgot to use it.
            4. Oh and with this latest $20 one… obviously if you received and used the $10 one just days before this one, I'm guessing most of those people would not have received this $20 one.

            In your case I think the large amounts probably wiped you off their radar. I would either change my email address like someone else did (who then began receiving vouchers again), but I'd probably just go straight to making a completely new BCF account using same name and address but a different email address. Then buy something < $10. Then wait for the next voucher and follow the steps I do - something about which (!?) nets me most of the vouchers. (i.e. Sometimes I still don't get one, but mostly I do.)

  • I signed up after the last post and got a $10 voucher just now

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      same same

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    Not for me, maybe not yet

  • $15 for me but better than nothing!

  • always getting $10 … I forgot to use it on the last one. Today they send another $10.

  • Never seen or heard of a $20 BCF voucher before.I received a $10 recently though.

  • Signed up in May haven't gotten one.

  • Didn't receive it, could be targeted

    • They're always targeted. See my post above.

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    I didn't BC-Effing get it

  • Why not me God.

  • Not lucky enough

  • $10, nice

  • Not getting any emails, but no vouchers showing at https://www.bcf.com.au/account/club-vouchers for me either

    • !? If you're not signed up to receive their promotional emails you'll never get any vouchers. See my post about 7 messages down from the top /\ .

  • Sigh…. I always seem to miss out on these.

  • I got the $20 voucher 3 weeks ago and forgot to redeem it :(

  • what is the email subject/content please?
    do we need to click a link for activation please? what is the pic/url after click link to activate?

    • Linked to account.

  • Missed last redemption and no vouchers for 2 times now

  • I don't even get their emails anymore?

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