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Crucial MX500 SSD 1TB $126, 2TB $255 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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    I paid $235 on amazon for the 2TB MX500 SSD a few months ago, and that wasn't a spectacular price, so I'd try to hold off if you're looking for something similar.

    • Definitely wait for a better deal.

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      It does kinda feel like these have hit a wall price wise. Demand for wafer/inflation may have made prices stall?

      But yeah this does feel like a mostly "fair" price. Ok if you need it, but no steal.

    • Dammit I'm actually looking for a 2TB MX500 CRY. The waiting begins again as I keep uninstalling and installing games on my smol ssd.

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    If you don't need a 2TB SSD, don't buy it.

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      Wise words, technically the ultimate bargain. If you don't need something don't buy it haha.

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      This does not sound like the OzBargain way.

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        Depends how you perceive "the OzBargain way". The way I see it, if you don't need a 2TB SSD but you still want to buy one, the deal must be absolutely excellent.

        The deal here on this thread isn't that excellent (For the 2TB SSD). You actually end up paying more per TB.

        • Would $235 for 2TB MX500 be a good deal? Idk when I should start buying :O I need one though because my 240GB is way too small and I keep installing and uninstalling games I want to play.

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            @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: It sounds like a 1TB would be suitable for game storage for you, though if you want to futureproof then 2TB might not be a bad idea. You could even consider using it as a boot drive and completely replace the 240Gb.

            Black Friday sales start in a week, so if you want to hold on for a bit, you might start seeing some lower pricing.

            Last year I bought a few SSD's based on cashback/game redemption promotions, so if thats your thing too, this is about the time when they start coming out.

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            @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: If you are using a desktop with room for another drive, why don't you install Windows on the 240GB and purchase a 1TB and install games onto it?

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    before people buy, I am going to say the Crucial P5 2TB 3400MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD - $359 is NOT a PS5 SSD. if that is your intention DO NOT use this drive in your PS5.

    You can't be cheap with the ps5 m.2 drives because it will reject anything less than a Gen 4…. IT KNOWS!!

    • But can I just download the Crucial P5 2TB 3400MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD for my (non existant) PS5?

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        if your puting it in a PC go nuts. This is just for pcs.

  • Crucial P5 gen 3 was $303 just a few days ago on amazon. Its worth waiting for a better price.

  • If i am not mistaken these drives still come with Free imaging software (TrueImage) , allows you to clone your old hard drive over to the new one.

    Have used the software before and its decent , usually its paid-for software but if you get one of these drives you get a link to the software and as long as you got the Crucial plugged in it will auto-detect and then allow you to use it.

    Currently using an MX500 myself , after a year so far no complaints here.

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      This shouldn't be a selling point though. There's tons of freeware/freemium software that can do the same thing. Macrium Reflect, CloneZilla, etc.

  • Don't get it. Mx 500 is cheaper on Amazon? (120, free delivery) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B078211KBB/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • It's also from… GanFanRen?? No thanks.

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    Did they just increase the 2TB by $2 cause it's a bit popular. Lol.

    E: ahh free shipping, I guess you could see it as $2 shipping.

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