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5% off Apple eGift Cards @ Suncorp Rewards and Union Shopper



A maximum of 8 Apple eGift Cards can be redeemed per order.
Use it for purchases at any Apple Store location, on the Apple Store app, apple.com, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple Fitness+, Apple One and other Apple properties in Australia only.

Pre-purchase your Digital eGift Card to receive your discount. Digital eGift Cards will be sent to you by email and available in your eWallet with instructions on how to redeem. Although we make best efforts for instant delivery, occasionally this may take up to 72 hours.

Link for Union Shopper - login on to Union shopper first and then access link. - I guess this should also work for AGL Rewards?

Also, 2% off Officeworks gift cards at Union shopper (Payment by Credit Card will incur a 1% surcharge. EFT payments will not incur a surcharge. Maximum $300/day)

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    5% off my ATO bill woohoo

  • Can this be use on the new M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro that are on the Edu price?

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      I believe the only product/service you cannot use Apple gift cards as a payment method for is the full upfront payments of AppleCare+.

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        Also can't use in physical store for some reason, possibly due to rent and commissions.

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          Section 3 of the gift card terms and conditions states in bold:

          only physical and digital gift cards and codes can be used towards purchases in Apple Retail Stores.

          It even says on the Suncorp Benefits website:

          Use it for purchases at any Apple Store location

          If Apple is arbitrarily refusing to accept these gift cards (which are digital gift card codes) in-store, that may be a breach of Australian Consumer Law. The ACCC says:

          Businesses must clearly state… all conditions and restrictions on use of the gift card.

          I mean, remember the furore around JB Hi-Fi not accepting JB Hi-Fi gift cards for game console pre-orders last year, even though that restriction was never written in their gift card terms and conditions?

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          You can use Apple Gift cards in store, you just can't use Apple Credit/Balance in store. So as long as you don't apply them to your account, you're all good.

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    This or wait for ~15% (30x bonus flybuy/Everyday reward point) from coles/woolworths?

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      If Apple continues the pattern they seem to have started, you should keep an eye out for the Coles and Woolworths catalogue released on 15 November.

      Considering this is a long-running deal, it may pay to wait and see if there is another Apple gift card next deal (unless you need gift cards now to fund a new M1 Pro/Max MBP).

      • Thanks!

      • How does the 15% off 30x Bonus FlyBuys work? I understand you can use the points to get $10 intervals, but is that cash back into the account or can only be used to buy other things.

        • If scan your Flybuys or Everyday Rewards card and purchase an Apple gift card at Coles or Woolworths during one of those campaigns, you will get 30x Flybuys or Everyday Rewards points for every whole dollar you spend.

          2000 Flybuys points can be manually converted into $10 in Flybuys Dollars, and 2000 Everyday Rewards points can be automatically converted into $10 in Everyday Rewards Dollars.

          For example, if you purchase a $200 Apple gift card during one of these promotions, you will get 6000 Flybuys or Everyday Rewards points, which is equivalent to $30 in Flybuys or Everyday Rewards Dollars. You can only redeem this $30 in Flybuys or Everyday Rewards Dollars in future transactions.

          The whole "15%" thing happens when people divide the $30 in Flybuys or Everyday Rewards Dollars by the $200 spent on the Apple gift card, but I won't go into that out of fear of sparking another argument on OzBargain…

          However, if your preferred redemption method is Velocity or Qantas Frequent Flyer points, the whole 15% thing goes out the window.

          Does that make sense?

          • @WookieMonster: That makes so much sense and I appreciate you explaining this. Basically it's useless in some circumstances and you're quite restricted in the sense that you must only use the rewards points to purchase elsewhere. It's not liquid enough for me personally so i'll skip. Do you recommend any other method? I am looking to buy the MacBook Air M1 from the Education Apple Store it's $1294.70 at the moment, or do I just buy these 5% off ones.

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              @Tuttorix: HCF Thank You sells Apple gift cards at a 6% discount, but they also charge a 1% credit card fee. However, because of the way HCF Thank You calculates the purchase fee, it is actually $20 cheaper to purchase $1294.70 of Apple gift cards on HCF Thank You than Suncorp Benefits.

              If you don’t have access to HCF Thank You and don’t want to be stuck with nearly $200 in Everyday Rewards Dollars or Flybuys Dollars, the best approach is to purchase these gift cards on Suncorp Benefits and then use it on the Apple Education Store.

    • I'd only value them at most 10%, given you can get colesworth gift cards for up to 5%, and they're not in the correct currency. Regardless I bought a bunch and I dont even need to upgrade my phone anytime soon :S

      • Are you talking about the 30x rewards points? it's actually 14.25% discount.
        If you were to spend $1000 to get the 30x rewards you would receive $150 worth of rewards money. At a 5% discount, that would normally cost you $142.50.

    • Can i use these to buy iphone?

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        Yes, you can use Apple gift cards to purchase iPhones.

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    Costco used to have > 15% off iTune cards but seems no more Apple gift card in store
    Hope they will be selling them once again this year

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      That was before you could use them for physical goods.

      • -3

        This is the same with Coles / Woolworths
        When the new card just being introduced, no discount on getting these cards
        Then woolworths first introduce 30x rewards points
        followed by coles 30x flybuys

        When there are more places offering discount on the new card
        I don't see why Costco will not come back again with the new card

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    Sometimes it’s better to wait for sales elsewhere and get JB to price match and use the -5% JB Gcards. If you’re looking for a mac, it’s usually 10% off at JB every few months.

    Apple never price match so you’re stuck with the savings in the GC or using Edu pricing + GC.

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      Apple never price match

      Apple do price match, but only for over-the-phone sales on 133 622. Apple will also not discount above 10%. For example, if JB Hi-Fi were selling M1 MacBook Airs for a 12% discount, the largest discount Apple will offer over-the-phone is 10%.

      • +1

        They price match in stores too.

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          Ya second that. I did twice few years back. 10% at the most.

      • So if apple were to price match, you could then use gift cards to effectively recejve a discount vreatee thqn day the 10% of jb or similar

      • +1

        So buying from Apple Store with 10% off in store + 15% off gift cards from Colesworth will give me 23.5% off.
        Couldn't think of any better deal especially if you need M1 Mac.

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      I recently purchased an m1 mac mini from the AOC apple education store with 5% off cards and it actually worked out better than waiting for 10% off at jb with 5% gcs.

      • agreed. AOC store + discounted apple GC (eg. Coles / Woolworths 30x points) worked out to be over 15% off easily
        Besides, Jb Hi Fi 10% mac discount exclude any custom order (eg. upgrade on CPU / Ram / SSD)

        Given the new Macbook Pro (14/16) and the up coming Mac Mini Pro have many variety of CPU upgrade choice
        I would rather to get it from AOC store

        Currently using Mac Mini M1, I am waiting for the new Mac Mini Pro and will upgrade to the M1 Pro (10 CPU / 14 GPU Cores) model

        • I was hoping for a pro mac mini but since nothing was announced I caved and got the m1 model… At least I can sell my 2019 macbook pro for something before it’s value drops even more significantly in the meantime. These m1 mini’s will retain their value quite well I reckon.

        • You can stack ShopBack too

    • +2

      Well, if you are looking to buy a BTO Mac, JB HiFi sales won’t help you :(

    • No choice but to go with Apple direct for BTO unfortunately.

  • Do they have Amazon GCs?

    • +1

      Yeah, 3% off.

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    FYI it is also 5% off Apple Gift Cards via Reward Gateway everyday also…

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    Just be aware, you won't be able to purchase the apple care with the gift card.

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      I think you can pay for AppleCare+ monthly using Apple gift cards, but not AppleCare+ in full upfront.

      • No. I have been arguing with Apple for over two weeks on this issue.

        Nowadays, you won't even be able to choose the apple care plan when you make a new order, after they changed the policy(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656036)

        Cannot use a gift card or apple balance regardless you pay monthly or annually.

        • +1

          if you've chosen to pay for AppleCare+ monthly as opposed to an upfront payment then you CAN use your Apple Balance to pay for the monthly AppleCare+ plan. I'm doing this with 3 of my devices.

      • On your phone, when you click buying apple care, the only option is to pay by card, you cannot even see any other(apple balance etc.) options.

        • Like any other in-app purchase, your Apple Account Balance is used first, before falling back to your other payment method (Apple Pay, credit card, PayPal etc).

          This still works for monthly.

    • And… how that makes it a bad deal?

      • +1

        I think you could argue it is an issue with the product, since it is not very obvious that AppleCare+ cannot be paid for using Apple gift cards, unless you read multiple terms and conditions documents from Apple. (Issue With Product is a valid reason to downvote a deal.)

        The description on AAMI Lucky Club or Suncorp Benefits states:

        Use it for purchases at any Apple Store location, on the Apple Store app, apple.com, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple Fitness+, Apple One and other Apple properties in Australia only.

        From that, you would assume AppleCare+ is eligible, right? You can purchase AppleCare+ through the Apple support page on their website.

        However, if you look at the Apple gift card terms and conditions, clause 2 says the following:

        You can use your Gift Cards to purchase:

        • content, apps, and services (collectively, “Content”) from Apple Media Services and
        • items (“Products”) from Apple Retail Stores, Apple online stores, and the Apple Store App.

        AppleCare+ is arguably a service, but it is not from Apple Media Services (AMS). If you look at AMS’ terms and conditions, AppleCare+ is not mentioned anywhere. The AppleCare+ terms and conditions also don’t mention anything about AMS. Therefore, AppleCare+ is not Content.

        AppleCare+ cannot be sold in the Apple Retail Stores, Apple online stores, and the Apple Store App with devices. I mentioned before that you can purchase it from the Apple support website, but the support website is mysupport.apple.com, not apple.com. Also, AppleCare+ is not covered under the Sales Policies for the Apple Online Stores or the Apple Retail Store, as they are probably only considered to be the stores where you purchase MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, etc. Therefore, AppleCare+ is not Products either.

        However, Apple has conveniently left AppleCare+ out of Clause 3 of the gift card terms and conditions. I thought they at least would have updated their terms and conditions on October 5 to at least state that for avoidance of doubt, AppleCare+ cannot be paid for with Apple gift cards in Australia.

        • Honestly I don’t really care about downvote.

          There are something I would point out,

          1. Check the physical gift card, it says for allthings Apple.

          2. I got another iPhone 13 mini on 24 Sep, the order made on 17 Sep, I was able to choose the apple care plan along with the iPhone.

          3. I actually redeemed the credit before they changed the policy, so do you mean Apple can change their policy whatever they want without any notification?

          4. Just imagine I have thousand credits in my account, and Apple says, pay me more if you want apple care. That’s ridiculous.

          • @Ohz:

            Check the physical gift card, it says for allthings Apple.

            Yeah, that is quite deceptive.

            Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) coverage is provided by AIG Australia (not that you would ever know that), but AppleCare+ is much more than ADH (e.g. extended device coverage for repairs around the world, priority telephone service), and those services are provided by Apple!

            I actually redeemed the credit before they changed the policy, so do you mean Apple can change their policy whatever they want without any notification?


            I mean, Apple changed their gift card terms and conditions on 09 July 2021 without any warning, which allowed you to use iTunes gift cards for purchases of Products.

            Just imagine I have thousand credits in my account, and Apple says, pay me more if you want apple care. That’s ridiculous.

            Unfortunately that attitude from Apple doesn't really surprise me…

    • I was able to purchase Applecare upfront in store with a digital gift card, no issues.

      As others have mentioned you can also use it when part of the balance to pay monthly.

  • Where does it say 5% off for Suncorp rewards? There's no mention of 5% off anything anywhere I can see.

    • If you go to the gift card page on AAMI Lucky Club, it should be near the top in a box showcasing featured gift cards.

      • What is AAMI Lucky Club? The "Go to Deal" link just takes you to https://www.suncorpbankrewards.com.au. There is no 5% off anything mentioned.

        • You have to login to the Suncorp rewards portal to actually see all the gift card offers. (I can confirm it's there)

        • Ahhh sorry. I don’t have access to Suncorp Benefits. I only have access to AAMI Lucky Club (which should be identical to Suncorp Benefits, since AAMI is owned by Suncorp).

          • @WookieMonster: Ok. My Suncorp rewards (linked to credit card) must be different to the one you have. No 5% off for me.

            • @flared nostril: Yes there are two different rewards systems. One for credit cards where you spend points, and another that applies for all Suncorp brand customers which is what this deal is. It's a bit of a mess.

              The easiest way to get to the Suncorp Rewards is to download the Suncorp App, once you log in there is a rewards button at the bottom. I can see the 5% offer in there.

  • ATO bill comment…

    oh wait it's already been done

  • I am very new to this, Can anyone please let me know what the Union membership number and name is it asking when I am signing up. I have no idea, just on the verge of getting that 5% haha.

    (Talking about Union shopper link)

  • +3

    The easiest way to access Suncorp Rewards if you don't have a relationship with them is to open a transaction account and throw $1 in it. Can then use the mobile app to purchase discounted cards.

    • I thought that everyone else was already doing that? I mean why would anyone bank with Suncorp as a primary bank? :)

  • Anyone know if these gift cards work on apple epp page?

  • Looking at buying 6K worth to buy a new M1Max MBP using this deal but Suncorp App will only allow me to purchase 1K at most. Is that a transaction or daily limit?

    Looking for advice from someone who has done similar. Thx

    • Curious about this too, can you purchase let's say can you purchase x8 giftcards?

    • +1

      I believe that is a limit for each transaction. If there was a daily/monthly/yearly limit (much like the Coles digital gift cards), it should state it under the Details section. However, I don't know whether the operator of the gift card portal would freeze your account if it noticed you attempted multiple $1000 gift card purchases in a short period of time.

      I haven't purchased any Apple gift cards through Suncorp Benefits, so I don't know how it would work in your situation.

  • I got a gen 9 10.2-inch iPad Wi‑Fi 64GB for $445.55 using StudentEdge Apple Edu Store, then paying with Suncorp Gift Cards. 11% discount, still have to wait 5-6 weeks. Hopefully will arrive before Christmas.

    • Did you have to register with an edu email address to get the discount?

  • Yeah my StudentEdge account is linked to an edu email address.

  • Does anyone know if there is a purchase limit for each customer? I am looking at purchasing 8 gift cards in 8 separate transactions to use my coles mastercards and was wondering if anyone has done the same?

  • SunCorp Benefits Terms and Conditions You can purchase up to $1000 worth of gift cards Daily and a maximum of $5000 Weekly (Standard Purchase Limit). The Standard Purchase Limit applies to all purchases of gift cards available on this Site, unless otherwise specifically stated.

    You'd need to spread the gift card purchases over a couple of weeks, assuming you want to buy eight $1000 cards.

  • Does anyone know if I can use the recently purchased Coles Prepaid MasterCards to pay for the eGift Cards @ Suncorp Rewards? Or does it have to be paid by the Suncorp account?

  • I don't have access to this Suncorp Benefits, so how I can buy an discounted apple giftcard then

  • Issue with this is they only offer $20 / $50 / $100 denominations.
    So best you can buy is 8 x $100 vouchers and use them in one purchase.

    Maximum daily order $500 with a monthly maximum of $5,000. 1% surcharge applies to all credit card transactions (MasterCard and Visa)

    Lots of hoops to jump thru.

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