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Free 7 Days of AppleCare+ (Inc. 2 Accident Claims, Service Fee Applies) for All New Apple Hardware Purchases


As of Oct. 5, Australian customers purchasing iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV, AirPods, HomePod, iPod touch and other eligible Apple devices receive a seven-day complimentary AppleCare+ plan that affords all the trappings of a full subscription.

According to Apple's terms and conditions, the free AppleCare+ service covers two incidents of accidental damage within the seven-day period, with each claim subject to the usual service fees. Also included is express replacement service, priority access to telephone or web-based technical support and battery service.
via Apple Insider

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    • +66

      this is just plain uneducated. it's device insurance

      • -18

        Any insurer can better this, don't pay & cancel before 14 day cooling off period. 2x better than Apple Tax that you pay over the nose.

        • +1

          And yet you come in and make comments. If you dont like apple products scroll past.

        • +1

          You seem to appear in every Apple deal with your wonderful insight on how other options are so much better. Got a real big axe to grind there

    • +39

      Warranty’s don’t cover accidents. This does.

      Especially good if you are still waiting for your case delivery.

      • -11

        Any insurer, don't pay & cancel before 14 day cooling-off period. 2x better than Apple Tax

      • -1

        I’d agree if they weren’t charging so much on top of the initial fee to get the repair done .
        So in essence you’re paying for the repair anyway .

        • +1

          All insurance does that. Otherwise people would just claim for no reason other than to get a shiny new phone.

          A iPhone 13 Pro screen repair is $519 (third-party repairs are not possible). But with AppleCare+ this drops to $45.

          Putting aside the moral and legal issues with denying third-party repairs, this does seem like a good insurance scheme.

  • +40

    How is this a deal? It’s not going to change your purchasing decision. Are you some drop test YouTuber?

    • +8

      Exactly this

    • +2

      maybe because it's FREE? although for only a meh 7days?

      • +2

        Software updates are free. 9GAG memes are free. Spam emails are free.

        • yea but all you've mentioned are not from Tim Apple, and software updates are not free, it comes together purchase price of an iPhone or whatever phone. Try advertise "our phone does not come with any software update" and see how it goes. ;)

          • +2

            @0031nek: And this 7 days isn't included in the purchase price?

            • @NoGiveJustTake: You’d normally pay an amount of money (not sure how much) for a 365 days, and now you maybe getting 372 days? Or maybe in this case,(or your CASE haven’t arrived in the first 7 days) you don’t have to pay a cent? Idk, it’s Apple stuff ;)

              • @0031nek: You would still have to pay for repairs anyway. Might as well add free returns.

          • -1


            Try advertise "our phone does not come with any software update" and see how it goes. ;)

            Every cheap android handset

        • +1

          Software updates are free. 9GAG memes are free. Spam emails are free.

          If you normally pay for these things you've been doing it wrong

          • +1

            @MBix: Do you normally pay for 7 day device insurance?

            • @NoGiveJustTake: Well it sure as heck ain't normally free, even for 7 days is it?

    • +5

      It’s not a deal, more a PSA.

      From what I was told, the Aussie government have a requirement in effect from October 1st where optional insurances aren’t able to be sold with new items, but you can opt for it after the fact.

      So, no more ProductCare upselling to make average people feel pressured into purchasing to get basic rights already covered under ACL.

      AppleCare+ for 7 days is a nice gesture to get people over the line (especially with a slippery new phone), and should allow time to evaluate if they want to continue AppleCare coverage.

      • The new requirements are you have to wait 4+ days after purchase before you can buy an optional insurance plan, it is great for consumer customers who were getting tricked into dodgy insurances like ProductCare plans.

        Not so great for certain sectors like Education who know they genuinely going to need/buy the insurance based on their past experience/device repair histories & are now forced to deal with a lot of extra paperwork overhead because they've just been lumped in with consumer customers.

  • +18

    7 days! Wow Apple showing their generosity as usual. Do you need to provide credit card details and it auto-renews?

    • +4

      No. AppleCare+ coverage status will appear automatically in Settings > General > About

    • +18

      Yeah, 7 days is pretty useless, sadly they are also against the right to repair your own devices, which just turns this into another way to squeeze and extra few dollars from users

      • +2

        You’d be surprised how many people dropped their phones, iPads and MacBooks not long after they unboxed them. Personal experience too.

        • I dropped my 13 Pro Max when I picked up the box and the bottom half slid down and dropped with the phone in it.

          Luckily the box absorbed the shock and the phone was ok

          • -13

            @AliKay: What a pity that you didn't learn the lesson to not overpay for fashion items ;)

            • @taki: Robot… break… down…

              Did you forget to copy and paste: "bla bla bla before 14 day cooling-off period. 2x better than bla bla bla"?

        • Crazy idea! Build better boxes.

        • +1

          You’d be surprised how many people aren’t clumsy and didn’t drop their iPhone a few years after unboxing.

      • +2
    • +1

      This compares very unfavourably with their previous offering - 90 days complimentary AppleCare.

      • +3

        Applecare was only the support. This is the accidental protection, no?

        • Yes.

      • +7

        Regular AppleCare never made much sense in Australia, because it gave the same coverage as the Consumer Guarantees Act.

    • +1

      It seems like an obvious attempt to circumvent the new legislation. I expect the apple sales will talk this up as a defacto way of talking up apple care subs.

  • +13

    Free 7 days of AppleCare+ (inc. 2 complimentary accidents)

    One has to be real clumsy for 7 days or some underhanded acts…

    I can’t see the pragmatic nature of this. 🤔

    • +2

      I agree completely but you'd be surprised. Don't over estimate people's ability not to do things you wouldn't.

    • Very useful for plenty of groups during COVID restrictions where equipment is mailed.

      I've had MacBooks sent to me and things I've sent out that get damaged one way or another. This would be great peace of mind.

      • +4

        I've had MacBooks sent to me and things I've sent out that get damaged one way or another. This would be great peace of mind.

        That's what postage insurance is for, not accidental damage cover.

        • -1

          Yeah, sure, go ahead and pay $100 for Auspost insurance so you can deal with their insurance department for 3 weeks — having your staff wait things out with damaged equipment — as opposed to walking into Apple and getting your things fixed on the same day/hour.

          This place gets funnier by the day, I swear some of you are regulars on news.com.au Facebook posts, it's great 😂

          • @ausmechkeyboards:

            Yeah, sure, go ahead and pay $100 for Auspost insurance

            It would be the sender who pays the insurance

            as opposed to walking into Apple and getting your things fixed on the same day/hour.

            Because that's totally free and not subject to a service fee like the $100 postage insurance you are complaining about.

      • Apple care wouldn’t pay that because they aren’t covering auspost employees they are covering you .
        They will tell you to make auspost pay .

  • +5

    Perfect time to start a YouTube channel.

  • +11

    I'm sure this poor guy would of appreciated this deal.


    • +3

      Lol. Thought of this guy as soon as I saw this deal

      • +1

        Lol. Same here.

    • -5

      Or better if he didn't make silly choice ;)

      • +4

        Can you stop posting nonsense please?

    • would have appreciated*

  • +34

    Guy at Apple Store told me this was a workaround for some new law (but I suspect he meant policy) banning insurance sales at time of purchase from employees and for 4 days since purchase- and to get around that they offer 7 days of free care plus.

    Email from Apple after I bought an iPad

    You can say no to being sold insurance. It is not compulsory.
    Salespeople must wait 4 days before selling you insurance as an 'extra' to your main purchase.

    You can say 'no' to being contacted about AppleCare+ sold by Apple Pty Limited by clicking this link or via either of the contact details below.

    You can opt-out of being contacted about any insurance as an 'extra' to your main purchase by contacting Apple Pty Limited via the details below.
    If you are unsure, consider your situation and ask yourself:
    • Do I need and understand this insurance?

    Consider what the policy covers and what it excludes. You may already have other insurance or arrangements that will cover any potential loss or damage.
    • Could I get a better deal somewhere else?

    Consider if another insurance product or company can better meet your needs. You may be able to shop around for a better deal.

    For more information, visit https://Moneysmart.gov.au/add-on-insurance.
    Apple Pty Limited
    Call: (61) 1-300-321-456¹
    Accessibility and assistive technology: (61) 1-300-365-083¹
    ¹Local and national telephone rates apply.
    Write to: Apple Pty Limited
    PO Box A2629
    Sydney South NSW 1235

    AIG Australia Limited
    Call: (61) 1300 391 409 (only during business hours)
    Write to: AIG Australia Limited

    Level 13, 717 Bourke Street

    Docklands VIC 3008

    This Customer Information is provided as a requirement of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 to reduce the number of poor-quality insurance products being sold in Australia

    • +7

      Aah. Apple not being benevolent, then.

      • +13

        EDIT, seems like it is due to an Australian law.

        "From 5 October 2021, a salesperson must wait four days after your purchase before they sell you add-on insurance."


        I think this is a good change. I do see the merits in AppleCare but tired of salepeople asking 4 times if i want AppleCare or other insurance products.

        • +16

          Lol Gerry Harvey is going to be big mad.

        • Its a bit weird though isn't it? Some people genuinely would consider the insurance, but may forget. After 4 days, anyone who would have wanted it will probably have forgotten. Obviously I wouldn't wants someone 'selling it up' but at least mentioning it once would be a good reminder.

          • +7

            @ATangk: It's not weird at all. Walk into any of their retailers and they spend more time trying to force "product care" warranties on you than the actual product itself. Good riddance.

            • @zeggie: I was twice offered free 2 year product care when i bought stuff at HN. You should ask for complementary product care in the first place.

              • +2

                @Hargen: Nope, just means you didn't get a good enough discount. They included it just to meet targets most likely.

            • @zeggie: I cant say thats ever happened to me. The stores are usually too busy to do anything but just pull up sales and get to the next sale.

          • +1

            @ATangk: this way they can follow up on expired 7 days free applecare.

        • +1

          There goes JB Hi-Fi staff's bonuses, boop boop.

    • +1

      In that case it's a definite neg from me.

  • -1

    Your benevolence knows no bounds, Mr Apple.

    • -1

      Tim Apple?

    • +3

      Actually it does: 7 days

      • -5

        & then your financial balance takes the heat from the purchase of the overvalued iTem

        • +4

          You’re coming off real petty, mate. Fair enough if you don’t like Apple, but you seem vindictive. Show me where the Apple touched you.

          • +2

            @snagseb: In the pants area, on his wallet.

  • +1

    7 whole days?

    But it does seem perfect for those who are looking to make "drop test" videos on youtube

  • +1

    Out of the goodness of your trillion$ heart.

  • +1

    Woweee… a whole 7 days of cover. Apple is really upping it's game. Imagine all the devices i break in the first 7 days after purchase… Like almost all.

  • +3

    Time to start a "Will it blend?" Youtube channel and run through Apple's product lines….

    • Blend with what?

  • Would be interesting on how other company reaction to this i.e. Dell still let you buy extended warranty when ordering a new PC and HN still have the product care package at time of purchase. Does that count as add on insurance? I guess that is something for ACCC to work out.

    • Yep it does, anything that includes accidental damage protection will be counted as insurance and covered by this legislation

  • +4

    It was prompted by this legislation, and the Financial Services royal commission

  • I drop kick my phone at walls multiple times a year when I’m in a rage. Would this cover that damage?

    • +1

      Your anger issues, unfortunately not.

  • I’m just here for the Android comments

    • +6

      Just ignore them. They will be in green.

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