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BlackHawk Puppy Lamb And Rice 40kg $99.34 ($94.38 Auto Ship / $84.34 Amex Offer) + Delivery ($0 to Major Areas) @ Pet Circle


Suspect this might be price error. You can get extra $15 off if you have Pet Circle's Amex offer. Extra 5% off for auto-delivery.

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  • Perfect time to buy this year's Christmas puppy

  • Definately an error. Go luck to those who purchase.

  • Is this rice and lamb flavoured puppies to feed to your pet black hawk? Seems a bit brutal, even for animals.

  • +2

    I have an adult dog but purchased anyway

    • same, looks like slightly more protein but otherwise only difference is size of the pellets.

      • +1

        Puppy food is generally higher in fat, protein, and other vitamins/minerals than regular adult food which usually contains fillers so they stay full longer (puppies need the extra energy for growing).

        source: my research last time puppy food was on special :)

  • Shipping comes out to $48 for me, am I missing something?

    • It shows free shipping for me. I am based in metro Melbourne. Where are you based?

      • Ah, i'm in North QLD. Thats probs it. Thanks

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, snagged one. My dogs usually get fresh meat for dinner so I'll spread this out with the cheap food that keeps them going in the morning.

  • Surely this post should have been titled 'Black Hawk Down'?

  • That's more than one years worth of food for my dog.

  • Cheers op

  • Not a price error. Just got the order confirmation email. Awesome deal, OP. Thanks.

    • Hi kotobuki,

      Would you mind sharing your order number? I received an email saying my order was cancelled due to pricing error

      • D'oh. Got an email a few hours later saying price error.

  • Showing normal price >$200 for me now :(

  • They refunded me. Price error, not honoured

  • Their customer service sucks, this is the second time i've had to deal with Pet Circle over an issue with an order and both times they only offered to refund me.
    Would've expected a 10% off coupon at the very least as compensation, but refunding my money is not compensating for anything but their own stuff ups.

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