Piksters SupaGrip Advanced Flosser & Toothpick (30 Pack) $1.95 + Delivery @ Smooth Sales


Hi OzBargainers,

Don't let those teeth rot away this Halloween, invest in some high-quality toothpick flossers.

Piksters is an Australian company and their flossers, IMO, are best or equal best with plackers.

We're clearing out our remaining stock of around 200 units.

We have flat rate metro shipping of $7.95.

Happy Friday!

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  • $9.90 including delivery

    • I don't think you're supposed to buy just one pack..

  • or you can just go to Woolies - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/359883?goo...

    And get 36 for less.

    • -1

      Like comparing a Ferrari to Haval.
      Or Ozbargain to Top Bargains.

      • Ferrari? Haval? This is ozbargain

    • +1

      These ones are woolworths are amazingly well built. Buy a packet each and compare the quality. I've never had the floss snap.

  • Hopefully there is stock! All smiles is really good.

    Just bought health & wellness from chemist warehouse and they're junk! String gets loose and pointy bit digs into ur finger!

    I've actually checked my 4 local woolies and no stock, had to outsource from about 15km away, luckily I've got a meetup with them!!

  • +2

    Shipping kills the deal

  • I love this deal, and the whole website it rode in on!
    …Because I am a terrible OzBargainer, whom, when seeing "cheap(er) than normal cosmetics", gets too excited. >:(

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