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$14 Bonus Voucher for Answering a Survey @ Instarem


Check your email/app for $14 bonus by Instarem for a small survey.

Took me hardly one minute to complete it and it asked for email at the end for voucher to be sent by 15th November.

As always, Enjoy.

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  • The minimum send limit is fairly high but for those that send often it's well worth it..

    • What’s the min spend to get $14 off ?
      Would be good if we can stack it with insta points redemption

      • There is no minimum spend for $14 Survey, if you have recieved email.

        • +1

          Let's see when we receive voucher

        • minimum for the app is $200 last i used it.

          • @shadowangel: I think it was for getting the bonus on 1st transfer only. Not for every time you use it.

  • +1

    Anyone got their $14 bonus yet?

    • The voucher was like a credit for your next transfer, which I think is a $200 minimum, so transfer $200 (-$14[?]) is required to get it - some of which will go in fees.

      • Yes the voucher came in an email and was in my junk inbox. So all good now.

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