[Ex Demo] Up to 70% off Prams & Accessories: JIVE³ Stroller $599, METRO³ $499, SKIP² Stroller $299 + Delivery @ Redsbaby


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  • Trying to order the EX-DEMO Bassinet Stand. It won't calculate shipping so won't let me order.

    Any help?

    EDIT: Won't let me buy anything. Nothing generates shipping fee.

  • I'm so sorry, can you please try again? I've just made an update.

    • Ordered. Thanks.

      • Excellent, thank you for letting me know!

  • I can’t find any skip2 stroller on sale.

    • They're all sold out I'm afraid.

  • I ordered the Jive 3 pram with Bassinet. The product has gone from the page though, do you just remove items if they are out of stock?

    Or was putting that item up a mistake?

    • +1

      Once it's sold out the product is removed, if you've got an order confirmation we'll send your order out for you.

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