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Hitachi 58QLEDSM20 58" 4K Ultra HD Android QLED TV $588 C&C Only @ JB Hi-Fi

  • 58" Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel
  • Included Google Assist Voice remote control
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube & Google Store streaming apps

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    reviews dont seem good.

  • 65" $788

  • Seems alright with average of 4/5 star reviews.

    Same tv at The Good Guys on sale for $795

    • Love this review from: Karen

      Its a fabulous tv but once set up it had a fine purple line at the bottom of screen but couldnt return as ripped open the box.

      Yeah doesn't matter if the box is ripped or gone it's faulty and should be replaced 🤣

  • Not bad for a basic smart TV

  • +4

    Didnt know hitachi made TVs.. I thought they only made.. other electronic.. devices

    • Previous comments indicate it is the same as EKO QLED series. BTW, I have this one at home, bought in July (for even lower price). It is labeled "made in China" at the back, probably made by TCL, Hisense or other Chinese TV makers, obviously not by a Turkish company as someone mentioned.

      • +1

        It would be good if it was TCL or Hisense. But unfortunately it is a Turkish company. They probably just do some design and "engineering" in house and then subcontract out the manufacturing. They wouldn't have anywhere near the manufacturing capability of TCL or the vertical integration.

        • +1

          I did some research but the label format tells me it is not the usual style of that Turkish Co. Besides EKO TV, Sharp TV has also very close if not the same UI from some YouTube reviews. The main downside I found is the picture setting can not be adjusted while watching a video.

          I think more people bought the 75" one for $945 or $796 (limited stock) later in July.

          • @Neoika: Did the TV unit receive any Android updates?

            • @koolchamp81: I think no. It is common with all 3rd party manufactured devices.

              • @Neoika: Thanks for the reply. Is it running Google TV or just an old Android TV ? EKO TVs received Android update , assuming same softwares . Hitachi is bigger brand as compared to EKo , should have provided some update. However not much an issue if you we Google Chromecast.

                • @koolchamp81: I just did system update today after notification. So it does have, but I think the Android ver may be stuck at 9. As I have 3 TVs, I do not keep track of update for each one well.

              • @Neoika: Is this model a frameless one like EKO Qled version ? EKO Qled has a very small thin frame which makes it look like a frameless.

                • @koolchamp81: There is a review by TGG on the YouTube that you can find easily. I dont think there are people have both TVs at home to compare.

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      Are you a wizard?

      • Yes, do you want to see my wand?

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    I believe these are Konka TV's that are rebadged. Also possibly identical to the BigW Eko tv's

    • Very likely, the brand is distributed by TEMPO here in aus.

      • So a Bauhn, Lindsar (which is Tempo)

  • So much for HITACHI being a quality Japanese brand. Flogged off the name to a licensee based in China or Turkey? The sun has set on the land of the rising sun manufacturing

    • It depends. Hitachi Japan are still the only company/factory who make Plasma displays.

      • Make plasma displays in 2021 ??

        • Yep, they're the only ones who do.
          When international travel opens up, its a decent factory tour.

      • I bought a Hitachi Plasma TV must be at least 15+ years ago. It was great. Had a powered base so you could change the angle of the TV with the remote. Also you could have 3 separate small screens on the left hand of the the main screen to watch other channels. Though these were static images updated every 10 or so seconds.

        Only gave it to a friend because I wanted a larger TV.

  • +2

    I saw this TV in store , looked washed out sitting next to other TVs

    • -1

      I can imagine that the sale commission for the price is very low now as it was listed for $995. An instore salesperson would much prefer a customer to buy a Samsung, LG, etc. with high commission. Some people even said it was switched off instore in the previous deal post.

      • Yeah that's a high probability too

      • Even lower model Samsung's and LG's also have very low commissions

        • -1

          The sales goons tinker with the dials to make it look washed out

          • +1

            @hardya: They usually just set them all to dynamic. Which makes the bad ones worse..

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