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Dell G15 5515 with Ryzen 5 5600H, RTX 3050, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM $999 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 8GB 256GB RTX 3050
Same price with last month sale.

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  • +13

    Real shame the 3050 performs worse than a 1660ti
    Still a 30xx series graphics card for under $1000 isnt too shabby

    • +6

      Right up until you crank DLSS.

      Problem with this deal is the LCD panel: it's very bad.

      • +2

        *As long as your game runs DLSS

        • *As long as your game engine runs DLSS, and lots of them do now.

          Maybe I buried the lead for you a bit with the screen being the real issue in this deal.

          • +3

            @jasswolf: (it's lede,FWIW)

            • +2

              @hughc: Normally I would roll my eyes at people correcting others for their spelling or grammar but in this case, I’m just glad I learned something new and surprising today. :-D

            • +5

              @hughc: Not necessarily. "Lead" is perfectly acceptable and is usually the preferred spelling in Australia. "Lede" is more of an American thing.

      • VA 1080P 144Hz… it could be worse.. could be TN panel… whats wrong with this screen?

          • @jasswolf: Where are you seeing ips… the specs list:

            15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 120Hz 250 nits WVA Anti- Glare LED Backlit Narrow Border Display

            • +1

              @vid_ghost: Figured you'd ask that, got ahead of your response.

              You can't trust any budget gaming laptop not to have these crap-tastic screens now. Just the nature of how they're doing business to sell units.

              • +5

                @jasswolf: Most of our office work laptops arnt even 1080p and spme are even TN.. all are only 60hz… i dont understand why people are calling these screens on this laptop and also the 144hz IPS on the other ACER 3060 deal crap…

                I have a CX LG 65" OLED.. so i know what the best looks like and these screens are mid range at worst… there is so much worse.

          • @jasswolf: What kind of screen specs should someone be looking at before choosing a laptop? Size, response time etc?
            What would be acceptable / unacceptable

            • @Blitzfx: Compare with Dell XPS screens, and that's your answer.

        • +9

          All this talk about brightness all the time, I don't know where people want to use the laptop - in direct sunlight or with a spotlight on it? I am usually turning the brightness down not up.

          And I haven't had any dramas with the colour gamut. I've got a proper screen to plug into if needs be but it's never been an issue for me.

      • +1

        you cannot easily swap screens on laptops/
        youre stuck with what youve got.
        Ive bought too many laptops with sh*t screens.
        The screen is the first thing i look at when getting a laptop.

        • 100% SRGB isn't a top priority on a 15-inch laptop environment, just connect to a 32inch monitor if you need 100% SRGB for work.

        • No, it's not.

          Have you ever used a TN panel on a $99 Chromebook or a GAEMS M155?

          Funnily enough, Dell laptop screens are some of the most easily replaceable.

  • +2

    Not bhed, good proice

    • +1

      more like dealsForHalfLife, eh?

  • +19

    for $200 extra get a proper Rtx 3060 here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657765

    • +18

      Im inclined to disagree. Its true the 3050 is a huge step down from the 3060, but at the same time the 10300h is a huge step down from the 5600h.

      One is a 6c12t latested zen3 improved 7nm chip that is a 5800h without 2 extra cores, the other is an old 4c8t 14mm that is a rebadged god-knows-which year's intel chip.

      Sure, if gaming-and especially triple A titles and graphic damanding games are your thing. the 200 buck is well worth it.

      But to everyone else? Those who just wanted a csgo/valorant machine? This thing will only pump out more frames than the 3060 at $200 dollars cheaper. And to anyone that needed a cheap laptop but can handle moderate to heavy CPU workloads- 5600h for 999$? This is a goddamn steal. You would only find 4core intel 10200/300/400h gaming laptops at this price range and they work much much slower than a 5600h even though typical gaming benchmarks wouldnt be able to show the difference

      • +9

        um, this is a gaming laptop, right? people game on it

        I think graphics is more important than CPU. as an owner of said Nitro 5, 4C/8T CPU is more than enough to feed 95w 3060 in triple A

        if you just want a CPU heavy laptop, um, this is a weird choice (both Dell and said Nitro 5)

        • +5

          um, this is a gaming laptop, right? people game on it

          There is quite literally nothing stopping a 'gaming' laptop to act in a professional/workstation capacity. Sure, the style neither speaks business nor professional. But one will also be paying a lot of premium for a professional 'workstation laptop' 'creator laptop' or any other gimmicky name manufacturers like to throw on.

          4C/8T CPU is more than enough to feed 95w 3060 in triple A

          I did not refute your statement, in fact, I think i already made it quite clear in my original reply that the 10300h/3060 combo is better for most games and especially triple A titles

          if you just want a CPU heavy laptop, um, this is a weird choice (both Dell and said Nitro 5)

          I failed to see how is this a weird choice. The 5600h is definitely very capable in a workstation capacity, especially considering the price. Nothing at this price range, or even if a bit more expensive, can compete with it. GPU is not the only thing that matters for workstation/professional use mind you. There is a lot of tasks that is only CPU bound. For comparison, this is the cheapest brand new parts i can found on PCpartpicker with near equiv parts (3600 instead of 5600h, 1650 instead of 3050m) and it costs 1k without either a monitor or keyboard, or a case for that matter.

          • +2

            @Brrrrt: Brrrrt you see know quite a bit about laptops. I'm looking for a laptop that is under $2000. I am not a heavy gamer, but do enjoy playing games here and there. I also want something that looks more like a business laptop, but am ok getting a gaming laptop, but i travel a bit and might be too bluky. I have never gone to the $2000 range and my current laptop is only a Lenovo E585 (AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.00 GHz and 8 Gb ram) so I am sure anything in the $2000 range will be a big step up. I dont do anything super process heavy. And only use it for web browsing, medium level gaming, word. I always game on my external monitor so laptop screen is not that big a deal for me. I have been looking at the Lenovo X1 extreme, Thinkbook 16P on ozbargain at the moment with studentbeans and Dell Inspiron 16 Plus Laptop. Most seem like they would be overkill for my needs, but im sick of getting $1200 laptop that end up slow, so want to upgrade and get something in the 2K range, with a dedicated graphics card. Any advice on that?

            • +1

              @mram2023: dedicated GPUs eat battery life. my previous gaming laptop lasted an hour of online gaming on battery. it also overheated frequently. personally id avoid dell. have you looked at the metabox range?

              • @belongsinforums: Do dedicated GPUs eat battery life when not being pushed? i.e. just general browsing and office work, would the battery last any longer than when gaming?

                • @RangaWal: No, not so much

                  • @belongsinforums: Thanks - probably not ideal to give my son a gaming laptop for school (the temptation of distraction would be high!), but I imagine that so long as he's not gaming at school the battery would hang in there?

                    • +1

                      @RangaWal: i wouldnt get a laptop with a dedicated gpu for school work. definitely look for something with long battery life that is backup up by reviews. apple devices have unparalleled battery life and they're also shit for gaming, which might be what you're looking for

              • @belongsinforums: Thanks for that. This one looks kinda nice. Will look into it.

                • +1

                  @mram2023: Loved my old metabox. In the end, the screen hinge broke. I used the shit out of it and carried it in a backpack most days to uni. Their screens are excellent. They're also fairly upgradable if you're inclined to add components

              • @belongsinforums: I have a Metabox Alpha X with a gtx1660ti that does me ok for doing MSFS2020 connected to a Dell 34" display bought when viewing a Ozbargain deal on Dell monitors by dealbot.

                These Metabox suits my needs although the keyboards in these Alpha series are only single zoned but I use an external cordless backlit logitech anyhow so no big deal. :)

            • +1

              @mram2023: also, laptops, and computers in general, do slow down fairly quickly over time. expect a good 2-3 years out of your new laptop. any more is a bonus

            • @mram2023: if you want a professional-ish laptop that also have a dedicated gpu for games. I would recommend the razer blade 14’ or asus g14/ x13 flow. However none of them are on sale right now and without a sale they cost quite a bit over 2k.

              Right now, your best choice is the lenovo ideapad gaming 3 its definitely a bit heavier and thicker than the inspiration 16 you are looking but for a 15’ gaming laptop it’s definitely looking business esque and only costs 1.7k right now.

              • @Brrrrt: Cheers. Thanks for that. Will look into it

              • @Brrrrt: Cheers Brrrrt, ended up going with the Ideapad gaming 3. Seemed like a great price for both GPU and CPU, and fits my needs. Will be a good step up from the E585. If I am gaming on this laptop, is it worth putting it on a cooling pad to improve performance?

                • +1

                  @mram2023: this suggests so, and more so for laptops that thermal throttle under load. Also much of the benefit of a cooling pad appears to be achieved by just lifting the laptop off the bench to achieve airflow underneath, although the cooling pads were a bit better than the stand in the tests.

          • @Brrrrt: If you are not after gaming laptop, i recommend the Apple M1 Air. It's great value.
            Gaming on a tight budget I recommend Nitro 5 3060 or legion 5 pro 3070 if you want to spend alot more

          • +2

            @Brrrrt: um, general knowledge aside, this is gaming laptop and people buy it for gaming

            once again, GPU is more important, hence it's a very valid suggestion to consider Nitro 5 as 3060 is more future proof in that department

            yeah 5600H is very capable, and? will this make me happier somehow if all I want is to game on this machine lol

      • +1

        You can mine ETH on 3060 for a few months then it's price matched with 3050,

        • +3

          Mining can cover the costs somewhat, but I do not think this is a solid reason for making one more a bargain over the matter, between the technical knowledge some people just do not have, the constant noise and the danger of parts going fried, especially in a cheaper laptop with lesser cooling capabilities.

          Most people do not mine on their laptops, otherwise we would see a hell lot of mining related questions on gaming laptop deals. I dont think that is the case, do you?

          • +1

            @Brrrrt: Anything with a 3060 in it always has questions about mining
            You don't see them on lower specced gpus like this.

          • @Brrrrt: There are hell lots of laptop mining discussions (on internet) because most laptop GPU are NON LHR.

            Lots of good priced 3070 laptop got OOS and price jacked.

            Nobody talks mining on sub-3060 system (like this DELL) though. So I am out of topic and you can keep blinding this, agree.

            But for most other gaming laptop gamers it's the valid point to consider, if they opt for 3050 only for a small fraction of price.

            • @hackups: Will mining die out soon?
              “stake” will take over mining next year??

              In interested in mingling, but no point started if it will get phased out soon.

              • @congo: ETH mining is coming to an end mid next year in my ameuteur forecast (though GPU mining for other coins will still be feasible), so its not realistic to expect you can recovery the full price of a laptop in less then 1yr.

                But for casual miner like me, I am more than happy to take this last dance, earn a few hundreds and treat it as half price discount.

                It never happens before in history that you can recover $ laptop price by simply turning it on.

                • @hackups: Are you going to look into Staking?

                  Where is a good place to start mining EFT? Do you have some links?

                  Thanks !!

                  • @congo: Youtube is the best

                    I am amazed how easy to get started

                    • +1

                      @hackups: Thanks. Did you have some recommend YouTube channels to watch to get started?

        • my friend just bought that cheap ACER 3060 laptop and he did a test run and said it's not good for mining because of the heat it generates, once the temperature reached a certain level the GPU will slow down significantly, you may need to spend extra electricity to get an external fan to constantly cool it off.

          I wouldn't count on playing games on it if GPU turns down significantly with high temperature, just buy a desktop.

          • @eguan88: In most models I saw, the 3060 GPU better not be mined at max Watt. Lower its watt can achieve better thermal, higher RAM clock and overall safer and better efficiency.

            BTW, I saw some Youtubers just mine in the laptop standard sitting position. Instead you should put it upside down or in a vertical. It lowers a few degree C.

          • @eguan88: My personal exp
            90w - 42MH/s temp hitting 70 C crazy fan noise
            55w - 39MH/s temp just 5x C silent fan

      • +1

        eth gives ~$3 when mining. Eth only goes to POS half year later, which will gives you ~$1000 income. while 3050 laptop gives you zero

        • +1

          How much will it cost you to mine $3 per day?
          How much profit do you make out of the $1000 per year? Or do you mean $1000 per year is profit (after electricity cost)?

        • does that mean you cannot mine on a 3050?

        • Acer Nitro 5 with 3060 GPU would probably run for OK like 30 min and the temperature gets high and system turn down the performance, lol, so unless you're going to turn on air-con or fan 24/7 then, you won't get $3 per day.

      • +4

        I grabbed this deal:


        Best of both comments… 5600h and 3060.

        Use it full time for work and some medium gaming.

        • This price was great. A Victus price for an Omen. Never seen anything close again on Omen 3060.

        • Very nice. Will look out for a similar deal with the same spec during Black Friday/ tech Monday sales next month.

  • +3

    If your budget is absolutely $1000, this is really good. Mostly 1650s for under $1000.

    • +1

      I bought one with 3050ti on Dell education store for $1500 a week ago.

    • $1599, it shows price after delivery date section, or you just do math, 20% off.

      • Sorry i meant if anyone had feedback about the specs not the price.

  • Good deal laptop

  • -1

    Only thing I'm concerned about is the screen flickering.
    Apparently the panel shows some PWM flickering at 200hz (low) under 99% brightness setting (occurs most of the time).

    Are most laptops like this?

    • +1

      200Hz? How can you possibly "need" that on a laptop at this price?

      • I haven't had any issues with the screen. Haven't seen any flickering.

      • -1

        200hz is in relation to the speed of back light of the screen flickering on and off in order to dim and set brightness of the screen. 200hz is considered low because those who have sensitive eyes can notice the screen flickering. This is not about refresh rate but the speed at which the screen back light flickers.

        Learnt something new today.

      • https://www.reddit.com/r/laptops/comments/7cpme3/what_is_pwm...

        Read first comment on this thread if anyone wants more information regarding PWM flicker issue which this laptop has.
        It might be a bit technical but it's better to be informed than misinformed.
        Hope it's helpful to someone!

    • +1

      no, a good screen will have no flicker

      I am sensitive to it, so I pay attention to this

      Acer Nitro 5 I have (mentioned above) doesn't have pwm

  • +8

    I think this was $899 in July


    • I would have bought one if I didn't see your post.

    • it ran out really quick

  • Is this dual gpu? On board amd card also? Or just directly to 3050 everything

    • Yes, it has onboard graphics too. And a mux switch in the BIOS to enable or disable using onboard graphics. Enabling onboard graphics improves battery life while not gaming, but you lose a couple fps in game. Pretty easy to switch it on and off, though does require a reboot.

  • Nitro 3060 is eons better value. also has capability to recover cost via mining whereas this can't.

    • +2

      Eh, this was better for me. I wanted the strong CPU, with a GPU for the kids for occasional games

  • +4

    I know it's getting a lot of negative reviews, but I bought this during the eBay sale for I think a tiny bit more than this price, and I love this laptop! I'm not a heavy gamer, but it's been great for everything I've thrown at it except VR (which is fine cause my budget didn't expect VR compatibility…), boots super quickly, use it for Plex, and have yet to have any crashes or anything like that.
    The one thing I guess I don't like is that you can turn on Alienware High Performance Mode to maximize game/app performance, but all it seems to do is make sure everything is running at full blast, including the fans, so it gets super loud and I assume that can't be good for the laptop if using it for long gaming sessions…?

    Anyway, just my two cents. Love the laptop. Hate where the touchpad is so use a mouse.

    • Ryzen runs pretty damn hot during gaming, the profile sets fans to aggressive.

  • Passable deal for those who need more CPU performance and are willing to sacrifice half of their USB 3 ports over the $1200 Acer Nitro 5 RTX 3060.

    Although $999-$1039 feels like the defacto price for this G15 now, it is constantly on sale between this range with one exception in July at $899. At $899 it's far more competitive with the Acer.

  • +1

    i have got this about 2 months ago, with 900 bucks. its not too bad laptop.
    my kids play minecraft. and Raytracing. kids love it.

    with RTX game, you can get 30fps. no rtx games get 60fps with ultra setting or high setting.

  • IMO the perfect laptop for video editing and some gaming for budget, you just need to add about 8-16GB ram to it.

  • +5

    Even at 170 upvotes, the deal is underrated. You can't get any desktop anywhere near this good for $999. Just hook up a monitor, your favourite membrane keyboard and ball mouse, you're set!

    And speakers.

    • why would you hook up a monitor that can only run 60hz off of hdmi?

      • +1

        You can hook up a monitor that can run more than 60hz off HDMI.

  • The screen isn't optimal but at under 1k price - this deal is decent.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/laptops/comments/7cpme3/what_is_pwm...

    Read first comment on this thread if anyone wants more information regarding PWM flicker issue which this laptop has.
    It might be a bit technical but it's better to be informed than misinformed.
    Hope it's helpful to someone!

  • In case anyone is wondering, it's back in stock again.

    Just bought one.

    Beware of the long delivery times

  • Did anyone get theirs shipped yet?

    Website says it's in stock for delivery

    • mine arrived today.

      I had contacted dell via ebay to ask to cancel and then they processed it immediately and it arrived the next day.

      Seems like you just need to threaten to cancel and they'll ship it immediately.

      this is my first 'gaming' laptop in over a decade. It's ok i guess for the price, but looks extremely cheap and tacky. Haven't managed to play any games on it yet - they are all still downloading.

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