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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5-10300H/8GB/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB Laptop - $1,198 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Laptop with RTX3060 below $1,200 is a bargain!

The last cheapest one in the last few months was $1,149 (refurbished - not exactly an apple to apple comparison with this new one) at Acer refurbished site.

EDIT: Dont forget to claim the Marvel Guardian of Galaxy Digital Code from Acer

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Is the RAM upgradeable or soldered in? Anyone know?

    • +9

      Upgradeable. 2 slots. 3200mhz. DDR4. Sodimm.

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        From the specs, it looks like it comes with a single 8GB SODIMM module.
        Just add another 8GB stick for a cheap upgrade to 16GB in dual-channel

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    ooofff seems like a nice price.

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      I scored one for that or less, I think - Harvey Norman special a few months ago. My own memory needs another 8gb or so to cope with the fallout and stress of 2020…

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    CPU is probably the big bottleneck here.

    • +37

      actually, 10300H is perfect for this combo

      This model has 3060 at 95W TGP.

      If you compare gaming performance of 6-core CPU paired with an 80W 3060 and this 4-core CPU paired with 95W 3060, it still outperforms 6-core 80W combination. so 10300H is powerful enough to feed 3060 in 95W config

      I have been watching resource consumption during gaming and I haven't seen CPU bottlenecked yet

      • +6

        solid breakdown thanks

        • +2

          yeah. if you intend to do number crunching or video editing, you'd want a 6- or 8-core system instead (and a better screen perhaps)

          if gaming is what you're after, 10300H is more than enough

          • @shabaka: Yeah agreed, but you need to upgrade the BIOS of this laptop, by default it comes with 85W

            • @AdiOZ: yes, mine came with 80w even though I bought it end of Aug

              • @shabaka: Yeah, I hope you've got 95W now, it made quite a difference for me. Anyway, on another note, I'm actually confused about which gaming monitor should I buy for this model? Same resolution or can I go higher? Usually, people suggest if the screen res is 1080P then you should buy the same res monitor. What do you say

                • +3

                  @AdiOZ: reviews say it's good for 1440p gaming, and due to the lack of MUX this laptop will output better fps via HDMI, so I would say it's safe to try 1440p external monitors

                  as for 95W I can confirm (by looking at numbers in HWinfo) that 3060 does indeed pull a bit over 95W in peak usage on my machine (playing Control for example, Ray Tracing on)

                  normally though I play Control with RT off (DX11) for smoother FPS. I can't say RT is a huge wow factor for me. looks cool and all but who cares?

                  • @shabaka: Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah btw I’m currently using a Lenovo workstation monitor which is 1440p indeed and it works great. Only downside is that it’s 60hz which limits the fps to 60. I love the performance of 3060

            • @AdiOZ: How does one go about updating the BIOS of this laptop so it's 95W instead of 85W?

              • +3

                @Lionheart: It's actually pretty easy. Takes less than 10 mins
                Here's an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBR5VEdS4xc&ab_channel=NeelR...

                • @AdiOZ: Thanks so much! He is sooooo hard to understand though

                  • +1

                    @Lionheart: Yeah, I agree, search for something similar on youtube and there'll be tons of videos. Once you're done you'll see a difference of around 20% in performance, goes up to 100W occasionally

                    • @AdiOZ: Okay thanks, that video would have been perfect had it been in English…oh well, I think I can follow the steps anyway, cheers mate

            • @AdiOZ: Hi,
              may i know which file you need to update, the file online it's not the same as in the video .

              Please point me to the right file.

              • +4

                @CDG: First, download and install "1. Improve for GPU protection." to get Bios to v2.06.

                Then, download and install "Update Nvidia discrete VGA VBIOS and improve performance." (v101a). Follow the PDF instruction in that and you'll be fine. I didn't download or install the other files on the website.

                • @ravonda: THANKS A LOTTTTT!!!!! ALL DONE!!

                  Any other files need to be updated??

          • @shabaka: Hey mate how do you think it will perform for rendering for architectural jobs, looking to buy one for my sis.

    • +1

      twisti speaks the truth, whilst the performance run-down from shabaka is nicely written up, I bought one of these laptops and the CPU struggles hard.

      I run games with only Discord and the game running simultaneously (all other applications closed) and the CPU will be at 100%. One game example is New World, it fluctuates between 85%-95% CPU usage.

      I wish I spent the extra $400 for the upgraded CPU (that deal is of course finished now though).

  • +22

    OK that's the same model I got from Acer refurbished for $1149 a few weeks ago. this is the next best price!

    I like mine a lot:
    - 3 storage slots (2x NVMe 2280 slots and a 2.5" SATA), I run 2x 1Tb SSD in there and a 2Tb 2.5" SATA spinning drive for archive
    - 2 RAM slots (buy DDR4-3200 memory) I have 8 + 16 in there dual channel (CPU can only run DDR4 at 2933)
    - 4-zone RGB keyboard is very much usable
    - rather solid build considering it's all plastic
    - good 144Hz panel although it won't set records for color space coverage or brightness
    - Ethernet on board, AX WI-FI, 3 USB 3 ports and 1 USB-C

    No complaints, gaming is superb

    • The $1,149 that I quoted above was actually from your comments.

      Thanks to your comments on many other acer posts shabaka, I thankfully waited this out. Otherwise would have grabbed 3060 for $1399 refurbished at Acer back then.

      Where did you get your extra RAM? Does it matter mixing a different brand as long as the technical spec is the same? I am thinking to just add 8GB stick instead of 16GB.

      • +8


        this is the one I got, SODIMM DDR4-3200. looking at HWInfo, timings match the plank that came with the unit. I got 16GB one (spent my $100 eBay+ voucher on it), but I am sure 8GB will also be plenty. I haven't seen usage go past 16GB yet

        yay congrats for getting a solid price on this at last!

        • Hey man might be a silly question: How did you get your RAM into your laptop? Did you DIY or did you bring it to an authorised service centre?

          Just got a unit based on you guys' recommendations, will be picking it up soon. Thanks for the rec!

          • +4

            @Pusheencat: you can DIY it, it's very simple, there are even videos on YouTube

            shut down your machine completely
            remove the screws on the bottom, and gently pry the bottom cover off, starting from the back. use old credit card to help ya
            once bottom cover is removed, you will see all the available slots:
            - 2 RAM slots (one occupied already)
            - 2 M.2 slots (one occupied)
            - 2.5 SATA

            just put the DDR4-3200 plank into the empty RAM slot, close the lid, put the screws back, and you're good

            first start up after this might take a minute or 2 as BIOS is configuring the RAM

            • +1

              @shabaka: Hi, does it void the warranty by opening up the cover myself? cheers

              • +3

                @ravonda: it won't, just be careful not to break the cover and watch enough videos to know what to do

            • +2

              @shabaka: @shabaka

              RAM advice + about not violating the warranty. You're great. Thanks!

            • +1

              @shabaka: Also don't forget to unplug power from the laptop and disconnect your battery before opening up your laptop. Very important step, don't want to short anything while you're opening it up.

              Probably included in the 'shut down your machine completely' step.

              Otherwise good list.

        • Does the CL class matter? I'm looking at the crucial 8gb DDR4 Sodimm 3200 CL22…


          • @Vampyr: I don't know to be honest, why not just purchase the model I got?

            timings match with the 8GB that the unit comes with, which is most important

            RAM will run at the frequency where timings match, I had once a DDR4-2666 laptop, and stick of RAM that had different timings for 2666 from the one that came with the unit, and it ended up running at DDR4-2400 instead, which was a bummer

        • Does the BIOS support XMP profiles?

      • It comes with Kingston ddr 4 8gb sodium. I used a crucial ddr 4 8gb sodium and they work just fine together.

        • +9

          That's a lot of salt!

    • Novice question here. Did you replace the original RAM with a different kind of RAM to increase performance?

      • no, original RAM is fine
        added another plank of RAM to make it dual channel (mich faster)

        • What is it's maximum supported RAM (32Gb?)

    • That is so useful to know. NVME takes up so little space now, that having multiple drives seems a no brainer. But the specs still don't cover that. I will only ever buy laptops with at least 3 storage device spots. Used only to be able to do that with the Clevo ones.

      • +1

        yeah I upgraded to this from a Metabox that had same storage slots, so it was a 1 to 1 uphrade in terms of storage

        1660ti in the old Metabox. I could by all means just keep it, it was solid in 1080p, but the damn thing was 17 inch and I have always been thinking I would like something more portable. oh well, I got great mileage out of it

        • I am 2 and a half years into my P750TM with an RTX2080, so I've still got a couple years left. But this is really handy to know for next time… $1200 is a little lighter all around than the $4k+ that this beauty set me back.

          • @casey2: come to think of it, the Dell Inspiron 7000 I had before that also had 3 slots, not out of the box though, I had to buy a sata cable for the 2.5. also had to shrink the battery from 97 to 68wh

            but yes it's silly how much we can stuff into our laptops these days and still keep it portable

            2080 nice! steep price tag tho haha

  • +2

    Returned this model with the i7 awhile ago due to how horrendous the screen is.

    If you're a serious gamer I'd look elsewhere unless you have a good external monitor ready to go which would be advised anyway for a performance boost

    • What's wrong with it? Colours, brightness, response time?

      • +6

        It's fine for a $1100 laptop.

      • +2

        63% sRGB
        17ms response time
        Apart from looking horrendous, it's unsuitable for any fast paced gaming. External monitor is a must.

        • Yeah that's not great, though I doubt you'll find anything similar spec'd close to this price so either you need to put down more (either with an external monitor or towards a better laptop) or else be happy with the compromise

        • Can it play Fortnite reasonably?

      • Nothing. I own the same laptop and can confirm the screen is fine.

        Its a solid laptop.

        Only complaint is the keyboard isn't very sensitive to keystrokes.

  • +8

    Do I need this? No. Do I want it? Yes

    • +3

      Did you get this?

      • +6

        Almost did but my credit card said no

  • +5

    Possibly the best value for money gaming PC at the moment (including desktops)

  • +1

    Surprised there are no Hardly Normal hate comments yet.

    • +5

      It will come sooner or later.

    • +2

      I think that goes without saying that NH posts are here to price match more than anything.

      • Who are they price matching?

        • in this case I don't think anyone else has this model, though

  • +1


    Review of this exact model (although I am not sure if it was done before or after TGP got bumped up from 80 to 95W via BIOS and video firmware update)

  • Does this usb-c charge the laptop and output video at the same time?

    • Most gaming laptops don't allow charging through USB-C.

      • +1

        Bummer thank you

      • My Legion Y530 has a USB-C port and it charges my phone.

        • You can charge external devices with USB-C port (power out) but baller was asking if you could charge the laptop through it (power in)
          I've only seen it on some (pricey) gaming ultrabooks and even then you wouldn't game with it powered like that, it's just for topping up the battery

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Ah right. I just re-read his comment.

          • @FireRunner: The Asus G14 does it fine and isn't "pricey" compared to pretty much any other ultrabook. As pancaku says below though it's too slow to actually keep up with the power draw when gaming, but it does slow the battery drain if you don't want to take a full size charger with you.

      • +1

        It would hardly make a difference if it did.

        The charging from USB-C and/or powerbanks is too slow to keep up with the gaming laptops battery usage anyway.

        The reason why gaming laptops battery suck is because it uses HEAPS of power, not because the battery is small.

        My M1 Air has a ~50Wh battery but lasts 10 hours, while my 45Wh gaming laptop lasted <2hr.

    • +1

      I don't think there's USB-C charging here

    • No and no.

      Asking for DP output over usb type C and PD, at this price point, with this kind of specs?

      • My monitor does usb c pd and dp so I want I nice clean setup with only 1 cable coming out my laptop.

        • You can grab a usb c dp to hdmi cable for the cheap. Nothing can be done about the power cable though.

  • +3

    Almost bought this just over a week ago from Harvey Norman on special for $1398 but left it too long and it went back to $1598, at this price I'm in, grabbed a couple saving me an extra $400 in total, enough for a good RGB kb and mouse. Thanks for posting mate.

  • school will be back soon, pulled the trigger for my son.

    • +17

      Yeah hi dad its me your son

    • +1

      Not the best laptop for school unless it's doubling as a gaming machine at home
      It's going to be bigger, heavier and have a much shorter battery life than a standard laptop.

      • +9

        who needs school these days when you can win in esports and make more money than you ever can from a good education

        • Well you could always make more money becoming a "regular" sports champion than you ever could from a good education too

          • @FireRunner: yeh but that requires going out and moving and expending unnecessary energy.

            • +1

              @Jaduqimon: It's not as easy as you make it out to be. It still requires hours of training a day to build and maintain skills to be a top player.
              Even though it's a video game, it's still fatiguing. Definitely not something I could do

        • …or a bombastic Youtube channel, potentially ;D

  • +3

    You can mine and get 38mh on this laptop


    • about $2.60 profit after power per day

      • +2

        You can push it to 42.7 mh stable on nicehash if you overclock to the right settings and you have a nicely binned GPU. Otherwise, 40-41 mh.

        • do u have the settings to get 42.7?

          im using core -423 and +1043

          getting 38.2 mh

          • @acetth: You need the TDP software unlock to 95W downloaded thru Acer updates. Then clock it to -350 and 1600 mem thru msi AB. The OC will hold at 1600 for 40-41mh. If your GPU is binned well, it’ll be able to go past 1650, which is the minimum threshold for 42mh+. Mine runs stable for the past 2 weeks, it earns about $4 a day, $3.40 after electricity on nicehash. Decided it was more worth it to just mine on it as I have less time to play games now.

            • @totan: Cheers. Ya I thought so as I saw reddit people doing the same.

              Since warranty is 12 months, might as well max it out.

            • +1

              @totan: You're gonna have to flick me a message man to let me know how you got yours to 41MH/s. I can only get to 36, even though I've updated the BIOS and GPU Firmware. Would love to know what you're doing different. core -350, vram 1650. No GPU fails.

              • @wellzi: In the same boat, no idea how to change core/vram speeds as controls are locked out using MSI Afterburner

            • @totan: which TDP software is this? isn't it just a BIOS update to 2.06?

              • @metapii: Yes, it is the BIOS update, I should've made it clearer.

                • @totan: Thanks. How do you verify that you can get 95W? I updated the BIOS to 2.06 but the Excavator window still only shows power usage of 85W and I'm only able to get 35-36mh/s

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