Thigh over Breast

Hi all,

For as long as i can remember chicken breast was the premium and priced accordingly. Now thigh is 30%+ dearer than breast.

Anyone know why?

PS: i always have eaten thigh over breast.


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    Thigh over Breast

    Sounds like a fun position…

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      OP's username checks out.

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    The western world is waking up to the difference in white meat vs dark meat.

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    nteast was the premium and pticed

    What are you drinking tonight?

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    I think because they have been breeding chickens to maximise breast meat production, so if there is a bit of a switch as some people change to thigh there could easily be an excess of white meat, driving its price down, and a shortage for thigh, bidding it up.

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    I cant believe i’m even reading this thread.

    • Yep same hahaha

  • Where did you see this price rise?

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    bloody cooking shows, they show all the cheap cuts and how to make em delish, and
    the public goes out and buys it, pushing demand and prices up
    just look at lamb shanks, used to be given away, now charge $12+ a kilo
    boycott cooking shows, unless you dont know how to cook lol

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    Same reason the bad cuts of meat have become quite expensive. People are using it.

    Used to be able to get dodgy cuts of meat and make great cheap slow cooker recipes.

    Not anymore

  • This isn’t quite accurate quick look at Woolworths
    Thigh $7.50/kg
    Breast $9.50/kg

    There’s a bit of a ‘price war’/matching when it comes to free range chicken breast as it’s a popular item so both coles and woollies are doing it at $14/kg which is $1/kg cheaper than thigh. This is kind of like the milk thing where popular items are cheaper and match competitor prices so not to lose business.

    If you want cheap dark chicken meat without the bone ‘lovely legs’ are $6/kg or $10.50/kg free range

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      The thigh price you showed was for bone in cutlets. Down the page shows thigh fillets for $12kg on special, reduced from $13.

      There are also some leg fillets at woolies which are drumsticks with no bone. Tastes good. Similar price to thigh fillets but seems less popular so are more often on markdown.

      My own pet peeve is the inflation of wing and drumstick prices. Still occasional wings on special at $1.99, but that used to be the normal price, not that long ago. Now it is $5 or more!

      • Ah yes, you’re right. I think the boneless drumsticks are called ‘lovely legs’. I suspect the wings thing is a popularity thing too maybe due to the Americana food craze. My mum used to make the best lemon and oregano wings when we were kids and yes, very cheap but delicious.

      • Accidentally grabbed bone in thigh cutlets one day
        Meat was fine but prep and cutting it up took me forever. Wouldn’t recommend, especially if you already have no idea how to cut up thighs

        • Just cook it with the bone in. But I do agree trying to bone them out is a pain.

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    Good! I hate thighs. Breast forever!

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    I'm a legs man

  • Thigh, Breast or Leg, this thread is plucked and clucked.

  • Thigh is more popular in BBQ and for fried chicken, both have grown massively in popularity in recent years.

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    Uhhhh phrasssinggggg?

  • More of a breast over thigh guy.

  • I'm more of an arse guy myself, but it can get quite messy when some of the stuffing leaks out…

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    Thigh has more flavour and doesn't dry out as much. I don't know why breast is so popular

    • I thought breast was leaner?

    • I think breast became popular during the 80s and 90s when low fat was all the rage.

  • Breast is dry and stringy. The thigh is where its at

  • I personally don't mind, any cut of chicken is good for me.

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