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Corsair RM750x 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular PSU $129, Corsair RM650 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular PSU $99 Delivered @ HT eBay


Corsair RM750x 80 Plus V2 Gold Fully Modular ATX $129 @ HT eBay
Ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184512261402
Specs: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supp...

Corsair RM650 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX $99 @ HT eBay
Ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184793408170
Specs: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supp...

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    Good deal. I paid that sort of money for a RM 550x two years ago as the RM 750X is going for now.

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      yep me too RM 550x i paid $125 in 2019 but then again i paid $300 for 1660 super so can't complain

  • dupe

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    Thanks for posting! Used my $40 eBay plus voucher and got it down to $89 :)

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    Great deal. Needed to pull the trigger on a $149 RM650x three weeks ago. Sadness is :)
    PS: They are GREAT power supplies. The RM650x is ultra quiet.
    Two sites to help with your PSU selection… PSU Tier List at LTT and Cybernetics

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      How about the regular RM650? Reckon it's still a bargain at $99?

      • Check this out. I opted to pay the premium to get the x. Running a Ryzen 5600x and RX 6600 XT, so opted for the stronger PSU.

        • Cheers for the link

      • i grabbed an RM650 …..the riffle bearing vs mag levitation bearing in the fan isn’t worth the difference to me, still has 10 year warranty means an easy upgrade to gold from bronze in my computer.

        • Lots to agree with… and it's a GOLD rated, A+ noise level, Fully Modular PSU to boot. So all in with the 10 year warranty, it's hard to say no at $99.

          @High5.. my decision, for interest, was based on the following…
          Wanted a super quiet PSU, a bit of room to upgrade to a higher spec graphics card, specifically decided not to overdo the wattage (seeing that I'm never going to go top end graphics), and seeing I'm unlikely to throw it out unless it breaks, decided to go for the higher rated capacitors.

          • +1

            @OrderedChaos: Yeah I'm gonna go for it based on the feedback, my build was always going to be mid tier anyways. Many thanks.

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    Difference between RM750 vs RM750x (this deal)?

  • +3

    This link explains the difference between rm750 vs rm750x: https://askanydifference.com/difference-between-corsair-rm75...

    • Thanks!

    • Thanks.
      Summary of the article:

      Corsair’s both RM750 and RM750x both are equally good and are incredible when it comes to the power supply.

  • Have been running my 750x for 2 years now. 12 months with a 3080 OC. I never hear it either, very quiet.

  • Would this power an 8700k and an 6900xt, ive seen mixed reports.

    If not can anyone recommend a psu thats not too expensive

    • +1

      Easily. (Unless overclocking)

  • Most places have the RX750x at / above $169, so snap it as it appears PSU's are starting to slowly creep up in price

  • OOS

  • Great deal.

  • Bah, was waiting for this but jumped on the fractal deal from mwave last week!

    Oh well, this look like great value, I've been watching the 750x climb in price for the last couple months.

  • I've been running the RM850x for about 4 months and it's been great. If you like quiet PSUs then this is the one to get. I've yet to see any significant dust build up as the fan rarely turns on even with an overclocked 5900x and 6700 XT. My only complaint is the cables have huge capacitors on the end which makes it hard to hide the cables. The 24 pin is the worst. You can get replacement sleeved cables but they cost about $150.

  • Fantastic PSU at a great price. Its excellent short protection has saved me from blowing up my mobo many times.

  • I have a Corsair CX750M which seems to be at the end of its life - does anyone know if I would need to redo all my power cables with a RM750x or if I could just plug my existing ones in?

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • AFTERPAY10 used in previous order :(

  • +1

    I have Corsair HX450w pro series, older than 2005. Still going strong on Asus H170 pro gaming (not gamer myself) & supporting 3x 4K monitors from i5-6600 built-in graphics.
    All the new stuff is now crazy expensive & not as good.
    I bought RM650 for opportunity to reuse GB gv-r575d5-1gd, while trying to build new-gen DDR5 PCIe5 thunderbolt PC (if the prices of i12 are acceptable)

  • Excellent price - Top tier PSU which will last many years.

  • +2

    RM750x looks like it's out of stock now

  • This is marked out of stock prematurely as the 650 is still in stock, 4 left.
    I bought earlier but eBay shows 4 650s instock.

  • Come on 850x deals.

  • So… my mate just got this PSU with attempted delivery and a card in his letterbox indicates he needs to pay $8.60 for postage as it is an “underpaid parcel”

    WTF is that about?

    Did Futu use pre-pay bags that were too small? What is his recourse to recoup the $8.60 from the seller if any?

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