expired Plantronics Backbeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones $58.99 with Free Shipping

Plantronics Backbeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones $58.99 with Free ShippingAffiliate

Plantronics Backbeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones $58.99 with Free Shipping from OzGameshop.com closest I could find on Google Shopping was around the $99.00 mark. Looks like some great Bluetooth Headphones, theyre compatible with the Plantronics iPhone App which has a battery meter, looks like they have an Android app but sadly this model isnt compatible.

Plantronics Webpage : http://www.plantronics.com/au/product/backbeat-903-plus
Description from Website :
The Plantronics Backbeat 903+ is great for workouts, commutes, or just chilling out at home. Immerse yourself in rich audio streamed from your iPhone®, smartphone or Bluetooth®-enabled MP3 player. There’s even an iPhone® battery meter. Wherever you enjoy listening to your music, never miss a beat or a call with easy-touch button controls. The voice alerts also let you know the status on battery, music track forward and back, mute, out of range and more. With three levels of size adjustment you can find a perfect comfortable fit for whatever you’re doing, and the ruggedized, flexible design lets you toss it in a gym bag or stow it in the handy carry pouch.

Multi-Point functionality limited to pairing one A2DP device and one non AD2P device

Basic Specs :
Battery Power : Up to 7 hrs talk / Up to 7 days stand-by
Microphones : Dual-Mic
A2DP : Yes
Transmit Range : 30 feet

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    that's a good price however I bought these 2 weeks ago and the sound is terrible. no bass whatsoever so they went back the next day.


    My pair died on me after about 2 months of use while jogging.
    They are not waterproof or resistant

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    OK - I'll bite. Bought some … The Lovely has been totally monopolising my SX910A stereo headset (that set me back a whopping $20 two years ago): they're obviously pretty water-resistant, because both of us sweat like fat lasses when we do treadmill runs.

    If this new kerjigger doesn't perform at least as well as my old, sweat-encrusted bargain basement kerjigger, they will be sent back without a second's thought and I will go to DinoDirect and get another $20 cheapie.

    Frankly, it almost feels profligate to spend $60-ish on a headset… a new motto emerges: don't drink and OzBargain.

    Now excuse me while I got laugh at some fat Americans on The Biggest Loser (US version - the Strayan version is too painful to watch).


    Cheaper price $39.95 from US based store. Sorry, I don't know shipping to AU.
    There maybe coupons and startfromhere type savings for this site as well.

    I bought some from this store recently and re-shipped through a friend.
    They work with the iPhone 3G and I've been happy with the clarity of sound compared with Bluetooth headset from Aldi which I had to keep holding on my ear to hear clearly around traffic.
    I'm not an audiophile, but I've been happy with the music playback. I haven't noticed any lack of bass.
    There is noise getting in from the outside but because of the clarity, I've not been bothered by it.
    I bought them because they were cheap and I wanted to see how they performed.
    I was originally after the holy grail of stereo, noise cancelling, wireless, portable, but these were a compromise.
    I haven't tried them on a call yet.


    Can i have to just use one of them instead of both all the time?


      If you mean one earpiece, well the earpieces are joined by a flexible wire and can't be separated.
      However the phone control and microphone is on the left earpiece and the music control is on the right earpiece, so I guess you don't have to have both in your ears at the same time.