What Subscriptions Do You Think Are Actually Worth It?

I know the usuals like Spotify and Netflix will be answers but I’m interested what other people think are actually worth it considering we live in age where everything is a subscription.


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    Amazon because there is a parcel locker 100m away. Getting almost anything i want delivered next day is pretty cool.

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      Yep! And Prime Video is a neat little bonus to go with it.

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        And Prime Music (unfortunately they got the annoying Prime unlimited ads)

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          And kindle unlimited. Decent collection of comics

          • @hopper: Kindle unlimited comes with prime? Didn't know that. Will check it out.

            • @ss207k: Yes. Even i realised recently

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                @hopper: Doesn't make sense to have Kindle Unlimited which is $13.99/month under Prime which is $6.99/month. Under Amazon Prime it looks like you get Prime Reading. After a Google search it looks like Kindle Unlimited includes 1 million titles, while Prime Reading only about 1000 titles.

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                  @marioland: My bad. Ur right. Limited book.mostly comics

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        And prime gaming.

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        And free twitch sub every month! Hail thee Jeff!

    • Is it always next day for you? No matter what time I place my order it only gets processed the next day and the delivered the day after.

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        Did you make sure you did it when it says for example order in the next 2 hours 43 minutes to receive it next day? There’s a cut-off time for next day delivery.

        • Yup, says next day delivery if order before blabla. I do but orders always takes the next day to be processed, even if I order at 1am.

      • If i order before 10pm its next day by about 2pm 95% of the time.

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          Damn, even when I order Amazon or uber gift cards it takes at least 4 hours to get sent to me. I asked chat and they were 'verifying payment' even though I've made 100 Amazon purchases this year. I ate instant noodles that night instead 😭

      • If I order things like 4k's or video games, I find they are generally delivered the next day (using amazon flex) even when ordered on Sunday.

        Other stuff varies so much for me, still generally within reasonable times.

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      Bummer only Amazon US Prime users get unlimited
      photo storage.

      • This would be so good, I'm a bit bummed we don't get that too.

        Their Prime costs a lot more than ours though.

    • Mines maybe 2kms

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      Even better when it's free through Optus subhub

      • Can you please elaborated? I have optus home internet, am i eligible?

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      Can we have your login details too?

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    Amazon Prime I think has the best value for money.

    I then share my Amazon and get Netflix, Stan and Disney plus across 3 other mates.

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      Amazon prime is good for small items delivered fast.

      While ebay is cheaper it takes ages for delivery.

      If i need something this week its good.

      It does have free delivery over 40 now.

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      Literally identical to me lol. Must be an ozbargain thing

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      Amazon Prime was good until they recently announced they are adding 0.5% surcharge on credit card purchases, and have no other means to pay in which doesn't incur a surcharge, this means any form of Visa/Mastercard payment including debit will have the surcharge as I don't use a credit card it will affect me wanting to purchase from Amazon, my other issue with Amazon is the fact that they don't allow purchases through PayPal

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        Didn't they just add the surcharge to Visa cards? They also mentioned that they're looking to add new payment options in the future.

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        I think it's only on Visa CCs

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    My OnlyFans

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      Link for research purposes. Thanks.

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      No idea how OnlyFans became so popular, but damn, more power to the people who can make $$$$ doing it.

      Hopefully it sets them up for life tho, because the money runs out and they might kill their chances at any other sort of professional white collar work later on??

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        ok Dad

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    1y @$5.99 for Paramount+ was good.

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      Although a month and a bit in I haven't actually used it yet.

      Next year we'll see, whether the new Trek shows and Halo are any good. Right now there's not a whole lot to watch (although I've heard Evil is good)

      • Worth is for Chappelle's show.

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      I wouldn't pay much more than that. It's probably one of the worst feature-wise. App support is extremely limited (no LG support or Xbox support), no multiple profiles on accounts.

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      Subscribed to the $5 deal but the app is a PITA.
      I have Google TV. The app refuses to save my username and password. Stopped bothering. If anyone has fixed it lemme know please.

      Yeah and it's not worth more than what I paid for it. Certainly will not renew. Lackluster at best.

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        I have the Chromecast with Google TV and didn't have any issues. I just logged in and it's worked since. If you haven't already tried, I guess uninstalling and reinstalling or factory reset or something might help, but no guarantees and factory reset would be a pain.

        • Good to know that you aren't getting the same. I'll give the uninstall another go. Thanks!

      • I have the same issue - drives me nuts as I refuse to use a stupidly simple password! Will try reinstall the app and see if that makes any difference

        • Reinstalled the app and it's now working but coincidentally (or maybe not)…. YouTube has frozen twice this evening and reset. Just rebooted the device. Hope it's not another darn issue.

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        They updated the app on Android. It no longer logs you out.

      • And no LG TV app… have to have separate smart device to stream.

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      When I looked at what Paramount+ had I passed as that seemed to expensive.

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      I jumped on the deal but discovered their catalogue is rubbish.

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    Amazon Prime, easily worthwhile between free deliveries and the occasional prime video
    I got a $50 eBay gift card for signing up to eBay Plus ($49) so I'd say it's worth it at the cost of -$1

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      Also Humble Choice if you're on the old $12USD plan. Can pause on not so interesting months

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      Had a listen, not too bad. I find mixcloud subs to be not great value though. While I loved supporting artists through COVID, I found that after conversion for UK artists etc. it was like $7-8 a month for like 1 or 2 mixes. While I know the amount of work someone can put into these, just isn't a ton of content for your money!

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    Personally I think that Office365 is worth it. The full office suite for up to 6 people (depending on subscription) plus 1TB of cloud storage for each person (up to 6 people depending on subscription).

    • Price of your one?

    • Google docs is free, and once you switch, much better overall.

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        Google docs isn’t even 10% as powerful as Word. Fine if all you’re doing is very basic word processing I suppose.

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        Main benefit of office is the cloud storage imo. Has better pricing that Google.

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      Yeah much better to have to pay an ongoing subscription for a piece of software than just buy the software outright, like we used to be able to do.

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    Shared apple one premiere not bad

    • I've been tempted to do this with friends but worried they'll be able to access my location in find my. Anyway around this?

      • As far as I know you have to select you want to share location.


        Yes I can confirm the others in the family group cannot see your location. Apple menu shows explicitly who can and can’t see you and none of the members of group can see.

    • -3

      Apple sux

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    Netflix, Spotify, Amazon prime (free deliveries and twitch prime sub/monthly with some free in-game items), O365+ Onedrive (shared w/others for a better deal of course - which I think is $130 split between 6)

    Prob YT premium too but I'm too cheap to sub it so I have no idea.

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      Use the VPN trick to sub to YT premium and it ends up less than $4 a month… it's one of my favourite subscriptions :)

      • -3

        What's the point of YouTube premium if you can watch for free though?

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          Many points. No ads, can close your screen and still play, no ads, download videos for offline use, no ads, can background/pop up box play while using other aps, no ads, you get YouTube music which I think beats Spotify, no ads there either, and finally YouTube Red. Tbh red us pretty shit but it very occasionally has something cool.

          But yeah, if you even slightly use YouTube $1.4 a month (India rates) is well worth it to bit watch ads. I hate ads.

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            @900dollaridoos: So you're basically black mailed by YouTube to pay for it to avoid their purposely offensive ad system.

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              @burns13: Youtube music alone is worth it for me. I prefer it over Spotify. No ads, and play whilst screen turned off are both a bonus to me.

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              @burns13: Lol what? Nothing is free, you either pay with your time (ads) or your money (literally 1 buck 40 a month). There's a lot of shitty coporate practices around but I'm struggling to see this one as blackmail

              • -5

                @900dollaridoos: Boot licker. If you like it, good for you but their model is by no means necessary.

                • @burns13: I'm genuinely curious to hear what model you think would be better than a 1 buck 40 a month for a good service. Or is your time just just worth so little that a you would rather watch a month of ads than lose a gold coin??

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                    @900dollaridoos: YouTube Vanced on the android phone. And smarttube next on my android tv. No ads here

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            @900dollaridoos: My free ad blocker just made half your argument null and void.

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              @baker bob: ad blockers on the laptop was fine, but i was finding the more i watched on the mobile I couldn't avoid the ads

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                @theray: Just use YouTube Vanced if you are on Android. Give you almost all the features of YouTube premium.

            • @baker bob: You have adblocker on your phone? There's an app that does it but its nowhere near as nice as the native YT.

          • @900dollaridoos: I still get ads on my tv's (one uses a playstation, the other a Samsung smart tv). I don't use the premium account on my phone. Not sure if it's because of the VPN.

            • @bkhm: are you signed in correctly? Sometimes on my TV it would alternate to my Gmail which is the backing for my youtube account as I made it prior to gmail being a thing.

          • @900dollaridoos: you can do all of that with free software

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            @900dollaridoos: YouTube vanced for Android users.
            Gives the same benefits as paid.


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            @900dollaridoos: Vanced is all you need

            *on android

            • @Kozhutki: It's already been discussed, doesn't have all the features but glad you like it

        • A few extra features like audio only and downloading are handy and unlike using products like vanced the creators still get paid.

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        Can you use your regular email address or did you create a new one to use with VPN?

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    Netlifx paid with Turkish Lira.

    • And the share that with friends to get even more off. Top ozbargain points for this!

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    OzBargain Premium

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