AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU $1134 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


PLE Computers are currently running a promotion to save $65 off an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X - total $1134 plus delivery.
I've shopped with them many times and their service is always top notch, if you're thinking of splurging on this processor like I am (just trying to see if it's worth waiting for Adler Lake) - their service is well worth it.

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PLE Computers
PLE Computers


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    Seems the regular price in the market.
    $1129 at Pccasegear, $1119 at CPL or $1099 at MSY or Umart?

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    it's cheaper on amazon and free delivery

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      Why thank you, not a bad deal at all. Good thing I haven't actually bought it yet!

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        Excellent use of Cunningham's Law

        • Ah yes, Cunningham's law which states that F = ma.

          • @NoGiveJustTake: It's impossible to not see a rude phrase for that formula. Always has been for me anyway.

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    new intel 12th gen CPU is 2 weeks away, I reckon AMD will drop further soon

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      DDR5 and PCIE 5.0 are just around the corner too. So will need new gear like mobo, ram etc ….hence no point buying current gen
      Fingers crossed by then all the graphics cards be better priced too in late 2022 with intel competiting in the market too. Rather wait and buy a brand new gen pc than this stupid priced market

      • Tbh I don't think new 12900k will win over 5950x that much and will be priced around 900-1000. Then u gotta buy guaranteed expensive new mobo and ddr5 ram. 5950x might not be a bad choice for similar multi core performance.

        • yup, I won't hold my breath alderlake is better but also hoping AMD will release their AM5 shortly to compete Q1 2022, so interested to see how new-gen performs. regardless current-gen will be cheaper by then. hopefully, see a massive discount off the am4 too. Already seeing it with DDR4 RAM, which is a really good sign. happy to wait for another 6 months and decide what to buy then

        • I thought the 11900k did better than the 5950x, or was I misinformed?

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        There's no point for PCIe 4 let alone 5 for most users atm …

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          It's for future proofing.

          I buy a computer with the intention for it to last 5ish years.

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            @Ausdave: You can't really future proof a computer in any real sense of the word. Just buy the technology that best suits your needs within your budget. If your needs don't change much in the next 5 years, your computer shouldn't need to either.

            • @E4xtream: Investing in DDR5 and PCIE 5.0 will make it easier to upgrade components years to come.

              That is fact.

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                @Ausdave: Agree 100%. Having a motherboard (with potentially a socket that can go to next gen) and DDR5/PCI5 means less to upgrade in future (but not at any cost) . Will hold off until next gen, Intel and AMD for PCIE5 and DDR5 to see what premium there is on being an early adopter (hopefully with competition back the prices may start to be more competitive in the CPU market). Gaming rig had a 2700K, now a 7700K (delidded), waiting to see how much of a power pig Intel is, and whether Intel and new gen AMD are much better

                Was looking at a 10105F ($129) for the media pc upgrade, will hold off until intel 12th gen (i3-12100T or i3-12300T). May as well get two gens newer (11th didnt have any low end CPUs) if its a similar price and will support more techs that will become the standard.

                6 months or thereabouts before I look at buying anything.

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                @Ausdave: My main point was that there will always be something new. A new socket, new motherboard, new cpu, new gpu.

                • If you want to be on the cutting edge, "future proofing" is pointless because you'll always be buying the new thing.
                  If you want to make money from your computer, "future proofing" is pointless because you can't afford to just swap out parts that are already working perfectly fine for your workflow just to have the latest.
                • If you just want to game, "future proofing" is pointless because once you build a PC and play games, you'll be satisfied with whatever experience you have, and make compromises as time moves on (assuming you start with a reasonably capable PC, yada, yada, yada).
                • if you just want to enjoy your pc, browse web, watch media and speak on forums, "future proofing" is pointless because 7 year old computers can do that without skipping a beat.

                No matter how you look at it, "future proofing" is a myth. You'll either always be upgrading, which means you didn't future proof. Or you'll accept your build as is, which means you didn't need to "future proof". Future proofing is just a term we use to make ourselves feel good about paying a premium for the higher tier products, and while there's nothing wrong with that, we need to understand we're just "present proofing". As in, buying the thing that will satisfy us in the present moment.

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              @E4xtream: I agree. Moore's Law is dead. Computers don't need to go any further. The industry may collaborate to make it seem so, perhaps by making operating systems require certain hardware but most current computers are capable of doing anything the average consumer will ever need them to do. Even if socket AM5 came out tomorrow, AM4 will be relevant for years to come and people on a 200ge/a320 combo have the whole spectrum to explore right up to this processor and the x570 chipset with PCIe 4.0. Some people won't see the irony in their WAITING for ultimate future-proofing while having nothing (or something worse than what's on offer) while preaching it.

        • Intel is planning to push for PCIe gen 5 because of storage I/O and graphics/video (and Intel was late to implement PCIe gen 4). Thing is, I am somewhat cynical on how willing Intel actually is on advancing it across the board, because Intel wants to milk consumers for more expensive chipsets.

          At the moment, with PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs slowly gaining market share, the only I/O that's capable of supporting it via external connection is Thunderbolt 4. Problem is, that takes PCIe lanes. The situation gets even more interesting if you have graphics/video through Thunderbolt 4 (as there is no free lunch a big chuck of that bandwidth is used up by video / graphics).

          Moving to PCIe gen 5 will help, but that requires more from CPU. The chipset also needs to provides way more bandwidth (let's hope at least PCIe gen 4 support from all chipsets moving forward).

          As Intel screwed up their chip fabrication process for the last 5-6 years, and lack of competition from AMD until the last 2-3 years, we are seeing mobile / ARM based CPUs making significant gain. Also, when Apple gained Intel's CPUs for the last few years, Apple had good knowledge of Intel's CPUs (tech, pipeline, and weaknesses).

          Then, there is the Apple factor. Intel putting more emphasis on Thunderbolt 4 support on 11th gen Intel CPUs isn't just a coincidence. More importantly, finally doing DP 1.4 support properly and at least getting HDMI 2.0 implemented properly in integrated GPU (took 4 years).

          While most of us probably still don't need PCIe gen 4, it is still good to see next gen M/Bs and CPUs moving forward. I really hope Intel and AMD will stop holding back cheaper chipsets. AMD blocking PCIe gen 4 support on B450, X470 via BIOS microcode (and then release B550) just shows AMD isn't exactly much better than Intel. I am sick and tired of PC mainstream chipsets holding back CPUs.

  • Wait for 12th gen intel and the possible price cuts, although TBH I think this will still be a better deal than the 12900k because of cheaper board prices, power consumption and 16 full cores that won't confuse the shit out of non-windows-11-optimised applications.

  • Alder Lake will be around this price and performance, perhaps cheaper, though where suitable DDR5 boards fall is another matter.

  • not the cheapest price available currently as other commenters have noted but this chip goes on sale for much less very frequently

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    Why is this still here? OP knows it isn't the cheapest so why not remove it?

  • I feel like I've fallen into the bottom 5% earners in Ozb, when a plain jane 3600 is the only one that I can justify buying :D

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    This looks pretty cheap if anyone is interested

    • You broke Cunningham's Law.

      I'll take two thanks.

      • Ritchie Cunningham doesn't scare me.

        • What if Arthur finds out

          • @eloque: Eeeeeeehhhh

  • What is the best mobo for this processor currently?

  • Civ 6 turn times go brrrrrrr

  • Aside from this not cracking the top 5 lowest prices for this CPU, even if the sellers massaged my privates taking $65 off a $1200 CPU is almost an insult - like giving 5 cents to a hobo. I'd rather them adding another $65 to the price. At least the ball-rub wouldn't be so confusing. Excuse the French, flakeys.

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