29" Premium Mountain Bike $469 (Kid's $179), Bike Lock $9.99, Bike Gloves $11.99 @ ALDI


From the upcoming Aldi catalogue. Sale starts November 6.

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    Thanks for the post Bot, I found the full cattledog here.

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    What's so good about the bikes? I can't read any of the specifications, nor am I super knowledgeable about bike parts. Can't I get a decent brand bike off of FB Marketplace for less?

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      Usually unbranded Polygon bikes which are sold @Bicycles Online. Sure if you know a bit about bikes you can score a bargain 2nd hand.

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        Maybe in a few months once everyone gets over the covid lockdown bike craze.

        I managed to sell a second
        hand bike for $200 more than I paid for it a month or so back. I imagine right now people are still enjoying their new found hobby, but after a few months they'll be like, why do I need this bike sitting around here for gathering dust for?

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          My friend is a bike mechanic and he always said that you get the best bargains around Feb-March when all the cashed up docters and accountants are selling their carbon fibre racing bike they never ended up using after a new years resolution.

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            @aimon: Sooooooo many S-Works.

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              @TheRealCJ: Looking forward to it, still probably can't afford S-works

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        Looks like they have changed manufactures. There is a link that doesn't work yet but it leads to the www.estatebikes.com.

        Also the bike drive train looks cheaper and is only 9 speed. I am sure it was 10x last time.

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          Last time it was a 1x10 drivetrain, significant down to a 2x9 this time :(

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            @Alzori: More likely a 1X, can't see front derailleur, and only 3 cables from the cockpit.

            • @browser: Nah. Picture isn't great, but you can see the chain doesn't line up with the big chain ring - it disappears behind the chainring.

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                @Alzori: It's a single with some kind of bashplate

                • @TheRealCJ: Ooh my bad, you're right, I didn't zoom in properly earlier! Haven't seen that on a chainring for this kind of bike in a long time.

                  I wonder what the range on the back cassette is? Looks like it might just be 11-36, but kinda hoping it's more like 11-40 or better.

                  • @Alzori: A cheap bash plate is probably cheaper than a narrow wide chain ring.

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            @Alzori: Yeah, that's a shame.

            I think this year's model is significantly less "premium" than the absolute banger they had last year.

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        @WatchNerd 2nd hand bikes still have the covid tax price tag

  • I know these bikes can't compared to those $2000+ bikes, but how is that $469 bike for casual mountain bike riding?

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      Its what lance uses

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        Lance Legweak

      • Yeah but when you factor in the Lance's 'running costs '…

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        you mean Laced Drugstrong?

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        “I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”
        Willie Nelson

        • If you think about it, everyone was on drugs, so he would have won it fair and square but the mob goes for the easy pickings.

    • It’s awesome for the price. I love mine and had it for several years now and beat the hell out of it. I take it out to lysterfield (commonwealth games mountain bike track) and it still holds up well to this day.

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      Good for the price, not great for getting airborne or anything but it's a solid XC bike. About the minimum that I would recommend spending on an entry level MTB, any lower and you're in shit-tier kmart bike territory.

      • Haha, I thought a lot of OzB members like the K-Mart bikes.

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          Bought one to troll around on. Hated it so much, gave it away for free. Worse than useless.

          • @Smol Cat: I thought you ride on these things, not troll around on them.

            • @edfoo: Couldn't even ride it right, let along troll around on, coz it was so painful and just a overall terrible experience. Everything about the bike just screamed cheap and shite. Seriously made me so angry at myself for being this much of a tight arse. I was ready to hand in my OZB badge.

  • Anyone have Specs on mountain bike?

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      If it's like the last ones, they're actually good… 1x10 Shimano Acera or Deore gearing, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and while it's a Suntour fork it has a lockout which usually only comes on $700+ bikes.

      If it's like the last ones. Don't know about the weight. If over 15kg, avoid.
      Also no info on wheels. And you need a mate with bike knowledge to assemble it (not hard).

      It's basically an unbranded Polygon bike, which are fine for entry-level.

      • The catalogue has a link to this page: https://www.estatebikes.com/product-page/mtn-29er/

        The page is not up, so can't see what the bike is.

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        Weight is fine until you're going uphill

        • Which is 50% of times when you're not on the flat.

          • @pizzaguy: genius. or riding up a mountain. Maybe they get the train home from all down hill.. didnt think of them apples did ya!

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        Product description says mechanical disc brakes this time.

      • They're quiet heavy, and the stance is a bit tall and I'm 180cm.
        For going downhill its pretty stable (road depending), but a bit of a slog uphill.

        I still have mine, did a few lite mods to it. I'll eventually upgrade to a slightly shorter (26er ?) bike, that is much lighter. But its a great entry point. If you crash and smash, you won't care too much, it isn't a $1k+ bike.

        • If you're 180, you definitely don't want a 26er, not least because the only 26 inch bikes you can really get anymore are Dirt Jump/Slopestyle bikes.

          You could got for a 27.5 inch, which is fine, but if you actually do get a new bike I can highly recommend doing your research on frame Sizes, many manufacturers now have much more granulated frame sizes; the Trek Marlin for instance has 7 different frame sizes.

          If you're really serious, and you're looking to spend big money on a bike, I would say bite the bullet and spend the couple of hundred dollars it costs to get a fit test, you'll appreciate it in the long run

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        This one has a 2x9 looking at the drivetrain, so looks like a downgrade.

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          On close inspection, its definitely a 1x with some kind of weird bash guard on the chainring. The catalogue specifically points out it has a "9-speed Shimano Derailleur" so my best guess is they're using a Shimano Tourney Derailleur but none of the rest of the Tourney groupset. So a no-name crankset and cassette, while still being able to say it has a "Shimano"

      • Do you know the weight limit on it and how comfy the seat is?

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      It’s such a pity they have dropped the specs..

      I’ve got one from last year, has the tektro hydraulic brakes, Deore 12 speed and Suntour lockout fork.

      Built it up into an ebike and the hydraulic brakes are a necessity IMO on a larger motor…

      I’ve had recommended my bike to others, but at this spec I will not..

      • Which conversion kit did you use?

      • Is it really 12 speeds and not 10? A complete M6100 groupset costs more than that bike did.

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    Not to poo poo posts, but genuinely wonder why does ALDI catalogues selling RRP items count as Ozbargains?? Why not post Kmart or BigW catalogues as well? Anaconda catalogue or Super Cheap Auto would have some savings on their catalogues too. I know occasionally they have the odd interesting special but how is this different from any other store?? Just wondering what the etiquette is for posting on OzB esp being a L plater??? Want to contribute but find posts like this very strange - unknown branded bikes like this are a dime a dozen and there’s a reason they’re this price.

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      I appreciate these posts because I don’t keep up with the weekly Aldi special buys. The difference to say a Kmart or Big W is the random nature of the items and the bargain comes from what an equivalent item is elsewhere (and the benefits of Aldi return policies vs eBay sellers etc)

      • Fair enough, thanks for the insight

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      Members upvote deals that are popular. Deals that aren't don't get upvoted.

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      Everything you mentioned can count as a deal. Good deal or not depends how you or the detectives in the comment section convice the professional ozbargainers.

      Once you start posting, its trial and error and you will find out more.

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        That’s fair - trial and error but I guess everyone is trying to just help other OzB….it’s a great community

    • Same for people posting Movies coming to Netflix/Disney+/Prime Videos or PS+ monthly games as deals V_V

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      In the past, ADLI bikes have been fantastic value, and sell fast.
      Its not yet clear how good these are, but it seems to only come in one size.

    • That's true that Aldi doesn't do that kind of marketing where you contrast an amusing RRP with the current lower price.

      So instead of "RRP $1999 now only $499", it's simply "$399".

      Also re the etiquette, you can just read it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/

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      Because many ozbargainers are stupid, and confuse "cheap" with "bargain."

      That's why the site is so full of cheapo shit sold at full price.

      A bargain is a significant discount on a regular price, not just drop-shipped rubbish for Aliexpress.

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      What annoys me more is that Aldi particularly over the last 1-2 years has had a horrible reputation of these deals being cancelled/post-poned/<10 in stock/delayed massively and yet there are still people patting them on the back for what are essentially imaginary deals.

      I straight up don't even go to Aldi for the special buys anymore, I have 6-8 things I'll buy on the reg and a quick walk down the middle section to see what mysterious bargains magically appeared before ignoring them for another week or two.

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    Damn. If it's a Premium mountain bike, it must be good.

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      Last year's was actually pretty decent, made by Polygon and punching well above its weight. A sub $600 bike that was easily on par with $800-1200 bikes from more popular brand names. As a beginner XC bike it was a no brainier.

  • Looks like i'll be going Aldi to buy my gf a new mountain bike

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      Give her summin new to ride

      • Name checks out.

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    I bought the 29er Mountain Bike a 3 or 4 years ago as a way to get back into biking. Gotta say the bike has done bloody well and its never been back to a bike shop since I bought it. Especially over the pandemic its been doing probably 3-4 hours a week for like 2 years.
    I've only recently just upgraded because I was ready for something more serious and have now handed it down another family member who is loving it. The main challenge I had towards the end was a gear or 2 that took a while to change, and probably a bike service would fix.

    When I first bought it I ended up taking the bike to a Bike shop for them to put it together (cost like $50 or so). They kind of laughed at me when I rocked up with an 'Aldi Bike' and then when I picked the bike up they told me they were fairly impressed with and were shocked at the price I paid. They said this would be something they'd sell as a named brand for probably $800-$1000.

    A great 'bit of everything bike' that you don't need to protect with your life!

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      Worth saying 29er refers to the size only. As Aldi do not state the manufacturer, the bike available in the catalogue for next month may be a totally different bike.

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        Hey, the 29er refers to the wheel size - 29". The bike comes in two different sizes - Medium and Large. The manufacturer is Estate Bikes.

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      They kind of laughed at me when I rocked up with an 'Aldi Bike'

      this is the kind of snobbery that makes people avoid LBSs in the first place and/or assemble the bikes themselves.

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      You should get your bike serviced once a year, just like a car. The shocks need regular servicing, as do the brakes, and if you've ridden it a lot in the past 4 years it's probably due at minimum a new chain, and maybe even a new cassette and chainring.

      • A stretched chain will take out your cassette. New chain $50 or new cassette $250, at least that's what my GX Eagle cost :-(

        • Holy hell I thought you got ripped off but SRAM cassettes are basically double the price of the equivalent Shimano casettes?!

          • @Telios: $250 was a good price! What's the equivalent Shimano in 10-52?

            • @mauricem: All the shimano 12 speeds are 10-51, so pretty comparable

            • @mauricem: Shimano 12 speed cassettes all cost significantly less than their SRAM counterparts

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    Queue up an hour before the shop opens if you really want one. Was only 3 large and 3 medium when I bought mine 2 years ago.

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    been waiting for this for a while now - hyped!

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    damnnn should I upgrade


    I've got this and there's literally no other info on components. copped it for a tenner tho

  • Can an adult ride the kid bike?

    • 29 frames are larger stance than 27.5 or 26
      Go check the bike out and buy it because it fits you, not because it's cheap.

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      a height-challenged adult could, but keep in mind the kids bike specs aren't as good e.g. front rim brakes vs mechanical disc on the adult bike.

    • If the adult is taller than 150cm then they may look like this

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    I just want the gloves lol

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    Just need to wait on the specs of the bike first. The ones which were sold over the past couple of years were fantastic value for what you were paying.

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      Looking over it, it's definitely not the same value as previous years. A few points I think should be noted:

      1. No-name crankset: the catalogue says a 9 speed Shimano Derailleur. The only low-end shimano Derailleur that does a 9 speed is Tourney, and the Tourney crankset only comes in a 3x9. That means that this 1x9 set up is using a Tourney derailleur, but a crankset and chain ring from somewhere else, I'm guessing a cheap unbranded one given I've never seen those cranks/bashguard before. Which brings into question if it's using a Bottom Bracket that is compatible with anything else.

      2. Zoom Vaxa forks: the Suntours last year weren't exactly the bees knees, but the Zoom Vaxa is frankly pants.

      3. The frame looks to be significantly lower quality, with a pretty dodgy looking head tube and weirdly shaped tubing, although how it looks isn't necessarily an indicator of quality

      4. The brakes are gonna be way worse than the hydraulic tektros from last year.

      5. The tyres look lower quality in comparison too.

      Honestly, I think Aldi has been hit by the component shortage like the rest of the industry, and rather than raising the price by 150-200 dollars and keeping the components relatively high quality, they cheaper out on the components to keep the sub-500 price. The result is a significantly lower value for money. Instead of comparing this to 800 or 1000 dollar Treks and Specialized, I'd be comparing this more with 500 dollar Kmart or Anaconda bikes.

      • I thought Tourneys were only 7 speed. Probably Altus or Acera RD (still fairly entry level), agree that the parts overall are probably pretty cheapy though.

        • Yeah, my 2017 Aldi bike came with a 9 speed Acera derailleur.

        • Ah yep you're right, I'm getting my names mixed up. Either way it's definitely not a shimano crankset, and I'd even guess not a shimano cassette either.

      • +9

        Hi RealCJ, I work for Estate bikes and can help you and others out. Firstly think about the intent of this bike - it's designed to get new or budget conscious riders out and about and enjoying riding - typically in parks and on fire roads and scenic trails, and often on the road, but still with the ability to tackle some more serious single track trails depending on the riders skill.

        1. The bikes uses Shimano Altus 1x9 speed gearing, with a narrow-wide front chainring, that also has a bashguard. The bashguard was included from customer feedback in the past and bent chainrings. These bikes are typically used by beginners, and reliability is paramount. The bikes has a sealed bottom bracket - again reliability is key.

        2. Have you ridden the Zoom Vaxa forks? I ride Rockshox Lyric on my regular MTB, however they are $1600 forks, and this whole bike sells for $479.. The VAXA is a pretty good compromise, decent stiffness, bolt up axle, and has a hydraulic lock out for climbing.

        3. This is a 6061 Aluminium frame, and most importantly current geometry. a 66' head angle, and 450mm reach. The bike also has a 45mm stem and 720mm wide bars, so beginners can get used to real trail riding on a bike that handles like contemporaries at a much higher price point. This is far from an off the shelf china frameset.

        4. Yes, mechanical disk brakes, again for easy maintenance and long life. Previous feedback showed that buyers in this price point aren't too keen to spend over $100 having their brakes bled and serviced regularly. These work pretty well considering, and again I ride Magura MT7's and Shimano Saints so my benchmark is pretty high.

        5. For more serious trail riding I'd recommend riders look at the myriad of 29" tyre options. The Tyres supplied are a decent all purpose tyre for hardpack and pavement and they'll last a long while.

        I don't think you can compare this bike to Kmart or Anaconda. I can't find anything at those stores that remotely compares honestly. Those stores seem to stock bikes that are chosen from a catalog of china manufacturers, with 1990's geometry and 2 and 3 by drivetrains. I challenge you to find me an MTB in any department store with a narrow wide chainring and 1 by drivetrain and modern geometry. I personally love riding MTB, and would recommend the Aldi Estate MTB to anyone on a budget that wants to get into the sport. It'll serve them well, and if they love the sport as a result that's fantastic, and bikes costing many thousands of dollars fill the market if they want to upgrade.

        • +1

          Thanks for the explanation

          I think what you saying is valid and there is nothing wrong with it.

          However I think the reason many people (like me) are disappointed is because they are comparing this to the previous Aldi Premium bike which was insane value (rebadged Polygon with Deore groupset and hydraulic brakes) - higher spec and cheaper than your offering.

      • Not sure where you are getting your information from.

        • all other factors being equal, 1x9 drivetrain is preferrable over a 3x9
        • Suntour 100mm fork not a 'zoom vaxa', the same suntour fork can be found on $700+ bikes
        • frame on last year's is rock solid and idk how you can tell the quality of the welds from the picture
        • again, brakes are the same as last year, no downgrade
        • tires same as last year, never had a flat

        I've been abusing the absolute shit out of last year's bike, crashed it many times and even sent it down thredbo gravity trails and it's held up to everything i've put it through. Sure its not the same as a $2000 dual suspension bike but for an entry level hardtail, I can confidently say you will have a hard time finding anything better.

        Regarding the price, last year was $429, this year $469 probably to reflect how well they sold last year.

        • sorry, but i bought last years model and this years it is a lot worse. no doubt because bikes components are probably more expensive now.

          • mechanical vs hydraulic brakes
            -1x10 deore derailleur and cassette vs 1x9 tourney - that extra gear and derailleur clutch makes a BIG difference on trails.
          • zoom vaxa vs suntour xct32… ok both aren't great

          again, not saying its bad value compared to current market, but certainly objectively worse than last years model.

      • So based on the latest specs would you still recommend it as a good entry level bike and bang for buck? or is it better to spend a couple more hundred and get something like this?


  • -2

    lol 'premium'

    • +6

      Don't be so condescending. Previous models were way ahead of standard department-store bikes, or even the basic top-sellers at bike shops.

      • +3

        Yeah, I'd absolutely recommend the aldi right alongside something like the Specialized Rockhopper, the Trek Marlin 5 and 6, Giant Talon, or the Merida Big Nine

        In fact, if we're talking value for money the Aldi is by far the winner; all those bikes I just listed are in the 800-1200 dollar price range. For that some money you could pick up the aldi bike and immediately throw a dropper post, better pedals, better tyres, etc. and still come out ahead and with a bike that would effectively blow every one of the others out of the water.

        Would the aldi compete with a 1500+ mid range bike? Of course not, but to make that comparison is frankly silly.

        That being said, it appears that this year's model is a serious downgrade, and not nearly as good value for money. I'd compare it to more of a kmart special than an actual usable MTB.

      • That they were. This one's a huge downgrade.

  • Off topic for mountain bikes.
    Spotted retro monopoly in the Catalogue for $25

    Could any Monopoly collector who has bought it comment if it is a good buy


  • +10

    'premium' bike looks like a step down from previous offerings. Mechanical disc brakes, 9 speed rear derailleur and the fork is a cheap zoom branded model (not even suntour this time round). Frame also doesn't look as good from what I can tell.

    • +1

      Yeah, I'm really disappointed. Although not in the slightest bit surprised. The continuing global component shortage has affected the whole industry, with bike prices rising by 10-20% across the entire board, every discipline and price point. The only way aldi could avoid this year's being 700 dollars instead of 500 dollars is to basically cheap out on the entire thing.

      I'd have to see the full specs first, but honestly this year is looking like a must-miss.

  • +4

    Doesn't look as good as previous years. The manufacturer has changed and the quality looks down. Was thinking of this for the missus. Hard no now.

    I think I just pretend that a new dirt jumper is for her to get another bike.

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