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Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer $599 (Was $749) Delivered @ Sydney Tools


The pressure washer with hose reel is ideal for frequent cleaning of moderate dirt and for an area performance of 40m²/h. With the Full Control pressure washer, you can find the right pressure for every surface.


High-pressure gun, G 145 Q Full Control
Vario Power Jet
Dirt blaster
High-pressure hose reel
High-pressure hose, 10 m
Quick Connect on machine
Detergent application via, Plug 'n' Clean system
Telescopic handle
Water-cooled motor
Soft bag
Integrated water filter
Garden hose adapter A3/4"


Power rating: 2.1kW
Type of current: 230V / 5Hz
Max pressure: 2300PSI
Flow rate: 8l/min
Area performance: 40m²/h
Max feed temperature: 40°C
Dimensions (L x W x H): 411mm x 305mm x 584mm
Weight: 17.5kg

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    Not trying to rain on your parade OP, but Choice doesn't recommend this particular pressure washer.

    For others interested, this one comes in 7th out of 24 tested, but only scores 75% for cleaning score… one of the most important parts of a pressure washer I would think ;).

    The review is a couple of years old now, but funnily enough the K4 Premium comes in 3rd place and gets a recommended nod… and is actually cheaper than this one.

    Top place?
    The Gerni Classic 130.3 PC X-TRA, for $300 (cheaper again). 95% cleaning score.

    • I dont they sell this specific Gerni model anymore. Not sure what model replaces it.

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        It's the Gerni 5000. I have one of the full metal pump models from there older range. Much better than the karcher it replaced

        • thanks. I was going to get this, to replace a (admittedly still going) K2 that I've had for about 5 years. Will have a look at the Gerni 5000 instead.

    • +1

      Not at all! Appreciate the comment for those looking. I have a Kranzle and a Gerni anyway lol

      • Kranzle are very nice machines.

      • Which kranzle model did you have?

        I purchased a k7 compact, not sure i made the right decision haha

        • HD 7/122 TS - works a treat

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    It took SyndeyTools 3 months to repair an aircompressor that I bought from them… Declined my request for a refund or replacement. Then they flicked off fair trading and I had to go to court to get my refund.

    • +1

      Wow, now that’s a good reason to go to Total Tools instead!

      • +1

        I did not think anything like that was possible in Australia and could not understand why they would do it as well. It would only make sense if they were about to go out of business soon. But since that incident I never buy anything from them even when it is cheaper. Never had any problems with Bunnings, Masters (RIP), Total tools, Trade tools, SCA, Autobarn, Repco and any other tools supplier.

        • Yeah, actually having a similar experience to that with KEF or at least their AU distributors currently. Their expensive wireless speakers died under warranty. AU distributer couldn't care less, never responds to emails, retailer says they are trying to ‘escalate’ with them but no action almost 2 months later. Seems some companies around here need a swift kick up the ACCC.

          • +1

            @pauliau: ACCC does not really do a lot, at least not directly with customers, I did repoort this to them and there was no action. Fair Trading may contact someone on your behalf, but they have no powers to make any requests or demand anything, so mostly useless. So really, if one is stuck then Small Claims Tribunal is the only way to go. Luckily, most retailers are reasonable.

            • @Musiclover: Small claims court in your state.

              Works a treat when dodgy businesses get a notice to attend court.

    • +3

      The Tools of Sydney have a price match guarantee that I haven't been able to get them to apply on 7 different occasions (I do it now just for giggles) - they always have a hilarious reason to refuse price match - the last one was the specs weren't the same because they had listed the incorrect specs for the exact model (model number and colour) that was cheaper at Bunnings.

      Be interested to hear if anyone has every gotten them to price match anything.

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