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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060ti Elite 8GB (GV-N306TAORUS-E-8GD-2.0) $1199 + Delivery @ Toptek



Seems like the cheapest round, says in stock, I'd get one but can't atm so thought would share for TopKEKs

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      Don't worry, it will be sold out soon to those miners and scalpers.

      • And it's gone.

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          I think I bought them all, all 200
          I might sell on eBayth for 1 million a piece.

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    Topkek indeed

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    Bruh. I bought a non-LHR 3080 for $39 more than this a year ago. What the hell is the market right now

    • There is a strain on low waffer and high waffer due to many factors.
      US started this with their ban on Huawei, so they outsourced for 5G.

      I just need a GPU I can edit with, I refuse to pay a premium but all this started maybe 2 years ago and we are now feeling the effects of it.

      Why 5G you gotta be so mean to me?

      • What has USA banning 5G got to do with low wafer production? Can you please explain?

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          This explains a lot, many varying factors but 5G stirred the pot somewhat.

          This situation has been developing for years, not just months.

          Koray Köse, an analyst at Gartner, says that among the pressures facing the chip industry prior to the pandemic were the rise of 5G, which increased demand, and the decision by the US to prevent the sale of semiconductors and other technology to Huawei. Chip makers outside the US were quickly flooded with orders from the Chinese firm.

          Other, less obvious, manufacturing complexities have also hampered the supply of certain components.

          For example, there are two main approaches to chip production right now: using 200mm or 300mm wafers. This refers to the diameter of the circular silicon wafer that gets split into lots of tiny chips.

          The larger wafers are more expensive and are often used for more advanced devices.

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            @DisabledUser409314: I dont think banning 5G made that much of a difference, huawei gave some orders and then that story got over long back. The problems are these:

            1) of all the wafers capacity that AMD got, most of them went for xbox and PS5. Also they had to produce server chips, ryzen CPUs and then the newest and the much better radeons that finally caught up to nvidia.

            2)nVidia had very bad yeilds initially. That got it fixed, but mining screwed it up.

            3)A lot of people skipped the 2xxx gen nvidia cards as they were priced higher and the 5xxx AMD cards because the performance was not upto the mark, they all wanted to upgrade to newer versions.

            4)Pandamic/stay at home made everyone buy more equipment, laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, demand increased.

            5) Pandamic caused Supply chain issues.

            6)nVidia is now saving thier chips to cause artificial scarcity and then release it when Intel releases GPUs in January to screw up the competition.

            These are the reasons. Probably I missed some though.

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    Market is getting worse again it seems

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    How's that HODL coming along boys?

    • Still hodling and jiving.

      • I respect that

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      Different product though

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        I think it's missing 2 fans.

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          Missing some RGB too

          • @iamkuza: Crayola can fix this, or a rave with some left over glow sticks.

  • GPUs sell like hotcakes these days, at inflated prices. Current availability and prices at some popular AU PC retailers: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-in-australia-191021...

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