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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB) RAM $105 + Delivery @ PCByte


First-time poster, but this is the cheapest I've ever seen this ram, must be because DDR5 is coming out soon.
Capacity : 16GB (8GB x2)

Type: DDR4

Speed: 3200 MHz

Latency: 16-18-18-36

Individually Addressable RGB LEDs

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    Good kit. nice find.

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    Good price, shame I already bought a kit recently

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      the $10 postage cost still makes this a deal..

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        • both same spec, ballistix has no mem for rgb, definitely pref veng pro

          • @LR169: same xmp profile, i literally showed u rgb on the memory?, ballistix is cheaper

            ballistix will come with rev e which you can Easily get to 3800 c16. definitely ballistix rgb

            • @abjsdhasehasee: it has rgb yes, it doesnt have memory to save the profile, every time you restart pc you go back to strobing rainbows

  • I'll up the ante and post this as it comes in cheaper for a matched kit.

    Same store so you should update your title.

    PNY 32 GB Kit

  • 1x limit

  • i've have a
    Kingston 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4 HyperX Fury Black C14 2133MHz
    on a Z170m mortar board; would it beneficial for me to get this to bump it up to 32gb?

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      I think you will have a bunch of timing issues, if you want 32 GB, look at the link I posted and try to sell yours.
      Even if you get $50 for it, you will end up pay $40 more for a true 32 GB kit.

      The timings you have on yours right now are super tight but you can get higher clock on the 32 GB kit but it will all be matched.
      Also you have scope to upgrade to 64GB if ever needed.
      What are you wanting 32GB for if I can ask?

      • okies, that might be the route to go i felt too, the mobo i have isn't the fastest too for RAM speeds 2133/2400 default, 3200 (OC)

        its more video editing on 4k thats bogs down the system abit i felt over the last few months.

        dont think i'll go ever go 64gb in near future (5 years), am currently on i5 6600k and R9 390 which is still plenty capable for what i do. But when the time comes, likely just change the whole system.

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          You're right in the middle of a migration to new tech, it hurts which ever way you chose.
          3 choices.

          • add an additional 16GB which does give you more head room but is expensive to do due to not being an optimal solution.

          • get 32 GB Kit which is optimal but newer gear means you are now stuck with this choice which leads to next point.

          • do nothing and wait for newer hardware, your editing suffers.

          I have a simple setup, Ryzen 3700x 980Ti 32 GB RAM.
          I use Davincini Resolve and have the paid version with the short cut editor keyboard.
          I can edit and have done, 2 projects in a day due to how I have this set up. My rig is not the most powerful but it's the software configuration that is most important, the proxy editing settings, rendering out isn't an issue but timeline settings and monitoring footage at what resolution is.
          I edit a lot in 4K, the killer for me is some FX like simple titles kill the machine.
          This is why I am after a 3060Ti, atm far from worth it so I find other solutions 1st.

          16 GB for 4K is bare minimum, 32 would be better suited but you also need to see if you can carry that RAM over to your next system build.

          I have no reason to upgrade to a new PC yet as the 3700x works fine, more importantly it's only 65w TDP, so it's super quiet when working with. Renders get loud but that is GPU under load.

          Try optimising your software 1st before any purchase then if that is exhausted, see how the RAM will be suited for a next build.
          Remember 1 thing though, 32 GB RAM now might go into a whole new build, you will have an older complete PC that you could sell to help pay for the newer system.

  • Damn I paid about $120 for it recently which itself was a great price

    • I paid $160, so your price is pretty good still.

      • That can't be recent though right

  • it seems I bought the last one

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to mix and match brands/models if they have the same/similar specs? I have 16gb of the Corsair Vengence LPX CL16 3200MHz

    • Yes, it's possible and should work fine - just isn't necessarily ideal

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