Asus Phoenix Radeon RX 550 2GB Graphics Card $149 + Delivery ($0 NSW Pickup) @ JW Computers


The cheapest new RX 550 GPU's in Australia and a good card for multi display workstations, HTPC's and light gamers

Before you Broden the cards for your crypto mining rig, beware that ASUS have downsized this card compared to the previous RX550-2G model:

  • Memory bus dropped from 128 bit to 64 bit
  • Memory clock dropped from 7000 to 6000 Mhz

New specs:

Old specs:

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    Obviously, Asus did the right thing… And it would be perfect if it was low profile

  • Can this run crysis?

    • +14

      No, but it can run minesweeper

      • On low graphics settings haha

    • +1

      The 2007 release probably.

  • +1

    These card are pretty much useless. It works similarly with the onboard card.

    • I believe the GPU scores for this card wipe the floor with the numbers put up by my 2700X's GPU. Another bonus is that the 550 can drive 4k60, while the 2700X can't.

      • +4

        2700X doesn't have an integrated GPU. Only G series CPUs

        • +1

          And, of course, that's exactly my point.

          (I dunno, perhaps I should have added a /s? I guess I thought that it was obvious)

  • +17

    If the GT1030 was better than the 128-bit bus version of the RX 550 in certain titles (see Hardware Unboxed video where the original, full fat 4GB RX550 is put against a 2GB GT1030), this means the nerfed 64-bit version of the RX 550 is actually much, much worse than the Nvidia offering.

    At $149 this is actually even less competitive than the geriatric GT1030. The GT1030 is around $125~$135

    • +7

      Waiting for Jensen to confirm the RTX 1030 as the big release of 2022

    • I made the same decision last year, but I think that I paid more for the GT1030 - for whatever reason, none of the partners seem to have released a half-height AMD card for generations, while half-height GT1030s (and GTX 1050 Ti, if you can find them) are available at a premium (which is to be expected).

    • I'm not completely sure but I don't think the GT1030 has x265/HEVC hardware acceleration, while the RX 550 I believe does.
      This means your going to struggle to watch 4K video on older CPUs with the GT1030 and it's not such a good buy for HTPCs for this reason.

  • +8

    570 8G used to be at this price…

    • Sad but true……

  • +7

    Pretty much ewaste

  • yep, gt1030 is probably better at similar price range

    • -2

      I got a 1650 Super for this price a few months ago.

  • Any of the following (or faster) will perform better, if you can find it second hand for a lower price:
    GTX 660 / 760 / 750Ti / 670 and up
    HD 7850 and up
    R7 260X and up

    • +1

      Don't forget APUs as well

    • Which of those will drive a 4k panel at 60 Hz over HDMI?

      The 550 has its place.

  • +1

    The GT1030 is a fabulous card to turn an older computer into a great media machine and light gamer.
    The silent ones run great you don’t need a fan version.
    The 1030 is a much better buy than this RX 550

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    The new 64 bit version RX 550 is 25% weaker than the old 128 bit version. Please don't buy it and just go get a 1030 (not the GDDR4 version)

    64 bit vs 128 bit

  • I would say stop gaming but I put in 14 hours this weekend so I'm just an angry hypocrite at this stage hey cool new nickname sweet

  • For gaming purpose get a used 1050 Ti or 1650 around $250-350, at least they can handle some old games smoothly under FHD or even 2K with lower settings.

  • The state of PC gaming in 2021…

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