Blaupunkt BP750USG9500 75" 4K Ultra HD Android TV $888 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like a very good tempting price for a big screen. Also available free shipping as well. May be location specific but here in Victoria, my post code gets free delivery.

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  • Anything with an 8 in it will sell. This will triple the sales.

    • Too bad it's not 8K 88inch.

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        for $888
        See you in 8 years

  • Hisense 65 XS was at this price two weeks ago. Wish it could come back again.

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    I really wish this brand didnt sell their name out.
    I was excited first time i saw they made tvs.

    Android is just that tad more unstable than WebOS when the manufacturer didnt bother fine tuning for their hardware.

    Cheap android tvs are a gamble. A small one; but certainly worth mentioning.

    • I'm assuming made by Vestel like a lot of the others.

      • Not Vestel. in Australia, I believe the Blaupunkt brand is licensed by AYONZ who source their TVs from low cost manufacturers in China.

  • Anyone know what their support is like?

    And what is the audio like?

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    I had Eko 65 Android Tv and it was bang for the buck. Screen got broken due to our fault but it did meet my expectations. Bought around 6 months ago and it was good value for 700. The picture quality was impressive to watch in a well lit area drying day time with good contrast and brightness. Of course had to change the settings as per my taste and it was good. Everyone has own expectations and experiences vary as well.

    • Do you know if it has console input lag?

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        Sorry mate I can't check it anymore as I said screen got broken couple of days ago , so not working anymore.

  • No stock in Sydney

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    I called up about this on Wednesday to ask a few questions (we are in Brisbane on the north side)

    1) not in stock in any stores to view the picture or sound quality - only available at their Berrinba warehouse on the other side of town for pick up (if I understand correctly they won’t ship to your local store either but delivery only $59)
    2) couldn’t tell me when the sale ended but it’s on clearance so possibly until they run out
    3) 75 in stock at the moment
    4) $129 for an extra 2 years warranty on top of the 1 year that comes with it (this is the max they do for under $1000 TVs) so $1017 with the same warranty as a Hisense TV

    For me it was a no. We will wait for the Hisense 65 inch TVs to come down to sub $1000 again

  • This one is a hard pass! I sadly got wowed by it going back a few months ago at the same price… Deemed it unwatchable due to the pixelation… Felt like it was like previously owning an Xbox, then ripping out the Atari!
    Ended up bypassing all the entry and cheap Android models and after researching landed upon a TCL which is amazing quality… Just upgraded my bedroom for another tcl new model and even more impressed

    • Thanks for that review.
      We had a similar experience with hisense (non android).

      Been amazing, and we cant fault it.

  • I have the 70inch, tv is nice picture quality wise, surprisingly can actually handle 4k content but will require you to restart tv after a month or so of switching apps between apps, i rekon its a ram limitation/design flaw but its not a big deal especially for the price and should be expected to be much worse. All that can be mitigated by adding a CC-google tv to it or firestick
    the sound is trash, get a cheap sound bar.

    • Did you receive any firmware updates ? Is the UI a new Google tv one or still old one? Sound issue is pretty much the same among these entry level or lesser known brands.

      • yeah its the new UI, most 2021 android TV's get the update i believe

    • +1

      Go into developer options of Android and set the background task limit to 2, or even "do not keep" if you dont mind them reloading.

      • i'll give it a shot, thanks

      • limiting the background process limit will reset back to standard after a complete shutdown (holding power button) btw.

  • Bought this TV and so far very impressed. For the price you can't beat it.

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