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Katoomba Roti Paratha 30 Pack $8.99, Haldiram Samosa 1.4 kg $8.99, 2x1 L Ghee $24 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Some Diwali specials at Costco. Standouts being samosa and roti parantha.

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    I like these roti - I stick them in a flat sandwich press and they come out great, but they're very greasy/oily.

    • And unhealthy if you don't mind.

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        Indian food is not really known for its health benefits.

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          The you are eating the "restaurant" and not "Indian" food.

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          That is definitely not true. There is healty/Unhealthy foods in all countries. Samosas and those palm oiled parathas are basically JUNK food and not main course. Just read the book - wheat belly and you will realise how much junk is there in everyday food even though considered healthy. Wheat has totally changed from the times when it was considered healthy.


          I remember once an Indian doctor said (I know I will get a lot of downvotes for it and I dont care), If people give up 3 things in life - Wheat, Sugar, Plastic. Then 90% of the world's diseases will go away. Think of how much junk will dissapear from the supermarket shelves.

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    I could honestly eat a bag of that roti every day, it's fantastic

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    Thanks Op! I stocked up on a couple $300 gift cards during the zip 10% offer. Time to get the cards to use.

    • That was last year .. or this year?

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    They mostly use Palm oil (in the name of vegetable oil) unless they have changed the recipe recently. Not a great oil for your heart!

    • use Palm oil (in the name of vegetable oil)

      Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, found in many packaged products sold in the supermarket.

      • That is solely a function of cost and possibly preserving the product.

    • Agreed. Its the worst vegetable oil one can consume

    • Is the Palm oil listed on the ingredient list? I have been using this product a lot. If it is true, I will need to reduce the consumption

  • The zeeba basmati rice is really good quality rice. I come from an Indian family and we always buy this rice when on special at Costco and so do now all our other family and friends

    • If is currently $39.99 in NSW/VIC/ACT. Will be the same price nationally from tomorrow for 2 weeks.

      • Yes it was also on special today when we went to Costco. We bought a bag

    • I’ve wanted to buy this for awhile. After seeing it on special, I couldn’t justify paying the full cost.

      If your family consumes lots of rice, you might consider seriously sticking up. I know people in the USA where the supply chain problems are more advanced and they literally could not find rice in the Washington DC area for weeks. Costco is raising prices in some of their staples. I have noticed this and I suspect we will hit supply issues.

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    Shame no Rasmalai this year. It was really good the one they had for a short time last year.

    • Which brand? A lot of brands available here have very watery milk (not thick/ boiled enough) and that's not how it should be.

      • I don’t recall the brand. It was imported from the US.

      • Do you know of any brand that you tried is good amongst the availables ones?

        • I personally like Nanak brand.

  • Them way too greasy. They leave a layer of grease on tongue after you're done.

    • Parathas? They are made with oil so they are always oily. It's not unusual. People put ghee or butter on top of it while having it fresh (straight from the pan), so it gets even more greasy than how you probably had.

    • I agree, they have more oil to consider them healthy, was wondering if its to prevent them from sticking to the plastic. Taste good though.

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    The ghee looks like a noteworthy deal too - $24 for 2L. May be add it to the header?

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    • What brand

    • We generally get unsalted butter from coles and melt them at home so we have fresh ghee at a cheaper price. Not everybody wants to do that probably and I get it.

      • We have been doing this for years.

      • Just trying to understand the math - cheapest unsalted butter in coles is this
        @$1.12/ 100gm I.e 1kg = $11.
        The ghee in this deal is $12 per litre.
        How much butter gets 1 litre ghee? has to be significantly less than 1 kg to justify the additional cost of melting plus time and effort for clean up etc.
        Additionally, the ghee in the deal claims to be organic.

        • Sorry I meant comparing to local prices. Sorry for the confusion. If you stay near costco, have the membership and eat enough ghee to finish 2L while they are fresh, there is no confusion this is a good deal :) We do not eat that much ghee and 2L will last us forever. haha. We just make in small batches (500G butter at a time) and that itself will last couple of months.

          PS - I dont believe in organic ghee. Milk is stripped out of all the things that makes it organic/not organic by the time is becomes ghee. Probably. I may be wrong though.

          • @John Doh: Haha - All good - Thanks !
            Btw - nothing can beat the taste of freshly made ghee by melting butter, but this one from Costco is also good, of course only good if you have membership and a Costco nearby, which is both true for me.

  • Is it instore or online?

    • In store

  • Any OzBargain way to get Costco membership? Currently $60/year.

    • Pay $60 and cancel membership a day before expiry for full refund.

      • Genius 😊👍🏻.

        Confirmed the same at https://www.costco.com.au/member-privileges-and-conditions

        On membership: we will refund your membership fee in full at any time for any reason if you are dissatisfied

        Going to sign up today. LOL

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          Only thing is that you will be barred from signing up for a year.

          • @RSmith: After I cancel the membership?

            I can’t sign up again for a year?

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        $55 if you got ABN.

        ABN is free to apply and cancel.

        $5 savings but with extra effort 😄

        • I just joined and it didn't ask for my ABN?

          Anyway, I have printed a copy if they need me to show it etc.

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      Just find a good friend who already has a card and piggy back with them ;)

  • $24 for 2 litres of ghee is not a bargain, same with parota or samosa, i feel woolies and half price coles samosas are worth buying.

    • i feel woolies and half price coles samosas are worth buying

      I have tried Coles samosas and in VIC the brand is different to the one Costco is selling. The taste is different too. I prefer Costco's.

      • You mean in VIC coles dont sell Haldiram ones? Hmm, here in Brissy we get them in most coles.

        • No. I don't remember the brand name but it's not Haldiram.

          • @RSmith: Sabrini is the brand, very few stuff of Haldiram's, we usually go to indian grocery shop, they have both,plus Deep brand , that one is very good as well comes with free chutney

    • I just check for samosas and Costco one wins by 19 cents per 100 grams.

    • Where do you get better price for ghee?

  • This is excellent - time to stock up my freezer so I can watch more re-runs of how can she slap on a full stomach.

  • Any comments about the Zeeba Rice vs India Gate Classic etc? I've not seen many reviews of Zeeba and those I have seem to say it's not too fragrant?

    If I'm buying 20kg then I'd like the best… It's just Zeeba is easy (and cheap) to get hold of, India Gate not so much where we live…

  • Lidcombe no more roti

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