Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240, Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper, 39 Length Settings, Black/Blue $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest but still good price:

Another version with clipper for same price:

Cant really tell which one is better.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • anyone use this product and recommend it?

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      I've got it. Works ok. The only catch is when you turn the length dial, the guide gets pushed out the front to give a longer cut, BUT if you take the guide off to clean it then pop it back on, it'll most likely go back to #1 length (because you're pushing it to get it back on). So you then need to reset the dial to get it back out to the length you were cutting at. If you're not aware of this you can get a very short strip cut out, have to cut the lot the same short length and start growing it again! :-)

    • I have had one for 4 years now. It does the job pretty well.

  • Had one ( variation of) for about 16 months. (cost $89)
    Cut well enough but the run time was abysmal and would slow to a crawl within 4-5 minutes.
    Would end up pinching hair/beard off as it couldn't cut.

    Upgraded to a Philips 7000 series which was twice the price. So so much better!

      • I've got the Philips vacuum one and while the vacuum function does catch some of the mess, it's a bit of a gimmick when it doesn't catch it all. The plastic clip holding the blades into the adjuster broke recently after about 2 years and now I'm looking to upgrade to something sturdier.

  • Can any one recommend a beard trimmer which also has a nose trimmer attachment? Personally I've been using the Wahl but I feel it hasn't been has highly recommended in recent times

  • I recommend the Phillips 7000 Beard Trimmer.
    Got it a few weeks ago. works great.
    Has a great vacuum system that stops all the trimmings going everywhere

    $54 on Amazon right now.

    • I have heard mix reviews of that vacuum one 7000 series. Does it trim well? Does compartments get full wuickly and stops further trim?

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        I have gone through two 7000 series in two years. All I would say is save your money for a better product. vacuum works well but the plastics, motor and battery used are feeble.

    • Thank you! Delivered tomorrow as well.

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      There's a solution for every problem on the internet (just don't be caught using it) :-)

  • I got one of these back in March for $40 possibly from 3rd party seller and it came with a Euro plug. Still happy with it, just be aware it might require an adapter.

    • Looks similar but doesn't come with 11-20mm attachment (I never used mine) and isn't waterproof. It does come with a travel pouch which I wouldn't mind having.

      Waterproof is a must have feature for me, might not be for you.

      • They both say washable and not to be held under water?

        • Forgot about Braun's vague and confusing waterproofing levels. I think it says you can't use the BT3240 in the shower but somewhere else it says fully washable. I use it in the shower and it's been fine, but maybe I shouldn't.

          BT3240 is 'fully washable', BT3000 is 'washable'. When I did research before buying mine, I took 'fully washable' to mean okay in the shower as the whole trimmer can be washed, and 'washable' as okay to rinse only the head under the tap. I think this was depicted with images on the box.

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