Melbourne to Bangkok Return Airfare from $1,294 (Flying Christmas Holiday Period) @ Singapore Airlines


For return flights MEL to BKK departing 18-Dec-2021, and returning 02-Jan-2022
Edit: 24-Oct-21 $1,294
Edit: 25-Oct-21 $1,362
Edit: 27-Oct-21 $1,510
Edit: 28-Oct-21 $1,233
Edit: 03-Nov-21 $1,510
Edit: 06-Nov-21 $1,594
Edit: 19-Nov-21 $1,799

Could be a deal for people needing to travel to Thailand. This price is checked for flights departing on Saturday 18-Dec-2021. Additional charges apply including minimum 1 night at SHA+ of AQ hotel, Certificate of Entry to Thailand (or wait for the Thailand Pass), and compulsory travel insurance.

This deal is targeted to people meeting the following restrictions:

  1. For Eligible Passengers Only (FEPO) flight:

  2. Successful application for Certificate of Entry to Thailand (New information about Thailand Pass is still being updated)

  3. Must stay at a SHA+ or AQ hotel for at least 1 night. (Free cancellation up to 1 day prior to arrival)

  4. Must have travel insurance that covers up to ($100,000 according to Singapore Airlines) & ($50,000 according to Thailand Pass).

NOTE: Airfare cancellation fee: $260.

Take the gamble and buy first, confirm other details later.

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  • +1

    I need to check on all those water buffaloes I have helped out with urgent medical treatment. Hopefully they are ok.

    • you too …going to look at the statue in the village in honor of myself

  • +9

    axa travel insurance covers for covid/thai trip, not sure who else atm, quick quote came up about $100 for 30 days

    • +2

      That actually sounds quite reasonable.

  • Is that going to be a thing now where you HAVE to have travel insurance? I mean, I always got it.. but still

  • +1

    A couple of comments:

    • the hotel cost includes a PCR test on arrival, plus a test kit to be used if you have later COVID symptoms

    • I'm pretty sure the insurance cover is US$50,000 after 1 November.

    • Thanks, I think so too. But at the moment, singapore airlines still state $100,000.

  • What's the deal? The link only goes to the home page of SIA

    • I couldn’t provide a exact link for the search as indicated on the title. You need to search it from the SingaporeAir website.

  • +1

    The requirements are becoming less onerous on November 1 for Australians. (I also believe the Certificate of Entry is being change on that same day as well)

  • What a mission.

    • +3

      Yeah but Pad Thai on the streets is a couple of dollars. So the more you eat the more you save.

  • Do we still have to add hotel quarantine

    • Wait till 1st Nov. then there will be clearer directions.

      If mandatory quarantine for one day at SHA+ hotel is required.

      Or if it is just be staying at a SHA+ hotel, (But not to mandatory quarantine conditions).

  • thanks for the instruction

  • +1

    Unless you've got a partner or family in Thailand, it's still not really worth the effort of travelling until countries drop the COVID test crap.

    Especially given if you catch COVID in Thailand (which is possible as case numbers are significantly under reported due to low testing), you'll be stuck there until you can test negative again in order to board the flight home.

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