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Oculus Quest 2 128GB $463.76 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This isn't a massive discount from the $479 RRP but considering this is sold directly by Amazon and is the upgraded 128 GB version it seems like a good deal if you were considering the headset. There is a cheaper listing for $449 however this is sold by an unknown seller without any feedback so I would advise against purchasing from that listing.

You can also get $47 of Oculus Store credit by using the referral system, you will need to send a PM to a member and add each other as friends on Facebook. You can then get them to send you a unique code from the Oculus app which will grant you both $47 of Oculus store credit upon activation of your headset with your associated Facebook account. You will need to remain friends for 30 days after activating the headset to ensure both parties receive the credit.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Given the direct price from the US would be around $440 before shipping, price drop is warranted as things open up.

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    fwiw if you order directly from the oculus website, it gets sent from hong kong via fedex. usually fedex is pretty good but my delivery was delayed for about two weeks.

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    Bought one when the 128gb dropped for the same price as the 64gb. Absolutely worth it, wireless ping pong, loading and firing guns, boxing, golf….. For something that only needs a 2x2 area to play in, can go a long way to curing a spare hour of boredom.

    I'm not sure if the referral link works through Amazon, might be worth spending a tad more to save more money down the line when you buy your first game or two.

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      I tried that new air guitar game, Unplugged.
      The hand tracking works quite well, lot of fun. Takes you back to the Guitar Hero days…

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      It does work, so long as you use a referral link before logging in to the headset for the first time

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    Beware that a new "Quest 2 Plus" model is almost certainly going to be announced in 5 days @ Facebook Connect.

    • there were rumours of 3 different models - anyone know what sort of pricepoint?

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      That's the news I am waiting for before I decide if I purchase this Quest 2.

    • Doubt, plus it's pricing will be totally different.

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        I think you're getting confused with the "Pro" which is rumoured to be announced in January at a different price point. The "Plus" is supposed to be a straight replacement for the Quest 2.

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    How is the return policy is like for these? Amazon wouldn't probably accept change of mind returns right?

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      I bought 256gb from Amazon. Returned first one as it had issue with burn in lens. Amazon sent next day and had to return other one within 2 months. So had 2 for a little bit.

      Just did a return on the replacement as I dropped it and it cracked one of the cameras. Was direct with oculus. They’ve been fantastic. Even gave me $40 credit for my inconvenience as I had to send back and wait a few weeks for replacement to arrive.

      Excellent service

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        Warranty cover drop? (Ie user fault)

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          Probably not. He just said something else to return for sure, this is not good. If it was our fault, then just don't return it and buy another one if you want. Imagine that you are the one who sells products, and the customer does the same to you, that was rude.

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      You don't need a real reason to return with prime, but if you want to give a reason there are plenty. The quest 2 is still pretty buggy and can be replaced direct by oculus (refurbished) or refunded via Amazon

      Absolutely recommend getting one. Very happy with mine

      • How is it buggy?

        • compatibility with win10
          guardian and tracking
          things you would only notice when you become frustrated

          Virtual Desktop works so much better
          Its still pretty dificult to list all the problems… almost like buying an early release game.

        • I've not had any issues with guardian and tracking as PlaunsJanus describes, at least beyond the standard limitations of inside-out-tracking (HMD needs line of sight to the controllers, so they go wonky when behind your back etc)
          But playing via OculusLink cable can be unstable in my experience. It doesn't play nice with SteamVR and I've have multiple game crashes and system lock-ups, regardless of which is set as the default VR environment. Some games require SteamVR running so there's no way around it.
          Funnily enough AirLink has actually been more stable in terms of not locking up my system or game crashes.

    • My Rift S had issues about 6 or so months after I purchased it and they actually let me return it for a full refund. Purchased a Quest 2 after that, still have it, but will likely upgrade to the rumoured Quest 2 Pro.

      • Why the upgrade tho? Is there stuff that the quest 2 can not handle well?

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          Uses an IPS screen that makes dark scenes look average at best, and the audio is honestly crap

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          Pretty much what kille745 said, the resolution and it being wireless is great, but it has awful FOV. I find I always notice the edges of the screen, and it doesn't handle blacks very well, which is important to me as I like to watch movies a lot in Bigscreen.

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    Is this the one where you need a Facebook account for it to work and you lose your games if you delete your Facebook profile?

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      correct.. I think it's also locked to that account, so you can't even resell it

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        No you can reset it. You can also use multiple accounts in it now.

        • If you buy and download a game on one account can the other accounts also play that game?

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            @Agret: Theoretically should be enabled for most games but I haven't personally tried it so ymmv: here

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          • -1

            @Agret: Yes.

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            @Agret: You have a master account, then add sub accounts that can access games bought by the master account if enabled by the developer (funnily enough, I believe the Quests most popular game Beat Saber, now owned by Facebook, is one of the few games that doesn't allow sharing.)

            Sub account owned games can't be shared by the master account though.

        • oh, did not know that.. definitely used to be the case. Thanks for the correction

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            @Jaspa7: Thank you all for educating me. I just wanted to know how it worked.

    • You must be a friend of Facebook.
      I am guessing people in China won't be able to use Quest 2.

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    Also, for those not liking the FB side of things, there's always hope:


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      a step in the right direction.. but your money will still be ending up in their pockets

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      Until Mark says Oculess no more.

      • -3

        We don't really want that thought, because like him or not, he's the reason VR is making leaps and bounds at the moment.

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          That's exactly how he thinks. Get it out there, get it popular and then bring on the data grabbing.
          The promises made when when both Oculus and WhatsApp were acquired were mere words…

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            @ThePasserby: Who cares really? Make a new Facebook account just for this without any identifying details

            • +1

              @dosada: Agree. For people who hate FB but still want to use Quest 2, they can just create an account with bare minimum personal detail.

              Personally, I don't really care much about my own personal data being shared because I don't post everything about myself on FB like some narcissistic people, and I don't really have much to hide like some criminals or international spy.

            • +4

              @dosada: Actually it's against their community standards currently. There's been reddit posts in the past where people got locked out of these types of accounts (fake id / duplicate accounts) and lost access to their paid Oculus apps and games.

          • -1

            @ThePasserby: Yeah but at the end of the day it's about having large investment in the industry. Just because there's data collection and money to be made doesn't mean there isn't progress being made in the industry that wouldn't be possible without such large amounts of money and resources being put in and making it more accessible.

            People can downvote as much as they like, it doesn't change the facts. Just cus you don't like data collection doesn't mean facebook isn't making leaps and bounds in progressing the VR industry.

          • +1

            @ThePasserby: The FB data grab might seem innocent but a by-product is that a lot of harm is being done to society. e.g. Promotion of unrests: Myanmar Rohingya genocide, capitol riots, COVID19 related and other general fake news… just to name a few.

            Regulation is also lagging behind on customer protection on account linked purchases. Google/MS/FB can cancel an account if they deemed that T&C has been violated and the account holder looses all access to any purchases made under that account. In relation to an Oculus VR, as others pointed out, FB bans the hardware too!

            I believe until regulation catches up, FB remains a menace.

            • @ThePasserby: Yeah I agree that Facebook being able to ban you and all your paid content for something you did on Facebook that is completely unrelated is super crap and not on. At first I made a Facebook account for my cat and decided I wouldn't pay for any oculus content. Since then I've just done it the normal way and bought stuff though because I decided I probably wouldn't get myself.

              I don't really get your point about the data grab harming society and it's relation to unrest in Myanmar or fake news. I can't quite make/understand the link there. But I totally get that people don't want data about them being taken and sold or used for advertising.

              • +1

                @Castcore: What I mean is Facebook business model is framed towards advertising. The more there is user engagement and interaction the more the likelihood of clicks on ads and thus revenue is drawn from advertising. FB found out user engagement is magnified with polarised topics, fake news…etc

                For the Myanmar case, check this out.

                I know it is not exactly the best place to talk about this as, being concise, things can be misunderstood or get taken out of context…

        • +2

          Totally disagree here. The Vive Pro 2 is the best headset i've used. Oculus is sub par at best. The Index is also better.

          • @DeviousDan: The Index is also nearly two grand, and isn't easily accessible in Australia. EBGames is the only official seller, I think, and their shipment has been delayed several months.

          • +1

            @DeviousDan: Completely missed my point, did I say the Quest 2 is the best VR headset out there? I agree there are better headsets out there but there isn't better value imo. Facebook brought usable standalone to VR and is working on some really cool stuff at the moment that IS revolutionising the VR industry. And at the end of they day they will bring it to VR at an affordable price when other companies haven't been able to do so because they don't have as much funding/resources.

            • @Castcore: The main problem I have with it, owning both the CV1 and the Quest 2 is them throwing the older models in the bin, when they're objectively better in some ways, besides refresh rate, screen and audio are both significantly worse on the quest 2. I have no doubt when the quest 3 is released, same thing will happen to this model

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    Nice, just in time for resident evil

  • +3

    Funny subreddit for everyone r/vrtoer. Good deal

  • Anyone used this with the new MSFS? I'm definitely going to buy a VR headset at some point for flight sims but still unsure if the hardware is where it needs to be

    • +1

      You'll need to run that on your PC, so that will be the bottleneck. If your PC is powerful enough then it's quite good.

    • Yup, I use my Quest 2 fine with MSFS with a 2070 GPU on medium VR graphics settings with either Virtual Desktop or Airlink. Link to a demo video I recorded last year with it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYtkG4juoA8&ab_channel=Fligh...

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    Am I mistaken or is this not from Amazon? Seems to be from a third party seller.

    • Which third party seller? I can only see it says sold and shipped from Amazon AU.

    • Ships from and sold by GanFanRen.

      128gb version

      Ships from and sold by Amazon AU

      256gb version

      • +1

        GanFenRen is also a brand new user with 0 feedback. Seems just a bit scammy to me. Plus there has already been at least 2 posts on OzB taken down today for the GanFenRen one.

      • Strange, I clicked both 128GB and 256GB models, and they both show from Amazon AU.

    • Yes, a cheaper 3rd party you can purchase from. But if you click on the PRIME version, you'll get the price above and direct shipment from Amazon AU.

  • Anyone know whether if this is any better than an Oculus Rift S? Can you play VR games on Steam wirelessly with one of these?

    • +1

      Definitely has more features and support/updates than Rift S. Also has higher resolution and refresh rate but the quest is pretty front heavy out of the box compared to the halo-desing of the rift s and the fact that it has no batteries on the headset. Can do wireless to steamVR with the quest also.

      So Quest 2 is definitely the better choice. But right now if looking to purchase, wait until Facebook connect on the 28th of October as new headset announcements are expected.

  • -3

    Huh so we need to buy the games later? Any free things that i can use with this ?

    • +4

      Same as PlayStation and Xbox. Oculus has a strong following amongst pirates too

  • Can it watch pornhub?

    • +11

      You forgot to mention you were asking for a friend

      • Most assume that's implied these days..

        • +1

          Can it watch pornhub with my friend?

  • +1

    Pretty great device even as a non-VR gamer, it's essentially just a portable monitor for me with some cool features. Love using my PC through my quest or just watching movies with it. As others have mentioned it may be worth waiting to see what's announced. Also I think if you buy one and use a referal code you and the referer get $47 Oculus Store credit!

    • How good is the movie viewing experience? I’m sensitive to the screen door effect that VR headsets can have. Have you experienced this when watching a movie?

      • f

      • +2

        It's passable and still enjoyable for me, watching 3D movies is really cool. Though it's DEFINITELY not as high-res as you would want it to be and if you're sensitive to that effect than you may find it much less enjoyable. All in all I still think it's totally worth it for the price if you want to dip your toes into the VR world, now that I've tried this I would feel much much more confident investing more into a better equiped VR headset (as more and more continue to be made and improved upon).

        • +1

          saw youtube is that true we can watch movies stored on our NAS (plex as server) straight into this headset? wireless- home network ofcourse.

          • @ChiMot: Correct! Works really seemless too, it's really quite a versatile wireless screen.

            • +2

              @mitchy: Yeah even if the res isn't the best the immersion is incredible imo, watching movies from my NAS sitting in bed is great.

              Great for a mobile second screen when the TV is being used by others too.

              I was skeptical but this gen is great, the next one or two after should be incredible.

              • @blazerunner: What are you using for NAS viewing? Skybox?

                • @bamzero: oh so no plex client on ocu but people saying use app named "bigscreen" and "skybox" or skytop
                  I just go to plex.tv/web and watch there. Works great, no download

                  • @ChiMot: I don't have a plex server so not too sure but I believe you can sideload the android client. Not sure how it looks in VR though. For some reason they don't have a VR client for anything newer than Oculus Go.

                    I like Skybox as it gives you a cinema environment to sit in, don't like looking at a floating screen in a void.

                    Haven't tried Bigscreen before as I thought it was more of a social platform to watch movies together, but most of them paid streaming.
                    Just looked at it again and seems like it supports DLNA servers so should be able to play from Plex.

              • @blazerunner: my tv is full HD only, but most of my movies are in 720p (just to save harddisk space yes i am stingy). will i see worst than on my tv? and… how big is the screen you will see when watching using ocu ? like 55" or ?

                • @ChiMot: It's like sitting in a cinema. 720p is still ok but 1080p obviously be better. I haven't tried anything higher, not sure if there would be too much difference since even though it's got 1920px height the video isn't full screen anyway.

                  For future storage you should look at x265 encodes if you're not using already, good quality 1080p encodes are pretty efficient on space.

                  • @bamzero: Yeah I use Skybox for smb network playback from my Raspberry Pi 3, worked a treat. As @bamzero mentioned it's like being in a cinema, the immersion is fantastic. You can adjust the cinema lighting, seating, as well as different environments like space station.

                    I'm still living with a 50" 1080p plasma in the lounge, Quest 2 made me immediately want a bigger tv 😆

                  • @bamzero: x265 encodes
                    my synology isnt capable, it was 2011 model :(
                    wow like in cinema? can we adjust the projection size?
                    how about distance ? i mean sometimes i prefer to sit at the back when in cinema
                    oh blazerunner answered my question i think.
                    wow seriously now tempted

                    • @ChiMot: Ah ok. Well the headset will decode x265 no worries, so you don't need to transcode it though depends whether your other clients can handle x265 I guess.

                      As far as Skybox goes yeh. In the cinema environment you can choose to sit in the front, middle or back row, other environments you can resize the screen.

  • -1

    Still holding off VR. The prices are still too high the tech not quite there

  • price down to $449.99 now

    • +4

      from a 3rd party seller who just launched and has no feedback…

  • Thinking about it the other day but I wear spectacles, how does it work with people like me? Do i need to buy some kind of accessories?


    • check youtube review unboxing there is something for ppl with glasses on the box

    • @stingy-oz - There is a spacer in the box to provide a little more room for a pair of glasses to be worn at the same time; however, you will require glasses frames that fit within the headset facial interface. If you go down this path, I recommend that you get bumpers for the lenses to ensure your glasses don't knock into the headset lenses and scratch them.

      Alternatively, you can purchase prescription lens from a range of players, google should help you find a few, these aren't cheap but better than wearing glasses. You can also go the somewhat DIY approach; if you have access to a 3D printer you can print lens adaptors and then buy yourself some specific lenses from Zenni. I went with this approach and it has been great.

      • Great. more to check out but probably have to go with the non-3D printer path then :(

        Do you by any chance, knows the what sizes glasses that the space would fit?

  • If I want to connect this to my pc, do I need to buy an external cable or does it come with one?

    • You can either buy their overpriced Occulus Link, or just get a USB C to USB C (or USB A v3.1 if your PC doesn't have USB C). Make sure the cable is long enough for it to be useful. I think a 5m cable is best.

    • +3

      You can also use AirLink with the Oculus app installed on your PC and connect wirelessly over wi-fi to your PC to use SteamVR if your network is up to it. Some people swear by cables for stability/max fps but I think wires kill the experience.

      It's a weird inception thing where Oculus Quest runs the Oculus desktop app that runs SteamVR. A bit of fiddling around but it works 🤷‍♂️

      I found HL: Alyx over wi-fi with my Asus DSL-AC68U router worked great.

  • Dropped to $463.76 - HUGE

  • Thanks, I bit the bullet and ordered one.
    Solely for RE4VR.

  • +2

    Facebook just announced "We're working on new ways to log into Quest that won't require a Facebook account, landing sometime next year. This is one of our highest priority areas of work internally."

    • This would be the same Facebook that insisted on a Facebook account for all new purcahsers of the Quest 2 and informed existing owners -

      "If you are an existing Oculus user and have an Oculus account, you will have the option to log in with your Oculus account and merge your Facebook and Oculus accounts. You can also choose not to merge your accounts and continue using your Oculus account for two years.

      You can continue using your Oculus account until January 2023, but you will not have access to social and some new and updated features. After that, full functionality will require a Facebook account".

      Guarantee it may not require a Facebook account but it will insist on a Meta account (anyone believe there won't be a difference and they won't be sharing your data?)

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