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LIFX Mini Day Dusk (4-Pack) $62.10 Delivered @ LIFX


Works out to approx $15.50 each which is cheapest it’s ever been I believe.

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    I really wish these had Bluetooth. I would've been all over it but I cancelled my wifi at home because me Mobile data plan was more than enough :'(
    Gonna be a nice deal for most people though I'd imagine if they've been wanting smart globes.
    Shattered Thanks OP

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      You could always get a router and set it up that way. You don’t need internet to have wifi.

      You could even set it up so you share the mobile data through the router instead.

      • Lifx bulbs do have "LAN" control once set-up. You just need initial setup via Internet.

        • Hmmmm, might have to see if the router/modern I have works as just a LAN i don't know much about these things but it's a mute point if I need internet to set it up unless I can temporarily add my phone as the internet access point somehow?

          • @Clarky77: You could set your phone hotspot to the exact same name as the WIFI network on your router/modem for setup. Then once they're setup change your phone hotspot and switch on your router/modem for LAN use.

    • For your purpose good be much better off with Philips HUE. They have Bluetooth and Zigbee which is far superior to wifi for smart home appliances. I would still recommend having a wifi router then you can have local LAN control which would give you much better range than relying on Bluetooth for each light.

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    If only they were E27 and not B22 Bayonet!

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    Thanks tzd, all the latest sales have been e27…

    • Yes that's why I thought I'd hit the jackpot, they are always twist-ins not Bayonette recently at least.

  • Says sold out already?

    • Yeah they must have very limited stock it seems. I bought one myself just before I posted this deal. Did anyone else manage to buy any?

  • OOS 😞

  • Single bulbs are still in stock for $17.10/ea with disc code.

    • Yep… and mini white bulbs as well… $13.50 with the code.

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