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[Club Plus] XTM Air Compressor 160L 150PSI $99.99 (Was $169.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


So the family is back to work in Canberra tomorrow and we have a very slow puncture in one car and a shelf of cheap air compressors in the garage with broken gauges. Our local Southside garage pumps are often not accessible and have unreliable compressors regularly displaying the 'Err' message and including one that completely deflated one tyre.

So I'm feeling bold and will try one more time to inflate my tyres at home on the cheap.

Spent 3 hours surfing Amazon, Ebay, Choice, Product Review and Whirlpool and nearly bought a a Thumper MK III for $120 till I saw this deal.


  • $169.99 full price with $5 delivery or $0 click and collect
  • $99.99 with club membership with $5 delivery or $0 click and collect - I will click and collect.
  • As a newbie I purchased Supercheapauto club membership online for $5 giving $10 online credit so subtract $5 giving $94.99 total .Note $10 credit doesn't show up till you checkout and prepare to pay.
  • Purchased via cashrewards.com.au Supercheapauto link for further 2.3% discount - received $2.30 discount confirmation email straight away

So…overall got $169.99 reduced to $92.60. Looked on ebay and 2nd hand prices of this product way in excess of $100.

Also looking forward to powering compressor from car battery not cigarette lighter socket with resultant car doors slamming into walls etc.

Happy pumping. x

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    This has been regularly $99 at BCF for years. It's decent for the money.

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      Cool and thanks. Current BCF club price is currently $135.

      I'm more than happy with your 'decent for money' comment as it is getting harder to trust any review for barely usable products.


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        You know what irks me this person who none stops msg and calls me everyday for money leave me alone, I can’t stand ppl who want money from me never met them and they so disrespectful.

        Trust is earn in person not by msg and calls from some scammer who can’t back off, they cause me trauma and problems.$220 for what’s transport $100 iTunes card 2 months later scam me for $220 wtf is wrong with ppl. I don’t ask ppl money but why do ppl scam and do what they do. Ugly i hate that bs in this rotten to core world.

        • ATO keep calling me and asking me to pay my tax bill with Itunes gift cards. Pretty sure it's a scam….

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        the kings version of this is exactly the same, they have been re-branded to "individual" company.

        I have this similar in kings brand bought years ago for around 70buks, still works great!

  • If portability isnt a main consideration, this is 50x better


    • ok thanks! If our tyres remains cratered I'll get in touch.

    • i have little black ridge at home for pumping up tyres, problem is it’s 240v only so not much use in the boot of the car if traveling.

  • Save yourself time and money, fix the tyre. This compressor are not worth keeping. Next to useless sitting in garage.

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      i use slime in my tyres when i have a slow leak or a puncture, works a treat …. buy at super cheap, repco or bcf, go to petrol station, the cap has a notch for removing the tyre valve , unscrew valve, add slime, screw valve back in and pump up tyre,

      some petrol station pumps come up as err if the tyre is too flat, ( thinks not attached to a tyre) then you need to hit the flat button on the pump

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    When I had a slow puncture, I used this until I was able to get it fixed. Seemed to do the job fine.


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    I have used this for offroadding and it works well. The issue is that the guage is inaccurate and you have to turn off the pump to check the pressure.

    I got a high end one for serious offroading and a small compressor named Astro AI frim Amazon for smaller jobs. That one cost under $50 and is often on lightning sales. You can set the pressure on the pump and it will turn off once pumped up.

  • I'd wait for the duel air compressor to come on sale, much better unit and gets down to the same price
    Mind you I think these ones are the same even though some of the specs seem to differ.
    Which is also the same as

    Between those 3 you should be able to get a sale

  • Make sure you buy a tyre repair kit too.

  • So you paid almost $100 for a temporary fix instead of $20 for a permanent one? Could also use Supercheap gift cards at 8% discount.

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    I've recently been sand driving and bought this in advance to re-inflate the tyres once back on the road, having previously experienced a cheapo pump. I can confirm that this re-inflated 10 tyres with consummate ease and didn't overheat, I think it took ten minutes total. The only downside is that there's no switch at the tyre end so you have to go back and forth to turn off the pump to check the idle pressure. Otherwise, very happy with this.

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      I overcame this issue by running a stopwatch. 1 min and 4s would take me from 17 to 34 PSI.

      What I used to do is pump for a bit longer and then move to the next tyre. Then you adjust the pressure while the other tyre is topped up.

  • I just realised as I was using it today they actually gave me this one. Thought it was working pretty good.

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