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The Wand Company Pokemon Poke Ball Prop Replica $154.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Had my eyes on this for a while, the ultimate Pokemon fan collector's item in my opinion! The Pokeball is made of a die cast metal (zinc) and feels like the real thing in the hand. Has a neat proximity sensor that lights up as you near/hold it. Plenty of reviews on youtube available if you need more convincing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Also available:

    Too bad the Master Ball was limited to 5000 units – released in North America only available from Pokémon Center

    • Woow that is so disappointing. I actually wanted the Masterball one…

  • +95

    What do you mean feels like the real thing? Do you know something we don’t?!

    Anyway, this is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll use it as a nightlight?

    • -1

      Wait so OP is implying that a "real" pokeball exists, compared to this so called "replica".

      • +26

        Thanks for explaining the post above for the stupider people for whom the comment was too subtle.

    • +3

      You're telling me Pokemon isn't real??? D:

  • I didn't even know this existed! Thanks for the post - got myself a pokeball. I was going to get one because of the "premium" presentation, but when watching the videos the proximity activation blew me away.. lol

  • +20

    This is perfect. 5/7 would throw at cat.

    • Hahahahahhaaha

    • +10

      My friend tried that at his cat.

      It hasn’t moved since then.

      I think he must have also inflicted sleep.

      “It was super effective !”

      • +5

        Nah, it's just fainted.
        Meowth: That's right

      • +2

        Clearly it's an evolution stone. His cat has just evolved into a ghost type

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    This is pretty cool but will end up collecting dust on my shelf. Also how do you recharge the battery?

    • Has AAs

      • How about the pokeball itself?

        • The button + black circle surrounding it are actually a cylinder compartment that can be removed. :)

    • but will end up collecting dust on my shelf

      As opposed to?

      • +14

        Catching them all.

      • +4

        Literally anything really… Its a $150 metal ball.

        • All collectibles just sit on shelves collecting dust though? It’s not a bad thing, it maintains their condition

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    I feel the master ball is better value but both too expensive and I find it very unlikely they’re made of zinc

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    Made in Australia? Radical

    • +2

      Big if true. Where does it say it’s made in Australia?

  • +9

    Rubbish that is going to depreciate .

    • +9

      Tomorrow's landfill today.

  • How do you get Pikachu onto a bus?

    • +5

      Poke 'em on

  • +2

    According to Amazon this is only 9% discounted from RRP not 15%.

    My neighbourhood cats are safe for now.

  • Great Ball
    Ultra Ball
    Master Ball

    All out as well, shame the master ball will always be out of reach

    • +3

      You could always buy a coconut and paint it.

      • +1

        Don't you mean apricorn?

  • is there any lore that says pokeballs are made from metal

  • “feels like the real thing” … you know pokémon is not real

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      what else are you going to lie about next that aren't real? unicorns, santa, tooth fairy, etc…

    • oh shiet… you've just opened Pandoras Box.

      This is going to end up as bad as telling "Karens" not to do what they're supposed to do.

  • +6

    i didn't catch them all.

    i thought i captured a rattata when i threw the ball at it. instead it just killed it. i was sad.

    then i had an opportunity to catch a raticate, and it just killed it again. :(

    maybe i need a great ball or ultra ball, because i am having a hard time with this poke ball.

    i think mine is defective, ymmv.

    im going to try to catch Rockroach, Pheromosa, or Spinarak now that summer is coming and let you guys now about my adventure.

  • +5

    It's stuff like this that makes OzB an oxymoron for saving money.

    Did I know about this before? No.

    Do I need it? No.

    Will I buy it? Yes.

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      I seriously shouldn't spend $150 on a Pokeball but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't seriously thinking about it.

      • +4

        If you invested $155 in Amazon in 1997 (when it was still one of the worlds most popular sites) today you'd have 300k. But you wouldn't be able to capture pokemon, so id go with the ball.

        • +1

          You’d be able to catch Pokemon and have $299,845.10 in change.

  • no pokemon, no deal

  • lol jesus this is one expensive metal ball with lights and sensors.

    I'll stick to those $10 reflex metal balls and just paint it myself

  • Would not recommended trying to catch my corgi. But gotta catch em all!

  • +5

    i'm a Pokemon fan, and i have heaps of collectibles and memorabilia but come on,

    feels like the real thing in the hand.

    that is a ridiculous description

    • +1

      Genuinely curious what your problem with this description is? afaik until this product (putting aside some decent efforts in the maker community / etsy that may exist), you could only buy plastic pokeballs. This one has a metal shell and a good weight to it, as well as looking the part for how the light reflects off it - am I missing something here that you expected?

      • +5

        am I missing something

        feels like the real thing

        There is no real thing.

        Also, it's a showpiece, doesn't matter what it's made from.

      • real thing in the hand? it is a poor choice of words.

        how can you know/ compare it's a bloody cartoon.

        how about
        - "looks like it does in the animation and fits the description of it in the cartoon."
        - "feels solid to hold and doesn't fell i like it will break apart like a plastic toy"
        - "looks and feels like a well made replica of the animated poke-ball"

        • +1

          Wow could you be any more of a pedant?

  • I wanna be the very best

    • Like no one ever was

  • +3

    I have one of these - for the diehard fan it was an absolute no brainer. I've wanted a high quality die-cast replica Pokeball since I was a kid and bought this as soon as it was available. Very nice feeling in the and the lights are super cool. Is it worth $150? I thought so. Is this a bargain? I can't imagine so - this is the same price as what I paid in March…

  • Different people have different hobbies and value things differently. Would I get this? No - I haven’t played Pokémon since Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver. But I was willing to put down $30 deposit on [Pre Order, Switch] Shin Megami Tensei V: Fall of Man Premium Edition - $159.95 🤷🏻‍♂️

    When I see this I see 15 roast chickens from Woolies, or 2 tanks of petrol that’ll get me to work and back for a month…

    • When I see this I see 15 roast chickens from Woolies

      File this under “Signs that you’ve finally grown up”

  • +1

    Any deals on 'the real thing' though?

    • +1

      no… just ones that feel like it.

  • +3

    hardly a bargain as not discounted.

  • +1

    There better be a pokemon coming out in this Poke Ball at this price for it to be a bargain. Rattata, Diglett, or Zubat at the minimum.

  • +2

    At this price feels like a scam

  • -1

    Don't worry guys still available : Subtotal (999 items): $154,845.00
    This order contains a gift.

    They will keep producing for any Fish willing to order hehe :)
    I know some don't see the problem .

  • -2

    Reported as not a bargain.

    • Not a bargain? Outrageous.

      Pikachu use tail whip on crazyj.

      • +1

        Hmm I think Iron Tail might be more effective here? 🤔

      • +1


        • Excellent! Pikachu Return

  • Looks like there are 3 in stock now.

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      Try fulfilled by AMZ : The Wand Company Pokemon Poke Ball Prop Replica

      Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.
      Eligible for FREE Shipping
      This will be a giftThis is a gift Learn more

      Obviously the company been looking here and trying to create an illusion they are nearly out :)

  • Received mine today. Around where the button it for the pokeball I can see shades of gray on the red shell of the pokeball. Like 5 spots where the paint isn't done correctly. Now that I saw it when I unboxed it, I can't unsee it.

    Can anyone else confirm if some of the painting on the pokeball is imperfected in this way?

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