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30% off adidas Outlet Items (Expired 20% Upsized ShopBack Cashback) @ adidas (Ultraboost from $92.50, Stan Smith from $35)


Received this promo via email. Time to stock up on adidas gear for a summer of freedom.

Stack with 20% cashback (no cap) @ Shopback. Expired

Ultraboost from $92.50
Stan Smith from $35

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    All extreme sizes

    • I often wonder if that's the case if you jump on these deals the instant they are active…

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      Good - I scored Ultraboost for my extremely sized extremities.

    • Due to snacking during Covid lockdowns

  • Seems when code is added they charge $8.50 shipping? Even though total order is >$100 after code is added

    • Free shipping worked fine for me with cart over $100 before adding the voucher. Using shopback app on android.

    • I just randomly added an item over $100 and was able to get free shipping after applying code.

      Edit - your after discounted price needs to be >$100.


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    This is already the second round so some nice colors could be all gone. Previously it was with cashrewards and UB30.

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      The clean triple black or whites are nearly never on sale, the cleanest looking ones.

      • Yeah. I have been wearing ultraboost for long time which is constantly on sale these days.

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    Anyone having issues checking out? I am getting the same problem on my laptop and phone, after confirming delivery details, the payment screen won't load and the URL changes to https://www.adidas.com.au/delivery?revealErrors=true

    I have also tried Paypal and get the below error:

    Your payment was refused. Please try again using an alternative card or payment method.

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  • Is this promo code only for ultraboost? I tried to buy other shoes products through website but its not recognising the code at checkout

  • Managed to pick up an UB21 Oreo which had one pair left in my size which never happens lol…

    ZNE hoodie at $49 even before cash back pretty damn good too!

  • Does anyone know if the men's sizes can be 'converted' into women sizes or vice versa? My sizes seem to be the most popular and always sold out 😔

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      There's a size chart, generally 1 to 1.5 size down

  • SHOPBACK30 isn't listed on Shopback. So will we get our cashback?

    • Definitely listed, got my cash back confirmation within like 15 minutes of my purchase.

      • I confirm it's listed and get mine tracked which cashback conformation. Not exactly 20% however.

  • Mine tracked and confirmed.
    But cashback is 18% instead of 20%. Anyone same ?

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      Hey @JeremRrss,
      Could I ask if you calculated you expected Cashback without GST & Shipping?

      $110 order ($100 on items, $10 shipping).
      Minus $10 shipping = $100.
      $100 / 1.1 = $90.91

      $90.91 * 0.20 = $18.18.

      If you still feel it's incorrect, please send me a DM :)

      • Ok I understand. Thanks for clear up.

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      Cashback excludes GST and shipping.

  • only one pair of ub20s left for $92.50, next cheapest start at $118

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    Word of warning.

    Still waiting over a month on a pair of UB21s from the last sale.

    The rumors about Adidas' poor delivery and customer service aren't far off the mark in my experience…

  • Anyone knows when this upsized cashback promo finishes??

    • Ends in 3 days

      • Thanks😊

  • still getting charged $8.50 even tho my cart is over $100…

    • Total should be over $100 after applying promotion code to avoid the shipping.

  • The coupon wouldn't work on any shoes that I really wanted. None of the adios models are included.
    But I did find an old pair of Adizero Pro in my size that should end up about $136, which will become my next marathon training shoes.

  • Folks, are the sizes listed in US or UK sizing? I am referring to size guidance and it seems like US but thought to check and confirm.

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    Not much variety unfortunately, looks like the first wave wiped most sizes/colours out.
    Still spewing over my order for three shoes during September, that Auspost delivered it to the wrong address. Had to chase Auspost, Adidas, and Bonds (they also delivered my other parcel to the same wrong address) for support, which was a living nightmare. Was referred to back and forth constantly between them.

    Finally got a refund when I disputed with Paypal a weekish ago, so please be aware, that in the off chance the order does go wrong, it could take a month and constant back and forth for a resolution.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that…. Can’t agree with you anymore…. And always surprised by Adidas…

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    showing 12% cashback…

  • Thanks op..ordered last night. Was hanging out for a certain shoe and it dropped to a reasonable price 😁

  • Just passed 500km in my current pair of ultraboost 20's, picked up for about $90 in a sale earlier in the year. Grabbed another pair for what should work out about the same price after 12% cashback.

    Checkout and postage were fine for last order, arrived pretty quick (to a parcel locker). Fingers crossed for AusPost this time around…

  • Placed my order yesterday and it was already delivered to me today…that's never happened haha.

    • Really? I placed my order and there hasn’t been any updates… Lucky you!

      • Ikr? I think the longest was like 3 weeks and my last order it took almost 2 and that was just t-shits and shorts…whereas this time I had a pair of shoes and hoodie too so I have no idea lol.

        • Nobody knows🤣 It always took few weeks for me to be delivered with lots of out of stock items🙄

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