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Uno Card Game $5.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


The classic card game of matching colors and numbers
Special Action Cards and Wild Cards for unexpected excitement and game-changing fun
Use the Swap Hands cards to change hands with any other opponent
Write your own rules for game play with the Customizable Wild cards
Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the color or number of the card shown on the top of the deck

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  • +4

    Nobody ever scores UNO like they’re supposed to. Same as nobody auctions properties that get passed over in Monopoly.

  • when you play, if someone needs to pick up, do you allow them to put the card down if they can?

    • @supasaiyan In our house, we follow that rule.

    • yeah rules aint clear
      if its a draw 2 and 4 yes
      if its cause you dont have a card to match no

      also can you end with a reverse, ship, draw two etc
      think its no

      • Can’t end on a special card

    • No.

      We also play intercept (if you have the exact same card a player has just put down even if it isn't your turn next - essentially skipping the player(s)) and stackable Draws (as well as if the person dealing a Draw 4 names a colour the next player has, he/she can stack that Draw Two colour on).

  • Bought 2, in case of an emergency!

  • +1

    I once bought a deck of Uno in a train station in Italy for 20 Euro. This is a good deal hahaha

    • +7

      Damn. Those Italians made you draw a lot more than just 4.

  • +5

    Have a look at Uno flip as well.
    Its reg uno game with a fliping twist. Funny and entertaining

    • Love Uno Flip but purchased on Amazon last month and had to return it as the colours were all wrong and similar shades of pink. Made it very difficult to play.

      • yeah pink and purple looks very similar under certain light conditions

  • +2

    Check out your local Woolies…. These have been reduced to around $5 for the last few weeks in my local.

    • possibly why Amazon has it on this special :)

  • It is showing $7 for me.

    • Same here

  • I think Silly Solly's stores have always for $5… Other day bought 5 for my shop

  • +1

    It is showing $7 for me.

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