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Reolink Argus 3 Pro w/ Solar Panel Spotlight Battery Camera, Human/Vehicle Detection, $172.49 Delivered @ Reolink via Amazon AU


[25% Promotion Code: C2GDN3EF] New Arrivals - 4MP Argus 3 Pro with Solar Panel with Person/Vehicle Detection :)

Features and Details

2K/4MP Color Night Vision; Person/Vehicle Detection; Brilliant Motion Spotlight; Wire-free Solar-powered; Interesting Time Lapse; 2.4Ghz/5GHz Dual Band; Google Home Integration; Two-way Audio; 2-year Warranty…

Technical Specifications

  • Video Resolution- 2560 x 1440 (4.0 Megapixels) at 15 frames/sec
  • Video Format - H.265; H.264
  • Field of View - Fixed lens, 122° (diagonal)
  • Digital Zoom - 16X digital zoom
  • Smart Alarm- Person detection/vehicle detection + PIR detection
  • Siren Alert - Siren + customized verbal alerts
  • SD Card - FAT32/Class 10 or higher/≥26Mbps (Sold Separately)
  • Weather Resistance/Temperature - IP65 weatherproof/ -10 to 55°C (14° to 131°F)

Let's get Halloween started ahead!

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  • These look very similar to the Uniden models. I ended up returning it because it would not detect movement fast enough. Maybe this model is different. Does it record continuously, or only when movement is detected?

    • I don't believe this has any relationship to the Uniden model, although they're probably designed to compete in the same market.

      It's probably capable of continuous recording, but that's definitely not the typical use case. These cameras are intended to be triggered by motion (or in this case, triggered by people and/or vehicles specifically) and record a short video clip. You can also configure alerts on a mobile device, or view the live feed at any time.

      It has local storage (Micro SD in the camera itself) and also can link to a cloud server via WiFi.

      • +1

        That's the problem. They don't detect motion fast enough. You end up recording the trailing end of a motion event. I got a lot of false positives too, regardless of the sensitivity settings. I would definitely recommend finding some positive reviews before purchasing.

        • +1

          I have a reolink, it's not this specific model, I have a Reo Argus, but the delay is really long. Walking at a normal pace, the person (usually a delivery driver) can be completely up my ~9m driveway before the recording kicks in. Meaning that I can't even see the persons face if it was an intruder. I also have no option of continuous recording. I was drawn to them as they have free cloud subscription and solar powered operation, but I can't say that I am overly happy with the product as the delay is just too long and that is with the highest sensitivity turned on.

    • Uniden have Reolink make them as OEM I believe

    • +3

      but no easy return when purchased from AliExpress. I would pay a little bit of premium to get it faster and for peace of mind if need to return/warranty it later.

  • Is this camera able too record to my NAS?

    • +2

      The non-battery Reolinks can record to Synology NASes. Doubt this one can.

      • Different things.

        PoE (Power over Ethernet) is probably what you are referring as 'non-battery', this is purely just to power the camera. The transmission of footage data (or saving locally) is independent to the way it is powered. Most cameras also transmit footage data over that same ethernet cable, you can then hook them up to a powered switch and digital video recorder (think like a VCR) it THEN write to onboard HDD (or some has ability to write to a NAS). Some people hook it up to a server, which then writes to NAS.

        So it is NEVER the camera that records directly to NAS, it depends on how your DVR/NAS/Server recording capture solution is set up…and whether if THAT solution can handle writing to NAS instead of onboard HDD.

        • PoE (Power over Ethernet) is probably what you are referring as 'non-battery', this is purely just to power the camera

          Not at all, the battery powered Reolinks do not provide RTSP and are tied closely to the app. As a secondary concern, as they run on batter - there isn't sufficient power for them to stream 24x7 to a NAS. That's why they are all motion detecting.

          I have a Reolink RLC 520 connected directly to a Synology NAS using the in built Synology Surveillance Station software, as well as a Reolink Lumus (NON BATTERY) camera which streams directly to the NAS using RTSP using https://github.com/thirtythreeforty/neolink

          The Reolink Argus (Argus 2 and Argus Pro) units I have on the other hand - which are battery powered - only function via the app, recording to their local SD card. No way to get an RTSP stream from them.

    • +1

      Reolink owner here, none of the battery\solar ones can record to a NAS, and I also found not every wired camera can either, for example, Reolink Lumus cant.

      • Thanks Supe's. How does the SD card for out for you, if you use it?

        • I've got four cameras and SD card works well, you only need 16gb for the battery powered cameras, and I get about a month's worth of footage in areas with moderate motion detection. Has been much more reliable than a Yi Outdoor camera that I used in the past - which used to crap itself when the (required) Internet connection drops out or switched to LTE.

        • Pretty reliable thus far. I use Samsung micro-SD cards as I find the SanDisk ones are pretty flaky.

          • @SupeNintendoChalmers: really? I need to cancel my order for SanDisk high endurance cards then…

            are high endurance/pro endurance cards really needed? I have been running a Samsung Evo select (value model?) perfectly fine in a car dashcam

      • +2

        FYI I got my lumus working with RTSP using https://github.com/thirtythreeforty/neolink in a VM.

  • -1

    Reolink has a flash sale - cheaper there slightly and different colours available. $166 for white, $160 for black.


    • This is the 3pro

      • Ah yes, quite right…glad i didnt cancel my amazon order then!..bought 2

  • Any more of this deal?

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