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[SA] Gaggia Pro Manual Coffee Machine $549.98 (Normally $599.98) @ Costco, Adelaide (Membership Required)


Repost of the expired Docklands deal, still plenty in stock in Adelaide. Can't see a lower price at any other retailer.

Stainless steel only in store, not listed on Costco website. Blue/red are online only at $639.99.

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    Really happy with Bambino plus for nearly $200 less.

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      We will see in a couple of years :)

      • Good point. 2 year warranty though. I wouldn't be worried if I had to buy a new one every 2 years if I had to, given price and coffee quality

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          I know 99% of the peple don't care much, but it is not good for the environment to thrash a coffee machine every second year..

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            @ets27: I will maintain it to the best of my ability. Not my fault if it breaks.

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              @BlueJay87: I am sorry but if you buy something that you know it will break, then it is your fault…
              Not to mention that a Gaggia CP lasts literally AGES, so it would be cheaper in the long term.

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                @ets27: But I don't know that it'll break. Many report many years of use with their Brevilles.

                You were the one that suggested it will break. I hope it doesn't. But even if it does, it's fairly cheap and replaceable.

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        For what it’s worth my Breville BES870 is 5 years old and working just as good as the day I purchased it

        • I get it, but statistically the Gaggia are way more reliable and/or easier to fix.
          The only really reason why you replace a GCP is becaue you want to upgrade.

          • @ets27: No doubt, when I ordered mine I never expected to last that long.

            Breville appliances at least in my experience seem to be really well built especially if you get the bog standard appliances

          • @ets27: How do you know the stats on Bambino vs Gaggia failures as a proportion of machines in use?

            Serious question - not trolling. I'm actually tempted by this deal, but I already have a Bambino. Unlike others I'm not thrilled with it. I find it easier to get great shots from my BDB (home) than my Bambino (work) and the Gaggia with the 58mm PF at this price is tempting. Plus I am a Costco member in Adelaide, and I am always so tempted when they start lowering prices on things.

            But I don't want to spend the time or money to put a PID in a Gaggia, and without that it might be worse than the Bambino (which has the small PF but does have PID). I also have very little interest in fixing a Gaggia (even if I can find youtube videos and parts easily) - my BDB has worked flawlessly for a year of daily use, and I have an extended warranty, and I am hopeful. Lots of people claim to get years out of them as did Franky288. I have no evidence my Bambino (just months old but more heavily used) will fail in two years - it has run like a champ so far (and is very kind to the environment with the crazy 3 second warmup time). I just am not super happy with the shots (yes I know all the tricks, WDT, etc, and use a calibrated tamper and bought the proper basket). I probably need to get another Niche to take to work to be fair to the Bambino before I decide for sure as that's a pretty obvious variable.

            Anyway, how do you know the Gaggia is "way more reliable?" Is there some site with real data? I often see people bagging Breville reliability, but is this just bias against consumer grade machines in favour of more simply designed prosumer Italian ones? Presumably Breville sales numbers are higher than Gaggia (Breville, unlike Gaggie, are in every store), so do we really know that they are less reliable? Or are we just seeing more examples of posting failures due to many more people owning Breville, together with confirmation bias? If you have non-anecdotal reliability data I'd be keen to see a link. Cheers.

  • Does anyone have the luck of installing PID to this thing?

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