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Zyron Powerpod 66W GaN Charger $44.96 Delivered @ Zyron Tech AU


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Zyron Tech AU @ $44.96 Zyron

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Powerpod-66W GaN + 20W PD 10000mAh @ $59.95
Powerpod-66W GaN + 20W PD 20000mAh @ $67.45

Powerpod Specifications:
Single Port Output:
USB-C 1 Output: 5-15V/3A, 20V/3.25A (Max 65W)
USB-C 2 Output: 5-15V/3A, 20V/3.25A (Max 65W)
USB-A 1 Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A ,12V/3A, 20V/1.8A (Max 36W)

Multi-port Output:
C1 +A1: 45W +18W (Max 63W)
C2 +A1: 45W +18W (Max 63W)
C1+C2: 30W + 30W (Max 60W)
C1 +C2+A1: 30W +18W+18W (Max 66W)
C2+ C1+A1: 30W +18W+18W (Max 66W)

3 Travel adapters included UK/EU/AU (US Fixed pin)
Size: 53x53x30.5 mm
Weight: 118gms charger + 17gms each adapter
USB-C protocol: PPS, PD3.0/2.0, QC3.0/2.0, FCP, Apple Fast Charging, Samsung Fast Charging, Apple2.4A, DCP-1.5A
USB-A protocol: QC3.0/2.0, SCP, FCP, Apple Fast Charging, Apple 2.4A, DCP-1.5A
12 Months Warranty

Full demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nUNbPHWY-k&t=76s
Video Courtesy: Wonk, an Australian Tech Influencer

If you like our Powerpod or have purchased before then please leave a review on Amazon or our website as it will help other buyers and also Zyron as a small Australian business :)

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  • +1

    What is the difference between these and the Heymix ones on amazon?

    • +1

      These come with 3 adapters AU, EU & UK in a package. Heymix ones comes with AU plug and cable. As both chargers come from the same factory, performance should be same.

  • +6

    Neg because they are still saying they are a "specialised manufacturer" online, but they don't manufacture anything. And also because I'm sure they are cheaper on aliexpress.

    "Zyron Tech is 100% Australian owned & operated. A specialised manufacturer of Premium range of Fast Charging consumer electronics and mobility products, specially GaN Chargers & Power banks."

  • I ordered a Pixel 6 and I'm wondering if this will give me the fastest 30W wired charging. Fast charging on the Pixel 6 requires PPS.

    The official Google 30W charger specs says "PPS 21V⎓1.5A. 11V⎓3A".

    This has "PPS 3.3V-16V/4A".

    So will this give me 30W charging on the Pixel 6?

    • -1

      Where does it say "PPS 3.3V-16V/4A"? I'm pretty sure 4A breaks spec.

      Honestly speaking, you shouldn't be getting this dodgy s*** of a charger, but if you do, your Pixel 6 should at least be able to charge at 27W (9V⎓3A). Unsure about the last 3W though.

      • Specs on the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zyron-powerpod66/zyron-...

        Also the Heymix one on Amazon has the same spec.

        • If you take the stated specs at face value then theoretically the charger will be able to negotiate at 30W charge with the Pixel 6. But once again, I remain highly doubtful that this will actually end up being the case.

    • Yes it will support 30W fast charge for Pixel 6.

      • How can you be so sure? Do you have a Pixel 6 in your possession to test?

    • the higher the charge power, the hotter the battery gets, the shorter the life of the battery ….. depends what is important to you, battery life span or charge speed, i only do higncurrent charges of phone is flat and i need a charge as i’m about to go out, overnight i do low current charge,

  • love me a good rebrand of Aliexpress stuff

    • +1

      Went outta my way to check it,

      And here we go

      That being said, deal here seems to have a better price (It was just a quick check on AliExpress. May be there are better prices)

      • It's the same as the heymix that is always on here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08YJM2KGS

        ~45 seems to be about the price, even if this is a rebrand. I don't mind if people save me the trouble of importing it myself.

        • +2

          They actually started selling after Zyron. They simply changed the images of their old charger to mislead buyers that the product is old and has 40+ ratings.

      • +2

        The same shell does not imply the same internals necessarily, and definitely does not have the same quality control.

        Company A can say to an OEM "give me whatever the hell charger you have" and it'll cost them say $30/item.

        Company B can say to the same OEM "give me a charger that meets this spec and test 50/1000", and it'll cost them $40.

        The OEM will likely take whatever fails for Company B and sell it to Company A. Where there is a cost saving, there is a way.

        Not sure where this mob falls, just saying. There is a lot more than just the item.

        • Totally agree to this.

        • +1

          Unless somebody buys both of them and does teardown we will never know.

          • @Mistredo: The internals, less likely to be different. The quality however is not. If anyone thinks that an OEM doesn't resell items to another customer that fail QA, they're kidding themselves.

  • +1

    FWIW, they've had this sitting at $49.95 for weeks now, so it's a very modest discount. They never sell at their true RRP as advertised on their website either, which implies that it's priced down to make it appear cheaper but they're really selling at their desired RRP. Bit of dated (and very cliched) sales tactic really…

  • Don't see how this is better than Zendure 100W at Kogan

    Zendure SuperPort 4 (100W USB PD) Charging Hub $30.99

    • Wow. Not sure why Zendure would sell a charger for AUD 30.99 via 3rd party when it has an RRP of USD 129.99 on their website. Something seriously wrong with these chargers may be.

    • Speaking of only paper spec, Zendure SuperPort 4 lacks PPS only standard PD. I just bought the 68W Kogan branded one for $22.99 which again also lacks PPS but that's ok because it's only a spare one for travel. My main one is Satechi 100W GaN which does have PPS.
      PPS is required to Super Fast charge Samsung phones or the new Pixels. Otherwise they will only Fast charge (I think 15-18W).

  • Don't know if this is allowed. But if you're after a much high powered charger that can tell you the charging speed, I found this one interesting but there is a wait for it.

    • Looks sweet, I am tempted. Expensive but might save buying multiple chargers.

      • Yeah it is expensive, EGO says they are using 4x top 2nd gen GaN chips to enable fast charging protocols on all 6 outputs at the same time. I'm hoping the higher cost enables them to product a much more reliable product in the sea of cheap chargers.

  • Hi OP,
    can you please let me know if this will charge planning to use one at a time.

    Thinkpad X1 Yoga which requires 65W.

    Can it charge Galaxy Tab S7 + and Tab S7 FE at full 45W?


    • I have the Samsung super fast charger and Heymix charger (same as this charger). I plugged S7+ and Note 20 Ultra, they both showed super fast charge 2.0. It looks like it works.

      • awesome thanks so much for confirmation.

    • Yes it can mate. If you intend to charge both simultaneously then you can checkout the 156W max Deskpod.

  • +1

    I bought one in September and one of the USB-C ports stopped working. Was great for a month and I guess time will tell whether they will honour the warranty in quick time.

    It is a quality looking piece of kit so hopefully I was just unlucky. They didn’t offer a postage free return so a further cost of $9.30 to get it back to them.

    • Now I can't buy this it feels like I'm gambling $50 lol

  • Do you know how long shipping is taking to Melbourne at the moment? And no USB-C to USB-C cable is included with this correct? Thanks

    • Shipping to Melbourne is between 4-7 days usually. It is sent from Amazon warehouse in Ravenhall VIC. Currently no cable included but there will be a version with cable on Amazon in 2-3 weeks.

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