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20% off Baseus Braided 0.5m USB to iPhone Cable $4.78 Delivered @ Khakiplaza eBay Store


The Baseus Braided 0.5m/1m/2m USB to iPhone Cables are on sale again.

Brand : Baseus
Model : CALSP-D01
Color : Black
Length : 0.5M; 1M ;2M
Connectivity : USB to iPhone lightning

Save 20% with code "CABLESALE"
* 0.5m for iPhone cable: A$4.78
* 1m for iPhone cable: A$5.59
* 2m for iPhone cable: A$6.39

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  • +2

    Not MFI certified, so it'll magically stop working in a few months.

    • +2

      That's one of the many benefits of the Apple world.
      Stops you from choosing a cheaper cable.
      Gotta keep the company value up.
      Otherwise this is a nice looking cable.

      • Thanks Karen!
        You can charge your samsung with it now

        • Um how?
          USB C standard does not equal Lightning.

    • The cable doesn't even cost $5 - who thinks a cable that is that cheap is gonna last several years? That said it won't surprise me if it lasts as long as my official Apple charger that came with my iPhone :|

      I'd rather spend $5 every 4 months than $30 every 6b

      First world problems

      • Because
        1) Apple updates often kill these cables,
        2) They often happen at inconvenient times
        3) Fairly wasteful.


        There's this website called Amazon where they sell things. Like this 4 pack of MFI cert cables for $12.50

        First world problems

        No it's a universal issue.

  • Can anyone suggest a good 3 in 1 data and charging cable for car please ?

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313616449972 ,This 3in1 cable may be right for you. Please note that only the for iPhone interface can perform data transfer.

      • Not MFI certified either

        • Thank god the EU is forcing them to transition to USB C. Though they might go portless to circumvent it

          Seems insane for them to charge manufacturers $4 USD per cable for the privilege of slapping MFI certified on the box

          • +2

            @Butt Scratcher: Yeah I'm really happy about the new EU law on having a single Universal cable. They've also made a new law that phone batteries must be user replaceable.

          • @Butt Scratcher: And where is that law? From memory they were doing the same with micro usb and they got what they wanted

            • @Darksam: Google it, plenty of articles on it. Micro usb will be gone too

              From memory they were doing the same with micro usb and they got what they wanted

              No, not really. They had to provide a micro usb to lightning dongle for every iphone sold in the EU. They won't be able to do that this time around

              • @Butt Scratcher: Lol yeah google article is law!
                They wanted Apple to replace lightening with the grabage micro usb. You can go read those articles.
                I would rather have a portless iPhone than a cabled one

                • @Darksam: Articles from credible publishers are definitely more credible than than a random user named "Darksam" on ozbargain

                  • @Butt Scratcher: Articles from the most credible publishers are still not laws you dont need random users to tell you that butt scratcher

                    • @Darksam: Have you actually read them before blabbering on? Because if you have and understood it the way I did, it's basically set in stone

                      • @Butt Scratcher: Yes I did but if you read the first comment I asked for the “Law” and you still haven’t answered so i guess we know who is blabbering here

                        • +1

                          @Darksam: LOL. So you knew all along that it is basically set in stone, but wanted to be an ass about it? What point are you even trying to make?

                          The reason why there is a consensus, is because of how the lawmaking process is in the EU (assuming you read and understood the articles)

                          • @Butt Scratcher: Hahaha
                            You really are that dim!
                            Its still not a law there you idiot. If you educated yourself on when something becomes a law and when there is a proposal you wouldnt be a butt scratcher

                            • @Darksam: Since I gotta spoon feed it to you, because you can't seem to comprehend what you are reading

                              The EU parliament already voted to have law put into place in 2020 for a universal plug. Only recently they have finished formally drafting it, with the terms of the legislation.

                              But hey, if having a sook about it a couple months before it gets formally legislated makes you feel bigger. Go ahead and have your moment

                              • -1

                                @Butt Scratcher: Pretty confused fella you are!
                                First you say that you are spoon feeding and then you say before it gets formally legislated.
                                Just simply say yes I didn’t read it clearly the first time you said law
                                Sorry that i hurt your fragile ego

                                • @Darksam:

                                  First you say that you are spoon feeding and then you say before it gets formally legislated.

                                  I'm beginning to appreciate you comprehension problems

                                  • @Butt Scratcher: Who has comprehension problem was pretty much established when you admitted it hasn’t been passed but hey lets keep the argument alive

                • @Darksam: portless iphone + optional buy separate $199 wireless connect dongle on special apple frequency standard different to BT/WiFi for extra security and privacy

                  • @phunkydude: Not to worry you can wait one year and have a slighter cheaper copy on androids

          • @Butt Scratcher: But we're not in the EU. There's a 50:50 chance of them making it global. Just like phone & router manufacturers making region specific hardware versions.

            I bet they get cheeky.and provide a lightning-to-USB-C adaptor for EU devices.

            • @M00Cow: True, there's no guarantee that the change will be worldwide. Though at least it will give us the option of importing a usb c iphone (something I would definitely consider doing).

    • +4

      Now after bagging out non-MFI cables, i actually have a 4-in1 cable I purchased in Jan 2020 (yes covid was just a twinkle in some bat's eye).
      Apart from the kids trashing one of the lightning & micro usb plugs (apparently dad gets cranky when you connect cables to your ipad, drop the iPad, holding into the cable & shout "look at me! I'm fishing for apps!"), it's still charging ipads with the 2nd lightning cable & my Samsung with the usb-c. I only paid $15

      Amuvec USB Multi Charging Cable, 4 in 1 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VCBZF1Q/

  • +3

    While I like Baseus cables - they are great quality, and are cheap too - this Baseus cable is not MFI certified, it's a decent price, but it's not MFI certified and thus it can become a useless paperweight at any update to iOS, and so I must neg this deal

    • even for charging ?

      why user posts below and above you .. have different experience ?

      • Sadly yes, even for charging :(

        Yes they can and will work, however Apple can kill them off anytime via a update. Apple has done it in the past and they'll do it again, it's why they put chips into their cables, to basically maximise their profits.

  • I like my Baseus cables with built in LED indiciator, been using them for 18 months or so.
    Use them on Android phones, iPads which has just update to iOS 15.0.2 and kids iPhone SE 2020 phones with the latest iOS update and no issues so far.

  • Cheers for the cheap deal I'll make sure to come back if it works well. @andone

    • works well ?

      • It does!

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